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March 15, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Like Tuesday, only later


70 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. I am hoping the POST story is factually incorrect about Sen. Weins. I will hold my powder but, his responses to the paper looked like the guy is hiding something.

    Fill the Gap should be able to produce a list of Soldiers they have helped, why didn’t the reporter call a family that Weins assisted?

    Something is missing here.

  2. From the 5th:

    Jeff Crank launched his new website yesterday, and I give him an A+ for style on it.  Pretty impressive compared to Lamborn?s and Anderson?s websites.  (Bremer does not seem to have one yet, but Rivera does?).  The only surprising thing is that Crank did not update his bio to reflect his business as a lobbyist.  I can see how lobbying is not popular with a lot of Rs, but why is he not putting it up now that the Gazette outed him on it?  I don?t see this being anything that Crank needs to worry about unless he is perceived as sneaky.

    Rumors are flying around that Rivera is announcing for Congress tomorrow.  He has been going after business folks for money and trying to get his support set up.  I don?t think this is a play to be BBs running mate, I think he really wants to go to Washington.  His entry will change the dynamics of the race a lot.  Anderson has not impressed anyone as viable running on the left side of the party, but Rivera could potentially garner some support over there.  He could sink Anderson right off the bat since Anderson is already floundering.

  3. SMALL GOVERNMENT.  400 billion dollar deficits every single year since 2000?  A one trillion dollar Iraqi war?  Department of Homeland Security, another beureaucratic arm of government?  Healthcare, Social Security, Medicaid, and Corporate bailouts draining our tax resources without any plan from leadership.

    PERSONAL LIBERTY.  Renewal of the Patriot Act, 151 liberties enfringed upon that were NEVER enfringed upon before 9/11.  NSA illegal wiretapping without a constitutional warrent.  Forced to pay for an Iraqi war that was declared in May 2003 “Major operations in Iraq are over (our great leader proclaimed.)”  The immenant unconstitutional decree heading down from the United States Supreme Court that tells a woman how to control her own body.

    PATRIOTISM.  Selling our port administration to “evil doers.”  Selling our securities and holdings to foreign countries like China and India so Wall Street can have a higher profit margin.  Outsourcing our jobs so Wall Street and big-business can have higher profit margins.  Demonizing Mexicans now that it is not convenient to build our country, feed the world, and service the rich on their backs for nothing.  This is the American way?

    Small Government, personal liberty, and patriotism?  REPUBLICAN PARTY, WE ARE GOING TO FINALLY CALL YOUR BLUFF.  Your time is ticking…. We have new Democratic leadership being elected this November here in Colorado, get ready…

  4. What’s going on in Fawcett’s district that he would have a Dem primary opponent?  I hear his campaign is not going well, but a primary opponent…?! 

    Where’d you hear about this Druid?

  5. Robert-

    Would love to see some polls validationg your assertion about Anderson. And why would Crank want to put “Lobbyist” on his bio, he is far to clever for that. Why would he want to tarnish his groomed image he has been practicing for years. He has the money to be a politician and to campaign fully. Unlike the others like Anderson and Fawcett who have to work for a living. Rivera is a nice man, but come on….

  6. I heard it on Western Skies on NPR last night.  I also called the show producer to follow up and confirm it.  A new candidate was evidently also mentoined at the last El Paso County Dems Central Committee Meeting.  I have heard that there are some grumblings about Jay Fawcett in SOME sections of the CD5 Dems.

    The question now is if Curtis can Caucus his way in.

  7. This just in . . . dee, dee ,deee dah dee dee

    “Please join us as John Morse announces his candidacy for Colorado State Senate District 11.

    Saturday, March 18th – 12:00 Noon
    Colorado Springs Senior Center
    1514 N. Hancock

    Honored Guests:
    Joan Fitz-Gerald, President of the Colorado State Senate
    Peter Groff, President Pro Tem, Colorado State Senate
    Michael Merrifield, Chairman of the Colorado House Education Committee”

  8. 11 is Ed Jones seat, the Ds best hope for pickin g up a seat, all the more important since Hanna’s resignation brings the Lakewood district 21 in play in 2006, two years ahead of schedule.  What can any of you El Paso bloggers tell us about Morse and the general outlines of a Morse-Jones race?

  9. GM,
    The reason Crank would put it on is because he made a lot of money at it and it will raise questions if he does not list it as his job.  If I were Crank, I would probably explain it away as a ?consultant? type job, but I would be a little more straightforward about it. 

