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April 19, 2015 12:00 PM UTC

Jeffco School Board's Julie Williams Promotes Student Walk Out Against "Perverse Indoctrination"

  • by: Colorado Pols

SUNDAY UPDATE #2: Embattled Jeffco school board member Julie Williams does have someone in her corner–Rep. Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt:


Something tells us this is not the kind of backup Williams’ press handlers are looking for…


SUNDAY UPDATE: It’s possible that not even the army of Republican media flacks now working for the Jefferson County Board of Education’s conservative majority can save board member Julie Williams now, as her preposterous excuses for posting a link to an anti-LGBT hate group help drive the expanding story–9NEWS’ Jonathan Gonzales reports:

After 9NEWS received numerous complaints from some students, parents and teachers, board member Julie Williams said she was simply trying to inform parents who had been asking her for more information about the protest, which is known as the “Day of Silence.”

“I posted it as information because I believe parents have the right to know what’s happening in our schools, and then it’s up to a parent whether they want to opt in or out,” [Pols emphasis] Williams told 9NEWS. “Should’ve read it before I posted it. I mean I did make a serious mistake there with that.”

And FOX31’s Kent Erdahl:

The “Day of Silence” is a silent protest conducted by students across the country each year, designed to raise awareness of bullying, especially involving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

“Seven out of 10 gay and lesbian students experience harassment just because of who they are,” said Dave Montez, with One Colorado. [Pols emphasis]

Jeffco board member Julie Williams says when several parents asked her about the Day of Silence last week, she didn’t know what to tell them…

The problem here is obvious to anyone who knows anything about Julie Williams, a close family member of the “Neville Nutters” clan of far-right Republican political figures. The reason Williams posted a fringe anti-LGBT hate group’s information about a walkout to counter the Day of Silence protests against bullying is simple: that’s where she gets her information from as a member of the far-right fringe. Although some of the worst examples have reportedly been purged along with this latest post, Williams’ Facebook page has lots of examples of the kind of fringy “wisdom” that we have every reason to assume informs her votes on the school board.

As for not having read the link she posted, that would have to be so literally true–the very first sentence contains the words “perverse indoctrination”–that it’s difficult to believe. It’s a much more likely scenario to us that one of the aforementioned press flacks had to explain to Ms. Williams how “perverse indoctrination” is not an acceptable way for a board member to refer to a district-sanctioned event against bullying LGBT students.

And we’d say that speaks for itself. Original post follows.


UPDATE: Via Chalkbeat Colorado’s Nic Garcia, full retreat:

Jefferson County school board member Julie Williams said late Friday that she was “sincerely sorry” and that she would remove a link on her personal Facebook page that she shared that encouraged families to keep their students home Friday and “away from perverse indoctrination” of the“homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda.”

“To be honest with you, I didn’t read the article,” Williams said. “I just saw it and thought I was sharing information with parents.” [Pols emphasis]

… describes itself as a “frontline pro-family leader standing strong for moral virtues for the common good.” But the Southern Poverty Law Center considers the organization a hate group, akin to the white supremacy political party American Freedom Party and Westboro Baptist Church.

…Williams’ post, first revealed Friday afternoon by the political blog, will likely provide grist for her critics. [Pols emphasis]

Yes, that seems likely. Original post follows…



Julie Williams of the Jefferson County School Board.
Julie Williams of the Jefferson County School Board.

A Facebook post from Jefferson County School Board member Julie Williams, who gained infamy last year as the main proponent of a politically biased “review” of AP U.S. History that led to massive protests by students, is promoting…well, a walk out by students–but not for the same reasons that Jeffco students had last fall. From the link she shared:

If you have children in K-12 government schools, in California or another state, please keep them home and away from perverse indoctrination on Friday, April 17.

That’s the day of the so-called “Day of Silence,” where sexually confused students and teachers refuse to speak during the entire academic day. They’ll indoctrinate everybody else through handouts and chalkboard writings and videos and other propaganda tools. They’ll teach children to support and embrace the unnatural and unhealthy homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda and will label anyone who’s against it a “bigot,” a “hater,” or worse…

[N]o matter what, please keep your children home on April 17, to express your strong disapproval of the pro-perversity state school bureaucracy. Your children’s hearts and minds matter!

Today marks the annual Day of Silence, a protest originally organized by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and carried out autonomously by students and faculty nationwide to raise awareness about bullying and violence against LGBT students. The event is opposed by the organization that sent out the above action alert, the Campaign for Children and Families, which has been heavily involved in the battle against marriage equality in California and elsewhere.

Now, given the umbrage Williams took with students who walked out in protest against reviewing the district’s history curriculum to ensure it “promotes patriotism,” isn’t it hypocritical to encourage students to stay out of school to protest the LGBT Day of Silence? That’s the question we ask before the real question, which is how Williams can conscionably promote this hateful vitriol against “perverse” students she is charged with representing as a member of the school board.

Unfortunately, we already know the answer to the second question. She got elected.


35 thoughts on “Jeffco School Board’s Julie Williams Promotes Student Walk Out Against “Perverse Indoctrination”

  1. So, first off, that looks like an ad for NAMBLA with the wording tweaked surprised

    I’m sure Superintendent McMiminimimnee will step up to nip this in the bud as he did during the APUSH protests:

    Losing a day of learning isn’t good for our students or our staff. I think most of us can agree that whatever issues may divide adults, our students shouldn’t be the ones to suffer


    I respect the right of our students to express their opinions in a peaceful manner. I do, however, prefer that our students stay in class. I have offered to meet with any students and answer their questions

  2. May I just say loudly: GRRRRRRRR. 

    I’ve been a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club adviser at two schools. The day of silence is not an “Indoctrination Day”. 

