Trump’s stance against birthright citizenship mirrors Coffman’s

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Rep. Mike Coffman (R).

Rep. Mike Coffman (R).

Donald Trump sort of clarified some aspects of his immigration position over the weekend, giving local media a chance to educate us about the illusory stance of Rep. Mike Coffman of Aurora.

Trump released a document outlining a number of ideas, but the headliner was his newly articulated opposition to “birthright citizenship,” the longstanding U.S. law granting citizenship to people born on American soil, even if their parents are not citizens.

Coffman has been way ahead of Trump on this one, reaffirming his opposition to birthright citizenship in a Denver Post interview in 2013.

Coffman: You know, I think we should probably adopt the policies of other countries, that you are a citizen of your parents. But the fact is, that we have children who were born under current U.S. law. And therein lies the challenge that I have, particularly in meeting families up in what is a very new district. And that –

Denver Post: You’d see that changed, right? Is that what you’re saying?

Coffman: Sure. I mean, I think we ought to look at that. But , the fact is, what we have to understand, the fact is, we don’t revoke citizenship once it’s given. [BigMedia emphasis]

Trump’s immigration paper, which received substantial attention, also renewed his call for deporting all undocumented immigrants, cattle-car style, back to their country of origin. And then expediting the return of the good ones, but not granting them a path to citizenship.

Like Trump, Coffman has also called for giving a vague “legal status” for adult immigrants, without a path to citizenship. He hasn’t said whether he’d require cattle-care deportation first. Either way, Coffman appears to be aligned with Trump on creating an underclass of workers, in the great tradition of taxation without representation.

High-profile policy pronouncement by celebrity presidential candidates continue to offer a great avenue to educate the public about the positions of their local politicos. I’m hoping reporters jump all over these local angles as we get closer to next year’s election.

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  1. davebarnes says:

    The Donald's™ immigration plan.

  2. bullshit! says:

    Silly libruls, that was the Old Coffman. Oh wait, 2013?

  3. BlueCat says:

    The hair in this picture looks way too good compared to trumps.

  4. BlueCat says:

    An amendment ending birthright citizenship to create a permanent disenfranchised poor worker bee class, mass voter suppression of minorities laws, religious freedom to discriminate laws, amendments to make Christianity the state religion and outlaw marriage rights for all but heterosexuals, states taking "back" federal land to sell to corporate profiteers, crushing unions, privatizing social security, killing medicare, destroying the social safety net for the poor and the middle, ending public education, crippling upward mobility, personhood and unlimited political spending for corporations, no environmental, health and safety or financial regulation, unlimited ability to gamble without consequence for the top .01% with the burden for failure falling on the "common" people….  this is the GOP vision for The Christian (to keep the saps in line) United States of the Elite minority, by the Elite minority, for the Elite minority. I don't think this is what the greatest generation, here and in Great Britain,  meant to save democracy from Nazi hegemony for. And I don't apologize for breaking the Nazi rule.

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