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February 05, 2015 08:32 AM UTC

In Which Sen. Tim Neville Prefers The Company of Men

  • by: Colorado Pols
Sen. Tim Neville.
Sen. Tim Neville.

Republican Sen. Tim Neville is generally regarded as one of the most stridently conservative members of the Colorado Senate, and so far this year he's had ample opportunity to prove it. As a member of the Senate Business, Labor, and Finance Committee late last month, Neville helped kill the Colorado Pay Equity Commission, which has now turned into a rallying point for Democrats as they work from the House to get the commission's work reauthorized. More recently, Sen. Neville's sponsorship of legislation reaffirming "parent's rights" to not vaccinate their children in Colorado has made him the local face of the brewing national controversy over vaccination opt-outs. That bill is set to be heard today in the Senate Education Committee.

Yesterday, at the end of debate on another bill, Sen. Neville thanked the members of the GOP-controlled Senate State Affairs Committee for their time, in a manner that was, well, curious. And maybe highly revealing.

SCOTT: Thank you, congratulations Sen. Neville…

NEVILLE: Thank you sir, and as the only other committee that is all male, [Pols emphasis] other than Finance I believe probably in the legislature, it was my pleasure to be here.

Sources tell us that at the moment the words "all male" passed Sen. Neville's lips, another member of the committee Sen. Owen Hill quickly gave the "cut" signal across his throat–that is, "cut the audio!" There's no additional context to provide here. Immediately after this statement, committee chairman Sen. Ray Scott gaveled the hearing to a close, and that was that.

Excusing the title of our post which was strictly for laughs, we're pretty sure we can rule out Sen. Neville preferring all-male committees due to being, you know, gay. We suppose you never really know, and at a certain level, it wouldn't be our business anyway. But with that excluded, it seems like this really was a "joke" about how much easier it is for Neville to work with fellow male legislators. As opposed to those annoying women, with their endless griping about pay equity commissions and tearing up about sexual abuse and so forth.

Which brings us to the possibility, one we cannot rule out, that Sen. Neville wasn't joking at all.


19 thoughts on “In Which Sen. Tim Neville Prefers The Company of Men

  1. Sen Neville prefers the company of [real] Men.  You know, those kind of guys who know what's best for their children, who know what's best for their wives, who know what's best for their automobiles . . . all their property . . . He's a living, breathing Viagra commercial!

  2. And then there's Kim Ransome with her bill to roll back transgender students right to use the gender appropriate locker room at school.  Apparently so concerned is she that a predatory 6th grader who is genetically male, will claim transgender status to gain access to the girls' facilities and molest a helpless girl that she wants to put the transgender student in danger of being pounded into mulch by bigger, stronger boys who don't like sissies ( to use a milder word than the poor trans kid is likely to be called).                                                      And, of course, the ineptly named Alliance Defending Freedom was there to help her out.                                                                                                          Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed and the bill went down 7-4 in committee. I swear, Republicans have the most perverted minds.

    1. Maybe we need to stop lumping them altogether. The 7-4 margin means that one Republican on that committee voted against this latest piece of bigotry.

      This on top of the vote by Dan Thorow on the gun bill last as well as the THREE, COUNT THEM, THREE Republican U.S. Reps who voted against repealing Obamacare earlier this week and you have to wonder what's up with the GOP.

      Is somebody not getting the Faux talking points?

    1. Modster's got mnothing. Fact is rRcommittees, local and congressional, are remarkably white and male. Even those dealing with issues that most directly affect women. Nobody's whining. More like smirking.

            1. wait until they've done it as long as I have (I'm 69) and see what repetitive motion syndrome has done to THEIR hands.  As Charles de Gaulle said, old age is a shipwreck.

      1. Reminds me of Pat Schroader's remark about the House Judiciary Committee in the 1990's which had women, people of color, and a gay member on the Dem side. The Republicans' idea of diversity was Sonny Bono.

      1. You won't hear from him again.  He is a one and done poster.  Say something stupid or mean about non-conservatives and then retreat to mom's basement to wash her dirty panties and bras.  Maybe he is still looking for that single actual instance of someone who has been unjustly impacted by the 2013 gun regulations.

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