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October 07, 2014 06:48 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"With reasonable men, I will reason; with humane men I will plead; but to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost."

–William Lloyd Garrison


55 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread


    Udall will win +4

    Hickenlooper +6

    Colorado legislature stays  D enough.

    US Senate does not go R.


    Obama will still be president, climate change will continue, the CA drought will end in mud slides and floods, price of solar electricity  continues to drop, personhood will lose, college tuition will strangle another  generation of Americans (tuition is zero in Germany, Finalnd and most of Europe and where it's not zero it's very affordable), and we will have casualties fighting to save Syria, Iran, Iraq and others in the region from IS.


    The unknowns:

    Will there be a casino at Arapahoe Park?

    Will Colorado ag figure out the industrial hemp market? Gourmet hops?

    Will the counties commissioners ever make development pay its own way?

    Will the CoPols posters ever learn to ignore the shills and the shrill, or will one or two outlandish posters always define the argument of the day?

    How good are the Orioles?

    1. Ps

      Sometime between the first week of November and the first week of January, Kasich, Portman and Bush (all three if the Ds are smart) will start getting real front runner treatment.  Palin too if she puts out another best seller.

      1. Palin would be awesome! Crank up the enthusiasm in the brain-dead and pull the debates to the right.  Portman and Kasich are so low name recognition/low charisma, I don't see them getting traction.  Bush actually has some thoughtful positions on issues, which disqualify him as a RINO for being data rather than ideology driven.

    2. ooh, time for some Nov 4 prognosticatin'?

      Udall & Hick = strong win
      Romanoff = weak/moderate win (time to show angry Mike the exit)
      Amd 67 & Personhood pissants lose AGAIN (does persistence = denial?)
      Amd 68, Props 104 & 105 all lose (don't hate on me, just sayin')

      Gas prices up, climate change worsens, GOP/FOX panty-soiling fear mongering up,  sexism/racism attacks up prepping for '16 kick-off, entitled Hillary primaried, GOP clown car gassed up and waiting as the asshats pile in, and ColPol trolls start open, honest, and logically reasoned discourse with fellow Pol fans.



        1. agree gas prices going down  WTI at $89 and change read somewhere price goes down around elections.

           think people are going to trend towards snake bit on flying  as well.

    1. VICE: Why Won’t Our 'Environmental President' Stop Fracking on Public Land?

      Under Obama’s watch, coal exports have risen more than 50 percent. Federal officials have paved the way for oil and gas exports, too, rubberstamping massive liquefied natural gas export plant proposals and loosening the four-decades-old ban on crude oil exports. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is in charge of administering public land, continues to lease millions of acres to coal companies at below-market rates.

      But of the administration’s many climate sins—and there are many—one stands out in particular: ongoing tolerance, and even support, for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on public land. No other energy policy seems to so brashly defy climate science, popular will, and rudimentary political wisdom at the same time.

      1. he went into office trying to win over R's. 

        That worked out really well. 

        Markey and Salazar in the House and Sens. Udall and Bennet have done the same thing and they helped cripple Obama's presidency:

        Colorado’s two freshman senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, are part of a self-described centrist group of 15 Democrats meeting regularly “seeking to restrain the influence of party liberals in the White House and on Capitol Hill,” according to an account in Roll Call (subscription required).

        The group has a “shared commitment to pursue moderate, mainstream and fiscally sustainable policies across a range of issues, such as health care reform, the housing crisis, educational reform, and energy policy,” according to a statement issued Wednesday by the group.

        Restrain they did. This behavior is a socio-pathy found only in Democrats that makes them afraid of their own shadow and creates an impossible to fill urge to try to gain Repub votes and the kudos of the press for being "bipartisan". (Google "udall kudlow social security" for the most egregious example.) And causes them to betray the very promises they made to those who put them in power (see: Obama, Cuomo, Udall, et al.)

        Lest ye forget Michael Bennet is the man behind the Udall – and all D US Senate – campaign right now and, though I want Udall to win and will vote for him (Bulletin!), if I ever see him on the street I'll call him the Coward he is and will never forgive him for this "let's cut Social Security" and "let's have a Balanced Budget Amendment" BULLSHIT.

        This is also why I wish CPols would put a little more emphasis on issues and not just whether an office holder has a (D) behind their name. 

        1. Atrios harps on this quite a bit as well:

          Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit


          "We" get a bit richer every year, on a per capita basis, but most of us are getting poorer.

          I can't quantify this, but I do sense that as the great stagnation creeps up through the income distribution, as we go from things sucking for the bottom 40% to the bottom 50% to the bottom 60% (etc.), as people increasingly see that there's no possible way for their kids to have the kind of life that they had, that attitudes are changing. People who thought they won the meritocracy lottery are seeing things a bit differently.

          Of course we need some politicians to champion some policies to help people, but Third Way.

          Udall is an Honorary Co-Chair of The Third Way.

      2. I'm sorry but Obama never ran as a tree hugging liberal. He ran as a pro-business centrist, just like Bill Clinton. If you thought you were voting for a progressive champion, you weren't paying attention. 

  2. More excuses for dem losses on the way.  Per the Hill:

    “A month ago or two months ago, I would have said we could probably lose four, five, or six seats, and still have a legitimate shot next cycle,” said one national Democratic strategist closely following House races.

    “But if we lose double digits, there’s no way we can keep talking about 2016. That’s not a rebuilding year — that’s trying to survive.”

    Romanoff's race is no longer a toss-up.

    Too bad, so sad.

    1. Everyone, from now on, every time you see this POS show up to crap in our punchbowl each day (he's only here to bait, not to discuss), let's all consider just responding with a simple "Fuck you" — or "phuc ewe" if you prefer. But please, let's not treat this worthless, vile piece of filth as anything worthy of respect.

        1. My favorite quote from the article : "But Republican campaigns appear to be underperforming either on the ground or in the air in Michigan, North Carolina, Kansas and Colorado." [NYT]

            1. That is dated back in March – you ignorant troll – you are showing how desperate you are now – can't even find  a current article to support your talking points. You never did answer my other post – Is your rash gone now?  And "phuc ewe"

    2. "Per the Hill…….."  By chance, which Hill are you referring to? Might that be the highest hill that I know of in North America, Bull Hill?  For the record, Bull Hill is a high 13er near Mount Elbert.

      Regards,   C.H.B.

        1. I have a hunch the whole lot of them still abide by "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" model. (you might Google Perry Buck, Dudley and Jim Kerr and report back what you find).

  3. Subject change for today's open thread:

    This is a kind of long article but if you have any interest in the direction education reforms and policies have been heading and where that direction has been coming from, I think you will find it quite illuminating. I've always observed that most of the parade of reform theories in education seem to have had precious little grounding in anything factual, any reliable studies, any hard evidence.  Turns out it's mainly what sounds good to billionaires, some altruistic, most in it for the profit, none with any experience or expertise in the field of education.

    1. Small schools do work, or placing kids in small pods that move together through most of the day works, as well.  Teacher collaboration and focus on students as individuals are both important.  I haven't been in a classroom for quite a while, but meeting the kids where they are is important.  Too many underperforming schools have children not ready to learn, they don't have adequate support or are somewhat shell shocked from a hostile environment.  Because of these things, among others, a high school with 2,000 students can be a problem if not properly structured.  

      I am " preaching to the choir", of course.  Paying teachers well and giving them the resources they need is essential.  Teaching the whole child is necessary, it's the only thing.



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