    You are right about not having any polls to back up my assertions about Anderson, but I have yet to see anyone get excited about him.  I can not back this up with facts, but it does not look to me like he is raising any money or other support.  Given that Crank, Lamborn, and Bremer are very conservative, I see there being some wiggle room on the left side of the Republican party.  That is where Rivera will try to position himself.

  10. It is John Morris, not John Morse.

    Just like the Democrats to run a white Anglo-Saxton against a black state senator in the most ethnically diverse Senate seat in El Paso County. 

    It may be a tough race but all of  the “A” list Democrats have bowed out, so I think Ed Jones will win in November.

    Remember the Democrat battle cry:

    “We are for minority elected officials – unless you are Republican, then we will call you an Uncle Tom”

  11. Nope. Sorry. 

    John Morris is the Chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party (yes there actually is one nowadays).  John Morse if the current CEO of Silver Key in Colorado Springs and HE is the one running for SD11. 

    Beyond that I do not know much about Mr. MORSE.

  12. Druid,

      “Ed Jones, you time has come. Meet our friend the REAPER!
    *evil cackling laughter ensues*”

    That’s a rather scary nick name you just gave Mr. Morse, who is the CEO of Silver Key, a non-profit organization that provides services for nearly 15,000 elderly.  Oh, that’s gross! ;>)

  13. Voyaguer,

    Before I was so RUDELY interupted.  I can only tell you that ol Ed “down with affirmative action, NAACP enemy #1” Jones won by 625 votes last time around.

    The last race with Marino was nasty, bitter, and very close.  I assume it will be the same this time.  The numbers are VERY close in this district, even though it is in El Paso.

  14. Being a good Republican, I am willing to admit my mistake.  thanks.

    Still, hope you Democrats have fun using your Caucasian to beat down the black man who doesn’t agree with you.

  15. Jay Fawcett is doing a bang up job, if I do say so myself.

    I don’t think Imrie can be taken seriously at this point. Jay can: he has a gold-plated bio and the support of many top-tier Dems. He even got the plug on DailyKos’ Fighting Dems page just yesterday. 

    He has endorsements from Max Cleland and is working with the Band of Brothers.

    Max Cleland will be here all weekend with Jay for fundraisers and discussions. Imrie looks like the joke he’ll be for voters. . We can’t put up joke candidates while the opportunity is here for real change in CD5.

    What’s Imrie gonna announce, what he feeds his donkey? 🙂

    Jay is 100% serious and taking the fight to the streets. I can’t wait for that fight.

    Let’s get real, Dems. We need a serious candidate. Colorado is turning, and the advantage of a failed president and an awakening electorate doesn’t happen too often. We need to take advantage of it now.

  16. IMO, El Paso County and CD5 BADLY needs a Democratic Primary.  There are a number of Dems registered as Republicans down there so they can vote in Rep primaries and choose the lesser of two weavels.

    Fawcett if OBVIOUSLY a better candidate, but a Dem Primary there could get some people registering as Dems for the first time in a long time.

  17. a:
    You will have plenty more mistakes to admit to when the primary results are known. 
    You speak like an authority but then back down when challenged to offer proof.  It’s your opinion that Anderson isn’t raising money or support.  I have now been to several club meetings with all candidates and his presentation is way better than the others.  He will slowly and thoughtfully gather support as Crank, et al go after the same “type” of voter (and no, it is MY opinion, not fact, that Rivera will not pull that many votes away from Anderson.)

  18. Zappa-you seem like your on the inside of that campaign.  Why all the grumblings in CD 5?  Why is the “gold plated bio” not working there?  Is it that his bio is better than the real thing, or is he just making rooky mistakes?  CD 5 SHOULD be all over a veteran candidate!

  19. I saw in the Gazette that Jay has been endorsed by the Vice Chair of the DNC, Sen Kerry, Sen. Salazar, Sen. Cleland, Rep Udall, Rep DeGette, Rep Salazar, Rutt Bridges and State Rep.Micheal Merrifield.  Also heard that Kerry raised over $25K for him in two days.  Others have been invited to a fundraiser at Rutt Bridges loft in Denver this weekend.

    I would say the guy is doing well, considering how hard it has been for Dems in the past.

  20. ?I was in Washington when a general recognized me. He looked over and asked, ?Do you realize what that law has done,?? Crank paused, looking over his audience for affect. ??You have provided 110,000 military families with housing.?

