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February 27, 2015 10:35 AM UTC

Denver TV reporter goes too far in saying Obama “doesn’t like America” and has “contempt” and “disdain” for U.S.

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Yikes! – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Julie Hayden.
Julie Hayden.

It's obvious to me that journalists should no longer be expected not to express opinions, even on the topics they cover.

But, sometimes, if journalists have opinions that are so extreme, so rude or out-of-step with everyday sensibilities, they should refrain from expressing them. And if they do throw out such opinions, reporters should recuse themselves from covering anything related to their extreme/rude/bombastic utterances.

To my way of thinking, Fox 31 Denver reporter Julie Hayden's repeated comments that Obama "doesn't love," doesn't even "like America" and, in fact, has "disdain" and "contempt" for our country, fall into the extreme/rude/bombastic category. And Hayden shouldn't be covering any story related to Obama, federal political issues, and, to be safe, any partisan political topic.

Hayden, who says she once voted for Obama and doesn't cover the president, has been trashing him on her Saturday morning radio show, "Wake Up with Chuck and Julie," which she co-hosts with hubby Chuck Bonniwell, on KNUS 170-AM.

On her radio show last Saturday, in the wake Rudy Giuliani's comments that Obama doesn't love America, Hayden even presided over a debate on the topic of whether Obama likes America, with Hayden and Bonniwell taking the side that he does not.

"To me, it just seemed so obvious he doesn’t like America, and, you know, I think has disdain for it and contempt," said Hayden a typical comment (Listen below at 20:50).

Here's another exchange:

Caller (at 9:40 minutes): It’s not only that he doesn’t love the country. I actually think that he hates it, that he does everything he can to undermine the country at every turn.

Bonniwell: You’re absolutely right.

Hayden: I don’t disagree with you.

Asked via email whether such extreme comments are appropriate for a journalist listed as a "reporter" at Fox 31 Denver, a major Denver news outlet with a five-star reputation for its political coverage (and not linked to the partisan Fox News Network), Hayden offered these thoughts:

Hayden: I believe, like many things “extreme” is in the eye of the beholder.  I do not consider my comment  that I did not think the President likes America to be “extreme", any more than I consider someone else saying they believe the President loves America to be “extreme.”  I have also said on the radio program that it’s my opinion that Governor Hickenlooper has shown he cares about Colorado.  I don’t think that’s “extreme”, either.  I have also said on the program many times that I supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 and was very disappointed when she dropped out.  And that I voted for President Obama.  I don't consider those "extreme" comments and I do not think they crossed any kind of journalistic line.

I respect your question and your opinion, but I do not think it crosses a journalistic line for me to express an opinion, one way or another on the President because I don’t cover the President in my television job.  We have been fortunate at Fox 31 Denver to have Eli Stokols as our political reporter and he does a great job.

It would be a different matter if I was a White House correspondent, but that’s not the case.

I would also like to point out that whenever I express an opinion I invite and welcome people with other opinions to comment, too.  In this case, I frequently mentioned that our friend Chuck completely disagrees with me.  I think it would be wrong as a journalist and a talk show host to make it seem like there was only one side to any issue. And whatever the topic, I think we do talk about all sides and take calls and comments from all sides.  We don’t screen out any calls.

I was glad that Hayden, who mostly covers crime and general interest topics, agrees with me that she shouldn't cover Obama, but local TV news tends to swarm around the hot stories of the day.

So it's no surprise that Hayden reported this story the day before the 2012 election on Romney-Obama voter turnout efforts. This piece looks fair to me, but what would Hayden's next story about Obama look like? About immigration? About women? The environment? Net neutrality!

And lots of crime stories, the staple of TV news, connect to partisan politics.

"To me it’s very bad that we have a president that doesn’t like America," said Hayden on air (at 12:20 below). Let's hope she doesn't use her journalism job to do something about it.


15 thoughts on “Denver TV reporter goes too far in saying Obama “doesn’t like America” and has “contempt” and “disdain” for U.S.

  1. And just how is it clear that "Obama doesn't like America"? I give pretty broad latitude to politicians about this. Most people like their country, and IMHO most of them want to do well by it, or at least don't want to destroy it.

    I consider corporatist Republicans, war-mongering Neo-Cons, and no-government Libertarians to be misguided and occasionally even heartless, but I don't believe they dislike their country.

    1. PR, you're right on target. What is the basis for Julie Hayden's opinion. How in the world can she possibly know what the President thinks about the United States. She can't and for that matter neither can Rudy Guiliani. Ms. Hayden tries to side step all of this but, in essence, what she did on her talk show was come out in support of a right-wing notion, perpetrated by the former Mayor of New York City, that because he disagrees with the President, one can extrapolate from differences over policy the President doesn't love his America. Of course, that notion isn't based on any concrete evidence and is, if anything, complete nonsense. This latest attack on President Obama is nothing more than the Republicans never ending hysteria over the fact an African American was elected President. There attitude and behavior Is shameful.



      1. I agree R36. I think the thought process, if you can call it that, goes something like this:  They can't deny the President is intelligent. So, to the extent they disagree with him on policy, he must be wrong because he is trying to destroy the country. In other words, they believe they are so obviously right about health care, immigration, national security, etc., anyone that disagrees must be anti-American. It is extremely short-sighted.  The closest analogy I can think of on the left is the belief, by some, that GWB is an idiot.  Some cannot believe anyone with even average intelligence could do such a horrible job as president.   GWB was a horrible president, but his problems had nothing to do with his innate intelligence. Similarly, anyone can disagree with Obama on policy grounds, but the name calling is just juvenile.

          1. True that…Ann sets a high bar when it comes to the demonstration of …I guess…um…geez, how DO you really describe it…bitchy, empty headed, nastiness…? …does that work?

  2. The minute she took on a talk-show gig she forfeited her title as reporter. The TV station should give her the choice: stay here, work for us, abide by standard reporter rules and get off talk radio, or stay there and resign from here.

    She can do one or the other, but not both. No talk show host, radio or TV, is a journalist.


    1. In general local Fox news has been pretty much like other local news, not like national Fox network.  But if they keep her on air, they forfeit the right to be considered a real local news channel. Not that local news is much to brag about in the first place but it's non-partisan weather, crime and fluff. Isn't that a low enough bar?

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