BREAKING: Lisa Pinto Resigns From Jeffco Schools

FRIDAY UPDATE #3: Still no statement from Jeffco Schools, but here’s Lisa Pinto’s four-sentence resignation letter to Superintendent Dan McMinimee:


Doesn’t illuminate much, and it would be worth knowing why she is staying on three additional weeks–presumably continuing to pull down her hefty salary. We firmly expect the full story behind Pinto’s resignation will be known soon enough, and we’ll update when we hear it.


FRIDAY UPDATE #2: Porter’s story now updated:

“We’re considering what our options are moving forward,” [Jeffco Schools superintendent Dan McMinimee] said…

Pinto oversaw the contract of public relations firm Novitas Communications to replace several staff positions left vacant in a department traditionally filled with district employees. The move drew criticism in the politically charged district, particularly from supporters of the Jefferson County Education Association.


Former Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call, Jefferson County Communications Officer Lisa Pinto.

Former Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call, Jefferson County Communications Officer Lisa Pinto.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Gabrielle Porter at the High Timber Times confirms today, but still no official statement as of 10:00AM Friday morning:

Jeffco Public Schools chief communications officer Lisa Pinto has submitted a letter of resignation and will be stepping down from her position effective June 19, according to a district staff member.

Pinto was hired on at a salary of $126,678 in January by schools Superintendent Dan McMinimee.

We’ll update as soon as we receive more information. We assume a statement is being drafted and spell-checked now.


That’s the word from multiple sources Thursday afternoon–embattled Jefferson County Schools Chief Communications Officer Lisa Pinto is resigning from her position, following months of disastrous press for the conservative board majority, revelations about alleged discrepancies in her resume that emerged during the candidate search for her position, and most recently an investigation into alleged bullying of a minor student during a public board meeting.

We’ll update with details once available, stand by.

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  1. FrankUnderwood says:

    Que lastima!

  2. yameniye says:

    In line for a Republican Party chairman position.

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    That photo of Ryan Call and Lisa Pinto looks like they're doing a commercial for


  4. Zappatero says:

    Why today?

  5. JeffcoDemo says:

    Sooner or later one just has to walk away from talk about burritos.  She not only didn't help the majority's image, she just piled on.  What a piece of work that one.

  6. Davie says:

    Wow!  This could give political cronyism and featherbedding a black eye!

    I wonder how the outside PR consultants will spin this for the board?

  7. Zappatero says:

    I'd type out press releases for those morons for $50K.

  8. Progressicat says:

    She can't leave!  I still haven't gotten my goddamn burrito!

  9. ElliotFladen says:

    Seems odd for ColoradoPols to cite ColoradoPols as evidence of "disastrous press"

  10. Awen says:

    Is anyone curious about this other "opportunity?" Anyone who can do a simple Google search would see that this woman was a disaster in her job. It can't possibly be in public relations.

    • Progressicat says:

      So she'll end up working for a conservative group or one of their donors.  Her only job was to support their agenda.  She did what she was asked, she'll be brought back into the fold.

      I'm more interested in why she had to leave.  The idea that she found a better opportunity is ridiculous.  So, in the spirit of adventure, let's fire up the Speculatron…

      Here's my guess.

      Pinto is actually an alien from the planet Aynrandia.  Her alien overlords originally planned to spread Libertarianism across the universe, but, after being laughed off of several, more advanced worlds, the alien Council decided to start smaller, in a galactic backwater– Jefferson County, Colorado.

      They created a back story by sending her to a couple of AFP meetings wearing a "Get your Kenyan socialist hands off the Medicare I need because my fracking job had no pension (which is just fine by me, I have a job greeting at Walmart!)" T-shirt with a picture of Obama with a bone through his nose on it.  Then, they set her up with a PR "business" that she runs out of her home, but there's no evidence she's ever P'd any R's, but that's OK because she's an "entrepreneur" and the T-shirt.

      Then, after their plan seems to be coming together so well, suddenly the idiots on the school board start acting like complete a-holes, which means Pinto will have to write things, and the Council just noticed that her academy records indicate that she never completed her courses in the alien language "English," and that may be a problem since she's in a job where her sole purpose is Englishing things.

      In a final desperate attempt to retain their presence on this promising, foolish world, they extract their operative from Jeffco and put her in the only safe place they know– with the agent they sent earlier, Jon Caldara at the Independence Institute.

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