    – Jeff Crank

  21. Tell me no lies,
      I put forth some opinions that are my personal observations.  You are more than welcome to challenge them, and I find it interesting to see what take other people (who are not out promoting one particular candidate) see as well.  That is the whole point of blogging.  I have heard that Anderson?s support is slipping from a number of people, and I have heard that not standing for Hefley pissed a lot of people off (although I think that was WAY overblown, nevertheless a dumb move by Anderson).  If Anderson is faltering, Rivera will go for his voters and supporters since they are the most closely aligned. 

    You might be correct about Anderson slowly building support.  I think that Crank and Lamborn came out way too fast, and it is possible that Anderson is going to let the first wave of excitement die out before he starts seriously campaigning.  If you are right about him getting support at the grass roots level, this might be his strategy.  Crank and Lamborn are in a sprint right now, and they may not be able to sustain this kind of momentum much longer.  My inclination is that Anderson is not doing well, but I do not know for sure.

  22. Amazing how Tom Wiens, the smartest man in the whole entire world, doesn’t know that he’s supposed to file tax returns.  Nor does his wife. 

    Just desserts for a vapid windbag.

  23. i would echo that anderson is not doing well. when the gazette chooses to print a large article regarding an action of perceived disrespect (not standing for hefley at chaffee county) that can only hurt you. in the long run we may see a tougher campaign as everyone’s initial momentum wears off, but as of right now anderson is not making forward progress.

  24. Tell me know lies,

    Please tell me what team of professionals has Anderson put together to run his campaign. 

    I know that Crank, Rivera, and Lamborn all have credible campaign staff, but how about Anderson?

    Fact is that he does not have a credible campaign and the end Anderson will lose.

  25. robert:
    I get the whole point of blogging but appreciate your clarification.  Your previous posts smack of fact when in all reality, they are your opinion/personal observation.  I “hear” a lot of things as well in the circles I travel in the CD5. If you were around for the Sheriff’s race back in 1994, you will recall the same posturing from the cluster of candidates back then but it was Anderson that was slow and steady…just like now.  I haven’t officially made up my mind on who to support (I know who I won’t support though!) but I have been impressed with the content of what he has to say and his vision.  Crank will be hurt 10 times more with the “lobbyist” label than Anderson not standing for Hefley.

  26. Tell me no lies,
      I remember that race, and that is the only reason I think Anderson might be able to salvage a campaign.  He took on an entrenched incumbent and shwacked him pretty handily.  Because of that, I have respect his ability to run a campaign. 

    But that was 12 years ago and the situation has changed a lot.  I will be the first to admit that I am not as inside the political scene as a lot of you, but I still think Anderson is floundering.  I guess I assume that everyone knows that blogs are for opinions and that when you state what appears to be ?fact? on something as broad as how a campaign, it obviously is an opinion.  Given that I don?t want to change my writing style, please spot that one to me and realize that I enjoy throwing out opinions and seeing what others think.

    On another point, what is going on with Bremer?s campaign?  I have not seen anything indicating that has really gotten going yet.  Is he waiting to start until the Lamborn/Crank folks slow down, or is he DOA?

  27. a:
    If I am not wrong, Anderson has said from the beginning that his approach was one of the “Grassroots” level.  You don’t need high paid consultants – with money from lobbyist (ah, there is that nasty term again) and money from outside of the district.  Call it a pipedream but it would be nice in this day of “reform” that one could RUN and WIN an election specifically from the grassroots level in your own district.  He has introduced Camille Mills as his Campaign Manager at several club meetings.  She was an Allard staffer.  You know, thre was a time when a candidate could run on reputation….and didn’t need a high paid staff to run a smoke and mirrors campaign.

  28. Z: active is as active does. I’m grumbling out of frustration at being a political prisoner in Ft. Dobson, CO. It gets old being told by a sanctimonious preacher who’s taking embezzled money that you are the sinner. 

    That, and the 8 Trillion debt, the 2300 dead, and being called a traitor cuz you want our troops to have some body armor.

    Hope you don’t think those issues are objectionable.

    I don’t expect CD-5 to change much, but there is a backlash to Republicans’ incompetence and corruption. I’m just waiting for that old-style populist streak to come out in Coloradans again.

    Until then: please don’t use Frank Zappa’s name in vain. I chose my nom de keyboard with all due respect to an artistic genius and a full-blooded patriot. He had the guts to say what had to be said. And he didn’t say it anonymously.

