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October 04, 2014 02:17 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Vote for me
And I'll set you free

–Love and Rockets


78 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. Doorknocking today for Udall/Polis.

      Questions are turning towards 'What are your plans for voting? Early? late? Mail-in? Drop-off?' … creating that inner image that has proven to promote the act of actually voting.

    2. We are hosting about 10 out of state volunteers for a turkey dinner next weekend (my wife is a freakin saint!)   Consider something similar for these kids who are working their butts off (especially if you have a saint for a spouse).  They will really appreciate it and you'll have a blast.

    3. I enjoyed canvassing today. One man was jerking my chain, saying that Udall had retired in favor of the guy who wears the propeller hat. Had me going for a minute – but I did know that a propeller hat wearer would have to be a GOP candidate.

          1. Ho ho!…Next, you're going to try to tell me that Devo didn't do the first versions of Satisfaction, Are You Experienced?, or Secret Agent Man, as well.

    1. THANK YOU, Awen. It confused the heck out of me when I saw that attribution. I had to Google it to see that this was a cover from a much newer band.   It makes me think that whoever posted this in Pols "name" is quite young. 

  1. Why are the Dems going to lose the Senate?

    What is this election about?

    Just ask Dear Leader.

    Make no mistake.  Obama's policies are on the ballot.

    Every single one of them.

    Thanks Barack.

    "I am not on the ballot this fall.  Michelle’s pretty happy about that.  But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot.  Every single one of them." 

      1. I find great humor and satisfaction in watching Piss Ant come to terms with the impending shellacking his precious GOP is going to suffer next month. Reduced to grasping at straws, Piss Ant looks around to see none left to grasp.

        I will take a special pleasure in noting the day this sniveling piece of troll flesh disappears forever…that would be Nov. 5th…unless his employers decide to cut their losses and bail before the election..

        Oh…and one more thing, Piss Ant…

        …no one cares what you think.

        1. I think the Republicans will win most of the close ones. And it will be because they nationalized most of the Congressional races. The reason why is ISIS & Ebola.

          ISIS is a winner for the GOP because Obama's policy has been mostly to withdraw and hope things don't blow up. Great plan if it worked, but lousy plan now that ISIS is ascendant.

          Ebola because the people don't trust the person who had lousy management at HHS, VA, & the Secret Service to competently handle this issue. Especially when it took 5 days for someone to go "hey, maybe we should go clean that apartment and get the people in it out of there".

          I think Udall (and Hick) will win. But it's going to be a lot closer for both of them.

            1. The very odd child that Texas is, its not expanding Medicaid, its political inability to deal with the social, economic and healthcare problems it faces, it is no wonder that they have made a big mess in dealing with a major issue of this magnitude.  They could be so much better than this.  The original emergency department's response is inexcusable without even accounting for the NIH/CDC response.  Texas gets a big FAIL on their report card.

            2. Easy fix. Transfer all the DoD funds to the NIH, stating national security and order ZMapp by the thousands and expedite the process.

              Since we don't give a shit about ISIS, and they aren't fighting in America, we'll take our money, go home, and put it in domestic issues instead of worrying about global shit. It's the Arab League's problem, and there's plenty of support already.



          1. Yeah!  

            Because everyone knows that if we just reduced Government down to GOPer bathtub-shrinking size ( . . . and, probably all prayed to the right one true magical diety . . . ) that national/international/global problems like war, climate change, terrorism, and ebola would simple never occur . . . 

    1. Why is the paid troll calling itself 'andrew carnegie' such a scummy, despicable, lying piece of anti-American, anti-democracy garbage?

      Because he's a member of an evil, racist, regressive, middle class-hating party which today consists of, and is led by, scummy, despicable, lying pieces of anti-American, anti-democracy garbage.

      Garbage in, garbage out — human garbage obviously included.

    2. Hey AChole – The chances of Democrats taking the U.S. House has just greatly improved today… go check out why Alaska's only House seat just went Democratic before the votes were tallied.


  2. I'd like to give a hearty shout out to all of the kids/young adults, parents, teachers and just plain involved citizens who were out on Wadsworth yesterday. Thank you all for being active, for caring, and for showing the positive effects of civil protest that concern these reactionary conservative nationalists who were elected to the JeffCo school board.

  3. "You are an idiot, you ignorant troll……"   "One more thing Piss Ant, no one cares what you think……"

    C'mon guys. How about a little Christian charity here (yes, I know that sounds funny coming from a non-theist). Could be that the 3rd time is the charm. Republicans were a shoo-in in 2010 and 2012 for taking the Senate. But then reality intervened, with a solid helping of lousy candidates, and they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Big surprise for me is the Kansas Senate race (as well as the governor's race there). I think the odds are that both Republicans will lose. Open seat in Georgia may go Democrat. Arkansas & North Carolina are real interesting. We'll see on Nov. 5. Oh, and I think Colorado's Udall will keep his seat, but it will be close.

