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December 31, 2014 03:30 PM UTC

How Lamborn Beats The High Cost of Living

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado Springs).
Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado Springs).

The Colorado Springs Independent reports, it would appear that Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs has made campaigning for office in his ultra-safe Republican district a family business:

Now that Doug Lamborn is ensconced in the U.S. House of Representatives for another two years, we learn the Republican from Colorado Springs has used his campaign war chest to reimburse himself and his wife for thousands of dollars in expenses and consulting work.

The payments range from mileage to campaign services to interest on a loan that Lamborn originally told regulators was interest-free, a violation of campaign finance regulations…

Other payments from Lamborn's campaign account include $3,545 for mileage reimbursement, which translates to nearly 6,330 miles using the federal reimbursement rate of 56 cents per mile. Most of that expense, $2,698, was claimed during 2014. That equates to about 4,817 miles, which would be the equivalent of about 51 trips from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista — roughly the east-to-west span of the Fifth Congressional District.

…Another $13,946 went to Lamborn's wife, Jean Lamborn, for accounting services, bookkeeping, administrative consulting and campaign management. (His campaign paid her $33,297 in the 2012 campaign cycle for "salary" and administrative accounting, plus expenses.)

Serious question: do the Lamborns have a joint bank account?

Back in 2009, former Rep. Scott McInnis was criticized for paying his wife thousands of dollars for work allegedly done on his re-election campaign. The practice isn't unheard of, of course, but McInnis even paid his wife from campaign funds after he announced he wasn't running again. With Lamborn, it's a little different, but still pretty dubious. Lamborn had an active campaign, but in a district considered a virtual lock for any Republican candidate. Lamborn has never had to run a truly tough campaign, only primary challenges provoked by Lamborn's lack of effectiveness in Congress and general bumbling ineptitude. For whatever reason, CD-5's Republican-dominated electorate keeps returning him to Congress over vastly more qualified Republican and Democratic opponents–allowing Lamborn to run basically pro forma re-election campaigns.

Which also help balance the Lamborn family budget! If Lamborn's next primary (or general election) challenger doesn't give this a full airing in 2016, they'll be missing a golden opportunity.


25 thoughts on “How Lamborn Beats The High Cost of Living

    1. Chaps vs. Lamborn!  Talk about a race to the bottom as far as candidate quality is concerned!  (I'd put my $$$ on Chaps.  At least he'd be entertaining to watch.)

    2. I still can't understand why voters kept Lamborn, 60-40, over General Irv Halter. It's the magic "R" after the name, I suppose, but not competence, character, or policy.

      1. He's beaten a Republican general too. I honestly think the Republican primary voters of CD-5 are too stupid and complacent to give a fuck about Lamborn's embarrassments. They need to own up to what Lamborn says and does, or doesn't do. Joel Hefley was an honorable man, even Colorado Springs can do better than Lamborn.

      2. It is the magic "R" after his name  You can place the "R" on a dog turd and it would be a viable candidate in CD 5.  And the front runner in HD 15.

  1. Jesus, people, really . . . 

    What reason would there be for any of that ceaseless toadying and mindless scraping at the feet of your biggest contributors if you couldn't skim a little bit of that sweet cream into your own maw (. . . or "ma", as the case may be) ???

        1. Not to be rude, but how hard is it to hit the "Source" button before pasting HTML code, really? We've answered this question dozens of times. The procedure hasn't changed. We fixed it for you.

          Alternatively, try clicking the "insert image" button in the WYSIWYG editor (third row, leftmost button) where you can insert the URL of the image and let the editor do the HTML code.

          1. Thanks for that, truly . . . 

            Could I trouble you, once more?  Which button should I use to see a preview?  (I missed that lesson too, apparently . . .)

            1. Hit the 'Source' buttton a second time and it will take you back to preview and you can see what your post will look like.  If you need to adjust the picture size from there, right click (on the picture) and the 'properties' will come up.  It will auto-adjust for height once you play with the width.  (depending on where you are in the comment thread, a width of '500' is a good place to start…if you are a long way down a thread you may need to adjust to a width of 350-ish)

    1. Thanks, Zap. I'm going out shopping for 18 quarts of sour cream now for my New Year's outfit.  And here's a little something for the rest of y'all.:


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