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February 28, 2015 02:39 PM UTC

BREAKING: Palacio Re-Elected Democratic Party Chairman

  • by: Colorado Pols

MONDAY UPDATE: Statement from Rick Palacio:

Thank you to the Democratic Party family. Its been an incredible honor to lead our Party for the past four years, and it will be my continued honor to lead our Party for another two years as well. A lot of very important issues have been raised in the last month, and I'm determined to ensure that voices from across our state are heard and respected as we move forward and continue to build a united, inclusive, forward looking and successful party that we can all be proud of.


SUNDAY UPDATE: The Denver Post's Lynn Bartels:

Palacio won after one round of balloting during the Democrats’ reorganizational meeting Saturday at the downtown Denver Marriott. With 468 Democrats voting, Palacio received 248 votes to Sabados’ 182 votes. Former congressional candidate Vic Meyers received 38 votes. In other words, Palacio received 53 percent of the vote, Sabados 39 percent and Meyers 8 percent…

The race received national attention after Palacio announced Thursday night that the make-up of the committee that was going to do the voting did not meet party requirements for gender equality and he needed to appoint 46 more men. Sabados accused him of trying to stack the deck, but Palacio pointed out the rule has been in place since the 1970s. He also appointed Sabados and Meyers to the committee.


Coverage coming soon, but that's the word from the Colorado Statesman's Ernest Luning:

We'll update.


35 thoughts on “BREAKING: Palacio Re-Elected Democratic Party Chairman

  1. I've been totally disconnected from this process, but I don't personally think Palacio did a bad job last year. Colorado did better than a lot of states in a GOP wave year, and I don't hold Palacio responsible for Udall's campaign mistakes. I've heard about this delegate wrangling stuff, but did any of it break any rules?

    I'm just asking, NOT starting a fight! 🙂 I'm curious what others think.

    1. He didn't do such a bad job. In the face of a GOP wave of epic proportion, the Democratic governor was re-elected running against a well-funded establishment-type Republican masquerading as a tea bagger and running a scare campaign, the three incumbent U.S. House Dems were re-elected (although we did not take one of the GOP seats we targeted), we kept the state House but we lost the state Senate albeit by only one seat changing.

      The biggest loss was Udall's seat. I don't recall hearing that Palacio was running the ad campaign for Udall. I hold responsible the geniuses who thought a winning strategy was having the words "reproductive" and "choice" as being two out of every three words that came out Udall's month during the campaign.

        1. yes, the irony would be rich.  I'm confused.  Someone posted he won by 14 votes.  I read last night it was substantially more.  Anyone have the exact breakdown amongst the three.

              1. Frank, it takes 50% +1 to win. If you subtract 46 votes from the Chairman's total, he received 202 votes.

                Palacio- 202

                Sabatos- 182

                Meyers- 38

                Total votes= 422

                Palacio= 47.9% wouldn't have won on that vote without his appointees.

                Palacio – 248

                Sabatos – 182

                Meyers – 38

                    1. I thought seating the appointed 46 was that they had to vote for Palacio.  He actually appointed members who voted for his opponents?  

                    2. I think it's safe to assume that he assumed enough of them would. Otherwise, why resort to something not at all customary even if not against the rules? It certainly implies a calculation that any negative fall out would be worth it. That's the kind of thing pols do; use whatever they can.

                      No one should be shocked. Nothing illegal here.  Neither should anyone feel the need to pretend his motives were pure as the driven snow nor be offended by those who take a more cynical view. And of course it's so inside baseball, who cares besides a handful of political junkies like us?

      1. That just means Palacio and Chickenpooper cut a deal with the opposition- they get the Senate seat, we get the guv.  The kind of politics they play, they're not above throwing anyone under the bus.  Besides, there was talk right after the election of how a Senate minority somehow helps Hilary.  It's all one hand washes the other.  They're all after bigger and better things. It's pretty obvious, since the only thing that matters to these people is what's happening on a national level.

    2. As for the delegate stuff, it wasn't against the rules. I think some folks see it more as an unseemly, oddly-timed, and intensely self-serving enforcement of rules that had been more loosely followed previously.

        1. He wants to move on to bigger and better things.  We're just his stepping stone, so why doesn't he just move on? He's already part of the inner sanctum of the DNC anyway. 

        2. I think the thing that most do not realize is that Sabados is the the one that sent out the email bringing up the gender inequality issue, not Palacio.  So Palacio had to address it.  Also, he picked Sabados and Meyers for two of those spots.

          1. That isn't what the article about the additions seems to say.  While I'd be happy to see the letter Sabados sent, he seemed to be surprised that the change was made before the election, as noted in the DP story.  So why not hold off appointing new members until what was a pretty close election without them was completed?  I'm not seeing how the deck didn't get stacked or why Palacio had to make an incredibly self serving set of appointments (he didn't win by much without them) before, rather than after, the election.


            Chairman Rick Palacio said in a memo Thursday evening that the move was necessary because the party was in violation of rules that require gender equality on the committee…


            But others, including chairman candidate Dave Sabados, accused Palacio of stacking the deck to try to win a third two-year term.

            "While party rules do permit appointments for balance, never before has the rule been used in a manner that so clearly seems to benefit a single candidate," Sabados said in an e-mail to Democrats on Friday. "Previously this administrative function of the chair had been used after the reorganization meeting — not before."

            Sabados, a longtime campaign consultant, suggested that if the new members had to be seated, each of the three candidates should get to select one third of them. Palacio rejected the idea. Also running for chair is Vic Meyers of Trinidad, who ran for Congress last year.

    1. He only won by 14 votes.  The rest of us minions don't matter.  That is, until you need someone to do gruntwork in the next election.  Don't come crying to us when you need help.  Of course, you'll probably just pay for the enlightened society kids from back east to come here and dictate to us what we should be caring about. Obviously, you don't need us unless we have money and noteriety to offer a certain number of quid pro quos that allow us to be a member of the club. But then, we're just too naive to believe it's about the greater good.  We're supposed to worship those who will go to whatever level of sleaze to get what they want. 

      Gee, and why don't Dems get elected? 

  2. No confidence in Palacio, who had to stuff the ballot box to win (legit or not, it stinks).

    Serious concerns about monetary issues with his compensation.

    Serious concerns about party messaging in the elections and the recall efforts.

    Now we are left trying to support a party whose leader in whom many have no faith. As a PCP for the Dems, I'm feeling quite at a loss.   I believe in lots of Democratic principles, but I'm unconvinced that party leaders (and some elected Democrats) do.

    1. The really tough part is going to be finding the heart to support Bennet after his Keystone votes.  I don't know who he is representing but it is going to be difficult to believe he is diligently working to promote Democratic values and ideas.

  3. "We don't have emperors yet, but one of our two major parties is now dominated by radicals engaged in a crusade of voter suppression aimed at the elderly, the young, minorities and the poor; while the other party, once the champion of everyday working people, has been so enfeebled by its own collaboration with the donor class that it offers only token resistance to the forces that have DEMORALIZED EVERYDAY AMERICANS"  Bill Moyers

  4. From the outside looking in this entire thing stinks to high heaven.  Palacio rigged the game in the days before the election and only through that rigging was he able to win on the first ballot. Sort of brings to mind the FDR court packing plan of the 30s

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