Ken Buck Really Doesn’t Like President Obama

As Tweeted earlier today–a little ad hominem, don't you think?

We get that Rep-elect Ken Buck was not elected on a Barack Obama lovefest platform, but they ought to be able to eat pizza in the same pizza joint, right? Not that we should have expected much better from Colorado's most rightmost member of Congress by a mile, but a little pretend comity would probably help the two of them, you know, run the country.

We're just saying.

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  1. Big Time says:

    Sounds like something a Mississippi congressmen would publicly announce in 1857 … the temerity of Obama to strode through the streets of Washington D.C. as if where President of the United States or something. Of course, that wouldn't be all a congressmen would do back then to such an uppity one. 



    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Yep, but out here in Dumphuckistan that's a siren song . . . 

    • bullshit! says:

      There are a lot of Americans who are never going to be comfortable with the fact that a black guy is President. It's that simple. I always suspected Ken Buck was one, and now we know.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      Given that his newly-minted Chief-of-Staff has a history of tweeting useless, absurd remarks about POTUS, the two of them joining forces should provide us with an abundance of blog material for the next two years…Don't you see, (my) people get it?!?!


      • ZMulls says:

        Indeed–this is but Episode One of the Bucky & Bro Show.  Should be a big hit for about 2 years, before cancellation.  Hard to say who will seize the throne as the True Face of the New Colorado Republican Party–Bucky & Bro, or the Insane Clown Posse elected to the state House leadership.

        The challenge for Colorado Dems will be to narrow down from the list of gaffes, batsh*te-crazy conspiracy theories, creepy-yet-hiliarious demon exorcisms on the House floor, curious obsessions with the size and capacity of magazines, 1950s-style misogyny and sexism, and good-ol'-fashioned hatred of Brown People and gay people that will spew from the maws of the above GOP party regulars.

  2. Zappatero says:

    This is the side we're supposed to be bipartisan with. And don't tell me, Michael, that both sides do it and are equally responsible for our nation's political dysfunction.

    These are not bloggers, these are national elected and organizational leaders that have thousands of followers and can command media to their attention at will:

    Here are just a few of the stories Right Wing Watch has captured:

    Anti-Immigrant Activists: Obama Inciting Civil War By Making Immigration Announcement On Mexico's Revolution Day

    Arrest Obama for his Immigration Action

    Fighting Obama's immigration action is like fighting ISIS

    The immigration announcement could lead to civil war

    Allen West predicts demand for impeachment over immigration

    Rep. Kelly says Obama dragging America into a civil war

    Heritage: Obama will use government goodies to replace Americans with Latinos

    Viguerie: Both Republicans and Democrats want to impeach Obama over immigration

    And on and on and on.

    • Big Time says:

      It's a legislative lynch mob … GOP – do something. You had a chance when George W was in power. You didn't do anything.

      You didn't do anything now. 

      You ave no one to blame but yourselves. 

      Cry us all a river. 


  3. dustpuppy says:

    Buck should hand in his resignation and take Gardner with him and go hide in some shitty hole.


  4. thagaycowboy says:

    He's mostly just jealous that the cameras will never be there for Ken Buck. 

  5. Andrew Carnegie says:

    The story was actually a little longer than that.

    "Perry and I were having lunch at We The Pizza near the Capitol before catching a plane. Secret Service shut down the restaurant and Pres Obama joined us for lunch. Obama was preceded by 20 Hispanic students for a photo op. Lost my appetite but got a great story to share. Obama needed 35 Secret Service agents for a piece of pizza. I hope Michelle doesn't find out the Pres was eating bad food. #copolitics "

    If you think there is a whole lot of government waste, what do you need 35 secret service agents for the President to get a slice of Pizza?  Just to hide it from his wife?

    On the other hand, if you are one of the Polsters with your knee jerk bigotry posts, continue on unconcerned with the facts.

  6. Pam Bennett says:

    Ken, get used to having fun in D.C.  For you, the next two years will be filled with not being able to cross the street because someone more important is driving by in a motorcade and you are not.  Wherever you go, no one knows you, except maybe your in your office.  Only in some restaurants on Capitol Hill will you have people care that you are a representative, sort of.  You are only one of hundreds, and you all sound alike, look alike and tip alike.

    Sure the lobbyists will hoke up some way to let you go globe trotting.  But, remember how that plays for your voters.  Going to D.C. to shut it down, but traveling through Europe and Asia while your voters are looking at dirt and higher seed prices.  That will look good on the campaign video's.

  7. ct says:

    I have been moderated.  there is a comment, posted twice, in your moderation queue, guvs.  Nothing too exciting, twitter exchange in which I am called out for suggesting their is anything untoward in noting that he saw '20 Hispanic students' immediately prior to feeling sick.  First, that is the plain reading of Buck's post.  2nd, dude is in a eastern city, representing Colorado, and he finds it necessary to note that 20 students are 'Hispanic' (a fact he probably has no way of really knowing) — and noting that gets called 'race baiting' by someone that actually calls himself 'COlawman' and is, in fact, a chief investigator at the Weld County DA–at least by his own account; and, essentially, accused of spreading a lie by a Denver Post reporter. 

  8. ct says:

    there there all those language things they're so confusing, I am never on top of all their rules anyhow.  

  9. Republican 36 says:

    The Decent Thing To Do

    Why didn't Mr. Buck do what any decent person would do in this situation? Stand-up, walk over to the President, introduce yourself as a newly elected congressman, say hello and pay your respects. What's wrong with showing respect and acting with dignity?

    Mr. Buck's response to his chance encounter with the President undignified and juvenile.

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