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March 16, 2015 10:10 AM UTC

BREAKING: Steve House Ousts Ryan Call

  • by: Colorado Pols

MONDAY UPDATE: A telling “Retweet” from ousted GOP chairman Ryan Call says it all:


And with that, Ryan Call washes his hands of you. FOX 31:

Just four months after helping to engineer the Colorado GOP’s first big statewide victory in 12 years, Chairman Ryan Call is out of a job.

Steve House was elected over Call by more than 400 Republican delegates at the party’s the annual meeting in Douglas County by the Republican State Central Committee.

Call, who was seeking a third term, was ousted as a result of frustration from both the grassroots and establishment sides of the party.


Call said the party still faces serious challenges going into the 2016 elections, and he wished House “the best of luck.”

Even though the party is coming off its best election in years, some Republican activists say results could have been better with someone else in charge.

Last November, Colorado saw 100,000 more Republican votes than Democratic votes. But Democrats hung on to the governor’s office and the state House.


UPDATE 12:00PM: Steve House’s victory over Ryan Call now official, reportedly a 57-43% margin. House now giving his victory speech.


Word just reaching us from the Colorado Republican Party’s reorg meeting–former Adams County GOP chairman Steve House has defeated incumbent Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call on the first ballot. We’ll update shortly with coverage.

And remember, you heard it here first.


18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Steve House Ousts Ryan Call

  1. WTF……Correct me if I am mistaken but:

    The Dems suffered catastrophic losses last November (a bit of an exaggeration but that’s what Moddy and A/C kept telling us) yet Rick Palacio, with or without a little help from 46 friends, got re-elected.

    Meanwhile, Team GOP came off a stunningly-successful season (again, a bit of an exaggeration when it comes to Colorado) yet they killed their quarterback this morning.

    The real winner today wasn’t House but Michael Bennet. Call was the establishment Repub but the establishment Repubs know what needs to be done to win elections. Look at how Call facilitated the clearing of the GOP field last winter of some of their more exotic candidates (i.e.,, Ken Buck and Randy Baumgartner) to allow for a Kumbaya moment around the bland but electable right winger Cory Gardner.

    With House (who has tea party roots) running the show, the inmates will be running the asylum next year. Instead of clearing the field for someone like Coffman (either him or her….no big difference), they will see a gaggle of wing nuts strut their stuff.  🙂

  2. Frank, it might be that empowered grassroots armies can both win elections and have a tendency to oust leadership that they feel fails to represent them.

    The Democratic party’s aversion to “inmates running the asylum” might keep the power hierarchy in place better, but having the sort of relationship to your volunteer corps where they are the crazy people that must be kept in check might not be the win for Bennet you suggest.

    I think it is true that where the Dems have seen wins it has been because the GOP has run totally crazy candidates, and that might work again under a less professional State Republican regime. But watch out; their message machines are getting better and better at packaging their boxes of insanity. Deceitful campaigns coupled with a fired up rank and file might put them in the winner circle more and more, especially if the Democrats keep telling their own activists to shut up and sit in a corner.

  3. Dems lose a US Senate seat and the State Senate.  Their leader, Rick Fellatio, skews the vote by adding electors and wins reelection.

    No news here, a traditional Dem play.

    Republicans coming off victories in picking up the US Senate seat and the State Senate have a clean election and the successful leader is unseated.

    No news here, a traditional Republican play.

    Moral of the story, Dems are corrupt and Republicans don’t know how to handle success.

          1. I’m also curious about the rightie’s oft repeated fiction that nothing was said by us left leaners about Rick’s last minute packing of the electorate for the party Chair position. As I recall, it was very extensively discussed here with many, including myself, taking a critical view. That “curious” of course was a rhetorical devise. We all (including AC and friends, were they capable of honesty even to themselves) know why they have to resort to straw men. It does get tedious. Guess when reality is biased against you the best policy is to ignore it as best you can.

            1. BC, The reference to “no news here” was not meant to convey things were not discussed at Pols.  It was meant to convey that it was standard operating procedure.

              1. And where did I say my comment was in direct response to yours? Oh I see. You thought I meant you and your comment specifically by the generic “righties”.  I was just making a general observation to realist. Were your ears burning? 

        1. Since we’re allowing “Koch Sucker”*, I think we may have to allow “Rick Fellatio”, although one is a generic term for someone who supports the oil industry uber alles, and the other is a slur characterizing one person. 


          *And I’m quite fond of the term kochsucker – if i ever buy an SUV, that’s what I’ll name it. 

          1. I agree Mama. We have to put up with crap if we also want to dish out stuff to the other side.  I’m not going to be a hypocrite.  I’ve been known to refer to Andrew Carnegie as “the Worm.”  IIRC, I’ve also seen someone else refer to him as “Asswipe.”  And as you pointed out, there is that venerable appellation, “the Koch Suckers.”

            1. Just a thought. Didn’t think it would really happen. As for Koch Sucker, since Koch is pronounced “coke” couldn’t that refer to sucking a sweet fizzy beverage? No? wink

            2. FU, I appreciate the bipartisanship.

              It seems the left has little quarrel with harsh language directed to the right, but are upset when the favor is returned.

              I don’t remember Mod or me seeking a ban for the “Koch Sucker” or “tea bagger” comments from the left.  I have no problem ceasing and desisting use of Rich Fellatio should the left discontinue their corresponding appellations of choice.  I don’t expect my offer to be accepted.

              1. If you’ll recall, they were calling themselves tea baggers until someone pointed the pop culture meaning of that term out to them. It came from their using tea bags (just regular Lipton type) as an accessory. Just sayin’. And you can say whatever you want. Nothing you say is any more or less IOKIYAR bull than anything else you say.

    1. Editor: I respectfully request that appropriate disciplinary action be taken against Andrew Carnegie. The mission of this site includes the promotion of civil discourse. While strong feelings and partisan sympathies are understandable, outright insults are not. The label that Mr. Carnegie applied to Rick Palacio is both vulgar and rude. It may also be bigoted.

      Thank you for your consideration of this request.

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