    Everyone could learn a lesson from Frank Zappa besides not to eat the yellow snow. He wan’t even from CO.

  29. John Morse was the Deputy Police Chief in Fountain and then was promoted to Chief when Dave Moore left.  The two of them were extremely crooked and we were glad to see them leave.  I would never vote for him for anything.  He did attempt a run for sheriff a few years ago but pulled out before the primary.

  30. Tell me no lies,

    You say that you “haven’t officially made up my mind on who to support”.  That is a bit of a strech isn’t it?

    If you read my question I never asked about high paid consultants nor did I mention anything about money from outside the district.  I asked, who was on Anderson’s team?  Who is implementing his grassroots efforts?  You said it is Camille Mills, the former Allard staffer and daughter of Joanne Colt, the disgraced former council member. 

    I agree with the grassroots effort, that is exactly what propelled John Newsome into office, but to have an effective grassroots effort he had to have a team to put it together.  I also agree that candidates need to run on their reputation, but they need a team to get their message out to the voters, don’t you think?

  31. John Morse was the Deputy Police Chief in Fountain and then was promoted to Chief when Dave Moore left.  The two of them were extremely crooked and we were glad to see them leave.  I would never vote for him for anything.  He did attempt a run for sheriff a few years ago but pulled out before the primary.

  32. John Morse was the Lt. for the Fountain Police Dept. and then was promoted to Chief when Dave Moore left.  The two of them were extremely crooked and we were glad to see them leave.  I would never vote for him for anything.  He did attempt a run for sheriff a few years ago but pulled out before the primary.

  33. Coloradopols has a rule against unsubstantiated personal attacks that you just violated three times, Fountain Citizen, by claiming two men were “crooked.”  The U.S. Supreme court has long held that libel must be based on an allegation of fact, not opinion.  If I say Joe Blow is a stinking, lying, mother hating, father disrespecting, America trashing, environment raping demagogue, that’s an opinion.  If I say he was a crooked cop, that’s an allegation of fact and you’d better be prepared to back it up.  You don’t have to be afraid of voicing an opinion but I stay away from the unsubstantiated charges of breaking the law if I were you.

  34. Go to
    and listen to the debate between Perlmutter, Lamm and Rubenstein. I was a 100% supporter of Perlmutter until listening to this show. Only Herb Rubenstein has the courage to say that we must end the war in Iraq. At party events Perlmutter says this privately. Put him on the radio and Perlmutter has the same position on the war in Iraq that George W. Bush has. Lamm has no position at all other than saying the troops should come home sooner not later. That too is the George W. Bush position. To end the war we need to elect Democrats who will vote to end the war in Congress

  35. Go to
    and listen to the debate between Perlmutter, Lamm and Rubenstein. I was a 100% supporter of Perlmutter until listening to this show. Only Herb Rubenstein has the courage to say that we must end the war in Iraq. At party events Perlmutter says this privately. Put him on the radio and Perlmutter has the same position on the war in Iraq that George W. Bush has. Lamm has no position at all other than saying the troops should come home sooner not later. That too is the George W. Bush position. To end the war we need to elect Democrats who will vote to end the war in Congress

  36. WEINS???

    The Senator’s name is spelled Wiens and could you provide a link to the Denver Post story. I can’t seem to locate it online on the Post.

  37. Good work, Voyageur. The essential components of libel and slander are important to communicate to those who post on this site. This brave new world of electronic discussion is ripe for someone, anyone to take issue, legally, with what someone has said–faceless posting though it may be.

  38. a:
    So, you think you know what’s inside my mind now?  You are an arrogent troll.  Funny, I thought the “a” stood for something else but given the theme of civility, I’ll stick with “arrogent”.  You mocked Anderson for not having a “credible campaign staff” — in your opinion. I was simply trying to tell you he does have a staff….at a grassroots level.  Just because he apparently hasn’t ask for your opinion (who has?) doesn’t make him less credible. Troll on.

  39. tell me no lies,

    Great, you can’t argue the facts so you resort to name calling.  What exactly have I said that “mocks” Anderson?  I have simply asked some simple questions about his campaign.  How is that mocking him.

    I am glad to know know that he has a campaign at a grassroots level, but from what I have seen he is not getting any traction. 

