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October 07, 2014 02:07 PM UTC

Tea Party Express Officially Endorses Cory Gardner for Senate

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: For the record, this is the same Tea Party Express that enthusiastically backed last year's shutdown of the federal government to stop Obamacare–the same shutdown Cory Gardner insists today he "never supported." Here's what TPE said then:

“Congress can and must use the ‘power of the purse’ to ensure that no more taxpayer dollars can be used to implement this bureaucratic train wreck,” said Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer. “We support the efforts of principled public servants like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz who are giving the President and Senate Democrats a choice: Either continue funding the government without giving one more dime to Obamacare, or shut down the government to prop up an unpopular law that even their supporters admit will not work and cannot be enforced.” [Pols emphasis]

Hey, you know, forget all that.


Gardner-Tea Party Express
All aboard?

Yesterday the Tea Party Express officially announced their endorsement of Republican Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate. From a press release:

Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Congressman Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate in Colorado.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “In 2010, Cory Gardner was elected as part of the bold, Tea Party wave that swept the country. He delivered a promising vision of the future, rooted in conservative-minded reform and policy solutions. He is now taking that vision statewide, and challenging the failed, liberal policies of President Obama and Senator Mark Udall. We are confident in Cory’s resolve to bring common-sense, conservative solutions to the U.S. Senate; we encourage every Coloradan to vote for Cory Gardner on Election Day,” Budowich concluded.

This is not an endorsement that Republicans like Cory Gardner would like you to know about, which is probably why it only shows up on obscure news sites that accept press releases from paid submission companies such as Targeted News Service (no offense intended to those regular readers of Gardner needs to be seen as a moderate candidate in order to have any hope of defeating incumbent Sen. Mark Udall, and public support from the Tea Party doesn't further that goal; the Tea Party is about as popular as a Raiders' fan at a Broncos' party, as Gallup continues to show.

On the plus side for Gardner, he does also have the official endorsement of Margo:

“As a conservative grass-roots activist, I support Cory because he has uncompromising integrity, he understands Colorado’s priorities and will stand strong to represent our state responsibly while protecting our freedoms in every decision he makes.”

Margo (Co-Developer – Coffee4Conservatives)


14 thoughts on “Tea Party Express Officially Endorses Cory Gardner for Senate

    1. And their really isn't a dime's worth of difference between the Tea Party and the Republican Party on any of the issues anyway. Tea Party just means you say it all right out loud as opposed to the "establishment' who would prefer just a little bit of filtering for public consumption.

    2. If the only reason he's admitting climate change exists is because no one's buying that it doesn't anymore, I think a change of moniker may be in order. Oh, he's still a conman, to be sure. But perhaps Capricious Cory might be more apt.

  1. Has anybody noticed that all the posts yesterday were about Beauprez, and all the posts today are about Gardner?

    It's like Colorado Pols has a schedule. But of course they do.

    1. If you so heartily disapprove of the content here — GO AWAY!

      Your site is elsewhere. Please quit polluting ours with your mindless, ignorant drivel.

    2. Ummm… the "schedule" kind of depends on what's the latest, what's in the news, what the diaries are about, who's debating, etc. so yes, you will notice groups of posts on the same subject on any given day. Duh.  

      We're always telling you that this or that reply or comment of yours is indicative of the fact that you've got nothing. Apparently you've used up the last of the last of the bottom of the barrel scrapings at this point. Less than nothing?

    3. But we still find time and space to get digs in on Seditious Lamborn, Tin-Foil Hatted Ready, Dr. Chaps and the various other wing nuts du jour.

      So many freaks, so little time…….

  2. Bruce Bartlett on the Ed Show today said it may take two more presidential losses for the gop to get over the tea partiers.   He was in the Reagan and the H.W. Bush administrations.  He seems to be quite the outspoken guy and doesn't think the gop knows what conservatism is anymore. 

    Cory is not learning this lesson, but it is too bad that he doesn't care about conservatism or even reactionary tea party Bircherism.  He is just for sale. Sorry, I don't have a link.

  3. I worked in the legislature when then Representative Gardner was there. I'll never forget his glee when he cavorted with the Tea Partiers at their rally on the West Steps. I think he especially enjoyed the idiots in gorilla suits who thought they were such clever parodies of President Obama. 

    1. It was during his tenure as state rep that I got to know Cory. He ran with Josh Penry and Frank McNulty as one of the GOPs' "young lions". They really had the world by the tail then…

      and now…He is on the verge of an even bigger failure than his two buddies.

      Worry not for Con Man Cory, though..either he will be set up in a cushy lobbying job on K street, or if he wants to stay in Colorado, he could get hooked up as an adjunct professor at Mesa College in Grand Junction (NO…it is NOT a university, regardless of what Tim Fosters' sales brochure says.) He can join a plethora of failed Republican politicos who are part of Mesa Colleges' patronage hiring program.


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