Friday Jams Fest

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  1. Davie says:

    Dedicated to Jeb Bush, another short-haired, yellow-bellied son of Tricky Dicky

    (hmm, the embeded video disappeared after post-editing)

  2. mamajama55 says:

    I dont know how my mother walked her trouble down
    I dont know how my father stood his ground
    I dont know how my people survived slavery
    I do remember, that’s why I believe

    I don’t know how the rivers overflow their banks
    I don’t know how the snow falls and covers the ground
    I don’t know how the hurricane sweeps through the land
    every now and then
    Standing in a rainstorm, I believe

    I don’t know how the angels woke me up this morning soon
    I don’t know how the blood still runs thru my veins
    I don’t know how I rate to run another day
    Standing in a rainstorm I believe

    My God calls to me in the morning dew
    The power of the universe knows my name
    Gave me a song to sing and sent me on my way
    I raise my voice for justice I believe



    I actually like Sweet Honey in the Rock's version better. SH's Bernice J Reagon wrote the song, but I can't embed it.

  3. Zappatero says:

    Rockin' the Free World………….Trump played it at his kickoff, Neil Young told him to fuck off. Neil supports Bernie.




    'course if Trump had read or listened to the lyrics, he'd know the song is an idictment of Republican economics and Bush Family war mongering.

    (editor is still eating the embed links….have to insert them more than once for a good post.)

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