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August 03, 2015 11:31 AM UTC

Ken Buck: Iran Wants To Nuke Julesburg, Colorado

  • by: Colorado Pols

A remarkable message from freshman Rep. Ken Buck posted to Youtube today, warning in the scariest terms he can muster against the proposed treaty between the “P5+1” group of nations–China, France, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States–and Islamic Republic of Iran to prevent the latter nation from obtaining nuclear weapons:

Julesburg, Colorado.
Julesburg, Colorado.

For those unfamiliar with rural Colorado geography, the town of Julesburg, population 1,225, is located in the northeast corner of the state near the Nebraska border about 185 miles from Denver. Julesburg’s chief claims to fame were a former Pony Express stop and serving as the seat of Sedgwick County (population 2,380), before becoming known since last year as the most convenient location for Nebraskans to buy weed.

Needless to say, we have trouble imagining Julesburg on a list of targets for an Iranian nuclear attack.

With that said, ginning up opposition to the Iran treaty appears to be a significant goal of Republican political strategists for the August recess just now getting underway. The most recent round of public opinion polls on the proposal suggest that weeks of shrill scare tactics like Rep. Buck’s above have significantly hurt support for the treaty with the voting public. These latest polls are a major departure from polling earlier this year, which showed Americans overwhelmingly in support of the same treaty.

Much like Obamacare, the “failed stimulus” that didn’t actually fail, and so many other objectively good things that Republicans have managed to demagogue into undeserved unpopularity, this erosion of support for the Iran treaty is the direct result of agenda-driven partisans placing political goals above the nation’s best interests. The sheer repetition of talking points gives them validity, to the point in this case where Americans appear willing to reject a treaty negotiated not just by President Obama, but a group of the most powerful nations in the world. Although Republicans want to lay this treaty solely at the feet of Obama, they’re really telling Americans to give the rest of the world the finger to placate one faction of Israeli politics.

And as Ken Buck demonstrates better than we ever could, it’s getting ridiculous.


17 thoughts on “Ken Buck: Iran Wants To Nuke Julesburg, Colorado

    1. Silly Ken, Julesberg isn't the target.  It's Cederedge

      U.S. is ill prepared for a terrorist attack on our power grid

      Dear Editor:
      Having just talked to our two senators’ staff and Congressman Tipton’s staff, I feel compelled to do everything I can to warn of a likely impending tragedy. Terrorists are famous for out-of-the-box thinking.

      No one would have ever thought of flying planeloads of people into the World Trade Centers. Likewise Israel was surprised by the tunnel network, sponsored and funded by Iran and its proxy Hamas whose sole purpose was to kill Jews. And ISIS is slaughtering Christians and impure Muslims by the thousands using techniques that would make the worst horror show look like child’s play.  
      What is shocking is that both of our senators have no position to stop or mitigate this tragedy. Our congressman does seem to be aware of it. I believe that within a couple of years fanatical Jihadists with the help of Iran will have the ability and means to launch three neutron bombs optimized to produce maximum gamma rays and, unless something is done soon, knock down the power grid in this country so thoroughly that it will take at least two years to fix it. Food will spoil in supermarkets, transportation will crash because the pumps won’t work, public sewers will fail without power. In that time nine out of 10 Americans will die of starvation, dysentery or disease. There is nothing we can do to stop this either; our government is derelict.
      Congressman Tipton’s staff provided three bills that have been in committee for the last three years and are still there.  They are HR2417 (Shield Act), HR4298 (Grid Act) and S2158. They would harden our grid against an EMP as Russia has already done. But without political clamor nothing will be done to stockpile some of these grid transformers that are so big they have a two-year lead time or to harden the existing ones so they can survive an EMP.
      We are living in a time of an insane future. It’s coming folks. There are things you can do to protect yourself. If you have a propane tank, buy a propane generator. Home Depot has a 7,000-watt one delivered for $727. Call your propane distributor to put in a fitting to allow you to fuel the generator from your tank. Running a freezer, just one half hour a day will keep things frozen. Grow a garden. Have and build a food storage stockpile. Most of all call, write or meet with our representatives to urge them to take action to avoid this, but failing that, be prepared.
      You will have to put your generator in what is called a Faraday Cage, which is a metal box whose sides can be aluminum screening to keep the EMP from destroying  the electronics in the generator. Don’t connect any wires to it until you need it, as an EMP will induce 50,000 volts in just three feet of plain wire. I put Tripp-lite Isobar4 surge suppressors on the freezer and refrigerator to keep them from being burned out. Three EM’s launch from freighters in international waters on both coasts and the gulf will take us back to the 18th century for at least two years. Let me emphasize that we are doing nothing to protect ourselves, a failure of the federal government’s prime responsibility. Unlike Pearl Harbor, recovery is not possible. Radical Islam is dedicated to destroying western civilization including Europe. Now the technology is here for them to do it.
      Mike Mason

  1. As a conservative, I'm not a big fan of this proposed agreement. But I'm also smart to realize that it is the best possible deal that the six powers could get Iran to agree to. I also continue to notice that those who oppose the agreement have no alternative.

    "placate one faction of Israeli politics…."  That's an understatement. Netanyahu has a majority of one vote. His coalition has 61 of 120 seats in the Knesset.

    And also interesting is the plan, this fall, to release on parole convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, who spied on the US for our good friend and ally Israel. 

    1. Wonder why Obama brings up freeing Pollard, a traitor who should have been executed if not to divide those that support Israel..

      To me Iran with sanctions and not billions more for arms is safer for the US than Iran, more money and bogus restrictions.

      1. Pollard is scheduled for parole under Federal guidelines. He is no longer in a position to commit the crimes he committed against this country, and he’s been a model prisoner. The Parole Board really doesn’t have much of a case to make any other recommendation.

        If it weren’t for the Iran deal, his release would only be notable because of the infamy of his past crimes.

      2. Iran was a country with sanctions that was only a few months away from nuclear capabilities. Your choices are:

        1) Iran with sanctions, no billions for arms – and a nuclear weapon and possible war

        2) Iran with sanctions, no billions for arms, no nuclear weapon – and a full-fledged ground war far larger than either Iraq or Afghanistan

        3) Iran with some sanctions (and all sanctions if they violate the deal), billions for arms (or whatever else they want to spend it on – the government was elected to fix the economy…), no nuclear weapon, and no war.

  2. I'm sure his choice of Julesburg was more alliterative and less thinking it's an actual target for attack. Doesn't make it any less a stupid argument.

      1. Nah, remember that the fundies need the Jews until they all get slaughtered or convert to Jesus. It's in Revelations, which most Jews haven't read. If they had they might think twice about welcoming these nut jobs into the Zionist fold.

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