    You por little thing. I understand your anger.  When you know that you are part of a campaign that is going to lose, it has to be rough.  (Now I am mocking you)

  40. a:
    The “facts” you speak of are in your own mind.  Again, no one asked.  We’ll speak again on August 9th…when your “a” will stand for apology.  It’s funny, I honestly had not decided on a candidate yet.  Now I might cast my central committee vote to Anderson just to piss you off.  Muwah!

  41. Gosh a, and tell me no fibs, it’s sad to see so many insults going back and forth without any of them being directed to either me or Sir Robin/Sir Drunk.  Just to broaden this, I’ll take a’s side and Sir Robin can take tell me no lies side and we’ll direct a little vitriol back and forth.  I don’t know dip squat about the CD 6 race but thhat’s seldom slowed me down and sheer ignorance has NEVER stopped Sir Robin from wading in.  Somehow, I’m sure, he find the situation in CD 6 to be George Bush’s fault and proof of why we should back Iran against the U.S.  Anyway, I forgot which side I took but let me say to the other one, you’re a scoundrel! 
    Over to you, Sir Robin!

  42. tell me no lies,

    You won’t make me mad at all, I live in Douglas County.  I am completely happy with Rep. Tancredo. 


    Good thought – I always know that Sir Robin/Sir Drunk had to be in on Anderson’s side.

  43. Well, whatever side Sir Drunk picks, at least we’ll know that it’s the wrong one!  That boy gets it wrong more often than the New York Times Editorial Page, which is frankly pushing the laws of mathematical probability to their breaking point!

  44. “The two of them were extremely crooked and we were glad to see them leave.” 

    This is a perfect example of what this campaign will be like for SD 11.  Voyageur, I appreciate your intellectual honesty regarding this post.

  45. Herb Rubenstein most certainly caught my attention after listening to the debate. He is the only candidate who is ready to stand against the war in Iraq. Most impressed. You have my vote.

  46. A-

    Tell me what you know about Joanne Colt? She is a business woman that has been in Colorado probably longer than you have been on this earth. You only know what you read in the Gazette. Instead of taking nasty swings at someone’s family why don’t you focus on the issues at hand. Regardless of whether Camille Mills is someone’s daughter is not the point. John is not a fancy high paid independantly wealthy man who can take off from work to politic full time. He is grassroots, not professional politician and that is what is reflected by his choice of campaign manager. Crank and Lamborn have thier paid staff and their political speeched. Crank has his false claims and his ride on Hefley’s coat tails. I just hope the votes see through him. John will do the best he can and maybe you will will be suprised.

  47. A-

    To answer your question, John has an executive committee made up of 6 folks who are all very much imbued in his campaign. Camille Mills is the official campaign manager, but really it is more committee than single person action. BTW I know her mother Joanne. She is a wonderful woman who is respected by anyone who really knows her. John has not hired on powerful consultants, as he is not a politician, but is a grassroots statesman. WHat is wrong with people that have to hire paid staff to create their message and their image?

      Haven’t you ever read the tortoise and the hare???

  48. Wow, GM, sorry to upset you so much.

    First, I don’t know why it matters that Joanne Colt has been on this Earth longer than I have.  You may want to explain that further. 

    What I was trying to show Tell Me No Lies was that when he/she attacks a campaigns credibility, like Jeff Crank being a former lobbyist, he/she should expect that it could come back to bite them. 

    As for being wealthy, again I don’t understand.  Doug Lamborn is not wealthy.  Duncan Bremer is not wealthy.  Jeff Crank is not wealthy.  Lionel Rivera is not wealthy.  Some of them may be well off, but what does that have to do with the campaign?  The ability to have good campaign staff rests soley on the candidates ability to raise money.  If they raise a lot they get great staff, if they raise a little they get fewer staff of less quality, it is as simple as that. 

    As for calling Anderson’s opponents professional politicians, I don’t think that is accurate.  Crank has never held office, Bremer served two terms as commissioner, Lamborn has been in office less than eight years and Rivera has yet to fill out his first term.  If you go by years served that would make Anderson and Bremer the career politicians because they have served the longest.

    If Crank has made false acusations please let us know what they are and how we can verify them so the press can find out and talk to him about these accusations. 

    I doubt i will be surprised by Anderson.

  49. well the anderson folks are pretty upset on here. maybe they should spend some more time campaigning instead of telling us how anderson is grassroots. i mean heck, grassroots is a wonderful word and i love the sound of it. just please dont overplay the word!!! thats what the radio station always does to my favorite pop songs and it makes me cry. oh and btw i know a woman named joan and she is nice too. she isnt very old though. not that anyone cares other than TidesTurning. cmon people.