    It is a day of awareness of the ways in which kids who are “different” for whatever reason, are silenced and isolated.

    It was liberating for those kids who normally suffer, get bullied, depressed and suicidal in the normal middle or high school environment. For everyone else, it is a chance to become more compassionate, more empathetic, more mature, more accepting of one’s own unwanted traits or desires. More grown-up, in fact. 

    Williams, with this action, is saying it is fine to bully gay kids, and that she doesn’t care if they are depressed or suicidal. Gay teens are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide, and their attempts are more likely to leave permanent injury,  than straight kids. 

    1. Every day is gay recruitment day according to these folks.  They look at the LGBT community like some sort of queer ISIS.  Convert or die!  Well, not in that.  Those shoes are dreadful, but, yes, convert or die!  All will be THE GAY!

  3. Yeah… maybe you could remember that, the next time Fladen asks you to back him up. This is the mindset he’s defending (although he knows better than to show up for this thread).


    I’m picking her up from school in about 30 minutes. I’ll make sure to let you all know the horrible, terrible consequences of my decision to let her go to school.

    Sincerely,-Shameful father of a future lesbian

    1. Good news Polsters! When I asked my 11 year old daughter if she was now a lesbian since she went to school today she looked at me funny. Then I told her what a lesbian was and described the situation to her and asked again: “Some people think that since you went to school today, you might come home a lesbian. Are you a lesbian now?”

      Her response: “What? That’s stupid! Who would believe something like that?”

      We’re safe! Now if only the “Pray the gay away” therapy was allowed I would know that we were completely safe from teh gayz.

      /serious-face: This is fucking stupid and hateful and shameful. Julie Williams is proud of something she should be ashamed of. It makes me sick.

      1. Keep giving your daughter booster shots of that tolerance vaccine, ScottP. hate-and-fear is a powerful and scary disease. People die of it, and it’s virulently contagious.

      2. Wait! You talked to your 11 year old about lesbianism because of some conservative politician’s actions? I hope Julie Williams doesn’t read this blog – she might report you to the authorities for child abuse or some other homophobic false charge… 🙂

        1. Or she might run and hide from the shame of having contributed to a discussion about sexual orientation which has the word “sex” embedded right in it.  A traitor to her own kind who all know that if you don’t talk about sex, reproduction or orientation, the kids will never think about such things and will remain chaste and pure until the groom’s dad and the bride’s mom let them in on the secret while they dress for the wedding. Until then, just don’t let them see any potentially problematic nature documentaries. No Spring Time in the Rockies stuff, you know?

  5. Seems to me that only someone with ambivalent and/or deeply suppressed feelings about their own sexuality could imagine that it’s possible to be “recruited” into being gay. 

  6. Old saying:  “silence is golden.”  Julie would have done herself a big service by keeping her mouth shut.  

    Gays can’t be recruited unless one is already gay; the complaint of religious right types is not grounded in fact. Nor can they be converted into heterosexuality. They’re simply wired differently, genetically, and they are what they are. Gays are US citizens like any hetero and they have; or should have; the same full amount of rights that straights have, including a right to marry another gay person. 

  7. Why do I think that if there was a vaccine that ensured heterosexuality that this tool, and her Nevillish ilk, would be pressing for universal mandatory childhood immunizations?

  8. Re: the update, and Williams’ retreat from her re-tweet:

    How does a member of the Board of Education not read something she intends as “information for parents” in Jefferson County? How does she not know that she is asking students to stay home from school?

      1. The National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Stumps is on line 4 for you, Early Worm…..

        This hag is dumber than Richard Morton Scoville, and that’s just saying something.

    1. How do you know whether something is worthwhile to share with parents if you haven’t read it? What made her think this was “information” parents should have? Other Republicans have recently used as an excuse that they read something sent to them and forwarded it because they thought it would be interesting to discuss but that doesn’t mean that they endorse it. You know. Just for interesting discussion purposes. This is the first time I’ve seen one claim that they knew nothing about something they shared because they just hit share without reading it. Both explanations lack credibility but Williams’ is particularly dumb as a post stupid. Doesn’t even qualify s a fig leaf.

  9. Williams is also in direct conflict with her own district’s policy re: Day of Silence.  On the Jeffco Schools home page, there is an explanation and a link to help everyone understand what Day of Silence is. 

    So she’s promoting action, on her personal Facebook page, which undermines her own employer’s efforts to make schools safer and more inclusive.

    Forget recall – I wonder if there is some way she can be fired, and a replacement appointed. Who would have the authority to do that?

    Oh….probably only the Board of Education. sealed

    1. I looked for the rules of conduct of the JeffCo board, but came up with nada.  D11’s in Colorado Springs did, interestingly .  I think, if you commit a felony, move out of the district or miss 3 meetings in a row with out special dispensation from the board, you can be removed.  other than that, she can resign, be recalled, or join fred phelps, and then be replaced by a vote of the board. 

      That would be interesting, as well, since it would be two to two, and they would actually have to come to some sort of compromise.  She is a natural target for recall.  It might be a lot easier just recalling her than the whole evil triad.    

      1. I don’t have the law handy, but my remembering is that Witt (the chair) ends up appointing if someone resigns.  That’s one of the reasons nobody has tried a recall– they’d have to run two at the same time or somesuch.

  10. Klingenschmitt throwing bouquets at her, I see.

    “the Day of Silence is a systematic effort to bully and silence Christian children…” children can’t be Christians, isn’t that what you are saying, you sorry, hateful bastard?

    I don’t think the Jesus you worship would agree with you…

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