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November 19, 2014 02:45 PM UTC

2015 State Senate Education Committee: Meet The Freak Show

  • by: Colorado Pols
From top: Sens. Owen Hill, Vicki Marble, Tim Neville, Laura Woods, Chris Holbert.
From top: Sens. Owen Hill, Vicki Marble, Tim Neville, Laura Woods, Chris Holbert.

The Denver Post's Lynn Bartels reports on committee assignments announced yesterday by the incoming Colorado Senate GOP Majority:

Colorado Senate Republicans, who will be in charge for the next two years, have announced their committee chairs and members for the next two years.

The biggest surprise for Democrats might be the Senate Education Committee, where some of the chamber’s most conservative Republicans are assigned. In other words, this is not a teachers union friendly crowd.

That, folks, is an understatement. This may not be a crowd "friendly" to unions, teachers…or students?

Senate Education
Senator Owen Hill Chair
Senator Vicki Marble Vice Chair
Senator-elect Tim Neville
Senator-elect Chris Holbert
Senator-elect Laura Woods

Where to start? Owen Hill is a stridently conservative and ambitious legislator, and with Chris Holbert arguably the least gaffe-prone of the bunch. But with Laura Waters Woods, Tim Neville, hard-right brother-in-law of Jefferson County school board member Julie Williams, and especially Vicki "Where's The Mute Button" Marble rounding out the Republican majority on this committee, Senate Education just became the go-to venue for Democratic trackers looking for embarrassing clips. Neville and Woods, you'll recall, even sent out campaign mailers that doctored the signs of Jefferson County student protesters. Wouldn't it be smashing to have one of those students show up to testify before this committee?

Of course, the ability to actually carry out whatever their education agenda might be–like the GOP-controlled Senate generally–is attenuated by Democratic control of the House and Gov. John Hickenlooper. But the choices made by GOP leadership to staff this committee to do not bode well for "working with our Democratic colleagues to build a better Colorado," as GOP Majority Leader Mark Scheffel claimed in his release.

And that, again, may be an understatement.


16 thoughts on “2015 State Senate Education Committee: Meet The Freak Show

  1. A RINO is chairing judiciary?  WTF?   I presume that means nothing of consequence will be sent there. Lundborg at Health means we'll be seeing a lot of "Protect the Egg" bills.

  2. First order of business — teachers permitted to carry firearms in class . . .

    Thar's some learnin' for you kiddies that you won't find on any of your egghead ACT exams!

    1. I think you're pretty much guaranteed a win on that prediction.  IIRC, Holbert's been the sponsor every year but one that he's been in office of a bill to allow concealed carry without restriction or permit.

        1. I think they're planning on giving the guns to the teachers and the vouchers to the students, but kill two birds…

          I guess it doesn't matter how old they are as long as they're "good guys with guns."

    1. So a new commitee shall be created called Idea Development In Denver's Outeach Team…. and stash the all of them in a broom closet and lock 'em up. Tell them to develop an idea and just simply flush it.

  3. Every single one of these Republican members of the Senate Education committee is a certified Rocky Mountain Gun Owners candidate.  Each of them received money from RMGO (which doesn't give to lots of candidates) to get elected. 

    Why?  As stated before….look for guns guns guns in the classroom.

    For these people, the answer to gun violence is, of course, MORE GUNS!

    Even around our children…MORE GUNS!


    1. They could run all their pet bills til the cows come home.  How fast do you think the House Education Committee will take to hear testimony and vote them down?

    2. This committee assignment roster is clearly Cadman's throwing out his very first sloppy, wet, long-tongued suck to Dudley and his useful idiots pals up in Windsor.

  4. Additionally, 3 of them support vouchers or the tax-credit version of such.

    From their web sites.

    Vicki Marble is for school choice (code word for vouchers)

    Tim Neville's says he supports vouchers.

    Laura Woods even thinks vouchers give too much power to the government, and wants tax credits (which are great for wealthy parents sending their kids to expensive private schools, but does nothing for lower income families).


  5. The Republicans on the Senate education committee will push bills to set up vouchers in every school district in the state, try another Schultheis-like "religious freedom" proposal, seek to terminate Colorado's adoption of the Common Core academic standards and prevent adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards, push for mandatory teaching of intelligent design or, at least, "equal treatment," seek an end to all affirmative action in state college admissions, and, of course, ban the use of the AP U.S. History exam by Colorado high schools. They're crazy!

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