  50. CC-

    My point, why was she even brought into it by tell me no lies.


    You are very well spoken when you choose to be, and I can appreciate that. However, anyone that can quit their job to campaign full time and still support their children must be doing pretty well. Additionally Crank seems to think he is a policitican claiming he wrote legislation and saved Fort Carson. Lamborn is a politician, and I do not know his financial status, but with 5 children I would thinks he was a hard working man. Crank is a smooth guy, attractive, with an attractive family, but his coat tail riding needs to end and the fact is good or bad he is a registered lobbyist. I know some good ones and some bad ones. But we do know he knows how to riase money.

  51. agreed Tides, he should quickly and fully disclose all of the information pertaining to his lobbying. however, i take issue with the statement about his family being good looking. he has what appears to be a happy family, but lets not push it by saying attractive family! 🙂

  52. ROFL-I don’t post all day and I still get a lot of attention! Can’t refute facts, just attack the messenger.

    I’m researching America’s wasteful, violent and illegal foreign policy over the last 50 years. Because I love this country, I know it can do better, regardless of those who choose ignorance over enlightenment.

    Have a good night.

  53. SR
    Why don’t you spend a little time researching all the good that America does instead of soley concentrating on your exagerated versions of her bad?
    America is by far the most generous, giving, thoughtful, loving nation ever. But you and your wacko buddies can only see bad. Even if it isn’t there.
    You will never ever say one good thing about her. You can’t because it would go against your vision. Your “socialist” vision for us.
    Well good luck. You might want to just slip across the Keys to Cuba and enjoy their utopia. The conservatives in this country will never allow you and your lefty pals to turn this country into another USSR.

  54. Here’s a thought….

    In order to correct “America’s wasteful, violent and illegal foreign policy over the last 50 years.”  I say we set up a fund to ship Sir Robin the Drunk overseas to spread the new message.  That should fix the problems right?

    I’ll kick in a hundred bucks… who follows me?

  55. You know, I will admit, it is somewhat childish to pick on Sir Robin the local Drunk.  Though he does make it so easy and it is so much fun.  He spews a lot of garbage, but I think he does serve a purpose for the Republican Party.  I mean if this guy is the most effective blogger that the Democrats have, what do we really have to worry about?

    The truth is, I stood up to be counted when I was a young lad of 17 years and swore my allegiance to My Unit, My Corps, My God and My Country and I served for many years.  I am very proud of my service and know that I earned my keep every step of the way.  Nothing is ever handed to any Marine, every promotion, medal, and honor must be paid for in Blood, in Sweat, and sometimes in Tears.  This is a tradition that the Corps has abided by since 1775, and it will never change.

    There is something that sets Marines apart, in that we choose to live by a code of Honor.  Marines will always remain faithful to our Corps and our Creed.  For those of us who happen to share some traditions with the Army, they will understand when I say: Never will we fail our Brothers.  The title of United States Marine is not handed out, you have to earn it.  That is why you hear the phrase : I am a United States Marine.  Once you earn the title, you are forever part of the Brotherhood, whether it be 4 years, 10 years, or 50 years later. 

    This Code is something of which the likes of Robin will never understand, so from this point forward I am going to ignore any further comments he makes and write them off to the baseless statements of lesser men who refused to step forward when the opportunity was presented.

    Robin dropped the challenge, and turned tail when the challenge was accepted.  Since he behaves in such a manner, why should I offer him any respect?

    He is not fit to step in my shadow, but he has been a recipient of the sacrifices made by men, men better than he will ever be.

    Semper Fi!


  56. Well, Go Raiders, with my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes, I respect your gushy sentiment, but, alas, don’t espouse its message. Ya’ll just seem to think that because you may have served in combat–as a Marine or whatever–that that fact alone gives greater credence to your point of view over others who didn’t serve, in combat or otherwise. Unfortunately, all that your service as a Marine provides–in Dubya’s world–is a howdy-doody and a sorry about that six-month wait for the VA to process your request for a prostate exam. God Bless America. But, hell, as an Army veteran, let’s just keep on truckin’ and believing that America honors our service and our commitment to our country. Right or wrong. Right?

  57. Iraq – A Failure of Leadership

    Last night I watched the last two episodes of Band of Brothers. There is a scene (the series is very true to the facts) where a German colonel is surrendering to an American major. The colonel is clearly a junker,

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