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August 18, 2008 05:13 AM UTC

What a desperate Republican incumbent acts like (Musgrave CO-4)

  • by: wade norris

This week I had CO-4 Candidate Betsy Markey back on my radio show to talk about her vision for the district and for Colorado. The interview is great on its own, because, well, Betsy Markey is hands down a better candidate Marilyn Musgrave. The interesting part of the story is that Marilyn Musgrave went on the local Fox affiliate KCOL of Ft.Collins earlier in the day with their show’s host, John Clarke, where they went on to smear Betsy Markey for ‘making up a scheduling conflict’ to ‘avoid a debate on KCOL’ and accusing her of being ‘afraid to debate’ (just like Mark Udall and Barack Obama are ‘afraid to debate’)

Not only that, they called me a ‘liberal talk show host’ and even my station ‘some liberal station in Denver.’

Well aside from being flattered that Mr. Clarke would mention us, you have to wonder how desperate Musgrave is to be demanding debates from her challenger – as the 6 year incumbent. more below…

Now, it is widely known that i am a ‘liberal’, in fact, I posted this blog about becoming a card carrying liberal through the living liberally network.

But my station, Mile High Sports Radio? Home of the Nuggets and the Avalanche? How can one call a sports station liberal? (not to mention one of other radio hosts on the station is a confirmed rightie talker)

Look Ms. Musgrave, here is what incumbents are supposed to do, ignore your challenger,  avoid debating them and focus on your leadership while in office. That is what you are supposed to do. But you are showing everyone by attacking your challenger that you know you are in trouble. Maybe you don’t have a record of accomplishment in Congress. Maybe you are doing this because you have been hiding behind the  Defense of Marriage Amendment as your major policy piece, while helping to pass CAFTA against the will of your constituents. And maybe you know that Betsy Markey is putting up substantial fundraising numbers and wants to embrace the new energy economy where Colorado has an abundance of Solar, Wind and geothermal energy, while you are lagging in fundraising and are finding that standing up for the oil industry for the past 6 years is none too popular with the voters when gas costs $4 a gallon.

And this is confirmed by the fact that you had Dick Cheney fly into Colorado for hush-hush fundraiser, that was at a private residence with no press allowed – you don’t want any more pictures of you with Mr. Cheney floating around out there.

In my opinion, which is worthy of you and John Clarke maligning, I think you have nothing to run on. You know it, I know it, and the voters know it too.

And with McCain going off the deep end on Colorado’s water supply (hattip Alan), it looks like your desperation is just beginning, Ms. Musgrave.

Well enough about that, we have a new candidate who has had experience as a small business owner, as a member of the State Department during the Reagan administration, and who will embrace renewable energy as the way of Colorado’s future.

Betsy Markey is our candidate for CD-4,and we need to support her, so go to her website to donate to her campaign, or if you are coming to Denver, come to our barbeque and fundraiser this Sunday the 24th.


8 thoughts on “What a desperate Republican incumbent acts like (Musgrave CO-4)

    1. If I were Betsy I would challange MM to debate ASAP – bot not on a FOX channel. I think the not debating story could resonate with voters.

      Plus, on a level playing field I think a debate is to Betsy’s advantage as the incumbent and as the more eloquent of the two.

      When you can the best way in the world to handle a challange is to say yes.

      1. taunting her for not going on a right-wing radio show where it be anything but “fair and balanced” is absurd. It’s a cheap low blow from a low road candidate like Musgrave. She should be ashamed for running a campaign like a college fraternity hazing.

        Like I said, it’s demeaning and pathetic and also below her as US Representative.

          1. the Musgrave campaign manager is accusing Markey of

            making up a scheduling conflict

            But Marter told Friday afternoon that Markey can’t debate Musgrave on KCOL-AM Saturday morning, as she’ll be on a different radio show – “Ultimate Politics” on KCKK-AM 1510 and KSXT-AM 1570.

            Musgrave manager Jason Thielman responded

            “That (other radio show booking) is conveniently appeared, I believe,” Thielman said.

            um, no it is not, because i work my ass off to get my shows scheduled and i know that this was certainly not a ‘convenience’ scheduling.

      2.    I can’t imagine Betsy being unable to get the best of Musty in a debate. MM is good at throwing out the right wing soundbites, but that’s about it.

    2. I know what he’s thinking: “This will all be worth it when I get a job in Musgrave’s Congressional office.”

      Seriously, if that’s the best she can do, she needs to worry about her chances in November.

  1.    She’s not following the very successful Doug Lamborn strategy which result a landslide win last week?

      She should just announce that she’s too busy doing the people’s business (lol) to waste her time debating Betsy.

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