    Regards,   C.H.B.

    1. How about a little Christian charity here

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a teacher who tried to convey the special power of charity. He told us to help the poor and sick and to" love thy neighbor as thyself".

      He had, though, a dim view of "money changers" and "Philistines", and as I understand the tale, was known to flog the fuckers for defiling a house of worship. AC is a Philistine if ever there was one.

      If being charitable would help that miserable Gollum of a creature regain a shred of human decency, I might consider it. But I am convinced this one has given its' soul to the dark side….

      1. Point taken, CHB;

        But it's really hard to keep a cool head and a clam demeanor when dealing with today's GOP (They're not Conservatives. They've abandoned that ideology long ago).  The level of cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and gleeful scumbaggery can drive a reasonable, logical person to violence.  ACHole and his ilk are a group that:

        Claims to be Christian, while insisting that the sick, the poor, the hungry, and the homeless are just lazy, and why should we help them

        Claims to Support Our Troops, but will send them into a foreign country to die, just to make themselves feel like badasses, and to enrich their own Corporate interests, while denying veterans the benefits they've earned.

        Claims to be about Truth, but will lie about anything to further their own agenda.

        Claims that racism is "over" but launches 24-hour character assaults against any black teenager who ends up getting shot by a white cop (think, when's the last time they did that to a white shooting victim?). 

        It's enough to make even the most bleeding-heart libby libs among us a little punchy


        1. The level of cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and gleeful scumbaggery can drive a reasonable, logical person to violence.

          Well delivered, curmie…and I personally, C.H.B., find the occasional foray into troll baiting and bashing a diversion, if you will. It is an opportunity to enjoy the gift of the English language…a deftly worded evisceration of ones opponent being almost a balm to the inflamed heart of the outraged liberal (of which, I am one).

          This troll has gone a place he should not have gone…

          The door is not ajar…..

    2. CHB, I respect you as my opponent, but even you have to admit that AChole is one big putz of a shmuck that has no chutzpah.

      I just hope a dybbuk kicks the little pisher's tuchas.

      </end of my Zaidy's talk>

  4. 2010 Replay?

    With little more than a week before voting begins, still not received any DEM Campaign Mailings for SOS, Treasurer and AG.  Will Dems repeat 2010 campaign mistakes?

    1. *looks at crystal ball*

      Nope. All of the local Republicans are not going to win the offices they are looking for.

      No on SoS, AG, Treasurer. They will all go to Democrats. Markey, Neugese and Quick earned it. They'll get their victories and correct the wrongs of these GOP idiots.


  5. Just saw the lame RCCC commercial dredging up Referendum C & D from '05 in trashing Andrew Romanoff.  WTF, wasn't C & D the ballot question that Bill Owens, Bob Beauprez (until he flip flopped earning his infamous nickname), and a hell of a lot of other Repubs supported in '05?   

  6. Proudly posted on Jeffco School Board Member Julie Williams' Facebook page: Dr. Ben Carson: US History curriculum so anti-American, students ‘ready to go sign up for ISIS’

    I just… I…  I don't know where to start so I'm just gonna brainstorm some responses:

    • If you share this link without saying "This is fucking ridiculous" then you should not have anything to do with public education.
    • Julie Williams should not have anything to do with public education.
    • This is fucking ridiculous.
    • How can a brain surgeon be this fucking stupid?
    • Is this Dr. Ben Carson guy really going to run for President?
    • I get the feeling Carson is just Tea-Partiers going "See we have black people too!"
    • Why is a brain surgeon talking about AP US History at the National Security Action Summit?
    • That last question sounds like it was created with MadLibs

    For you bat-shit crazy right-wingers, that stunned silence you experience after you "make a point" isn't because we're awed by your brilliance. We're completely taken aback by the depth if your ignorance and stupidity.

    1. + on all points. Medical educations are very focused and a specialty like brain surgery even more so, so it's possible to be a brain surgeon and also be very ignorant on pretty much everything else.

      I think maybe this guy has a major chip on his shoulder. Throughout his schooling, training and early career he probably ran in to the assumption that he only got to where he was via affirmative action. Obviously he's highly qualified because no amount of affirmative education gets you to where he got in his career but maybe it still smarts and he wants everybody to know how completely opposite he is to that affirmative action image.

      It's such a huge tin foil hat leap from thinking AP history is too negative to claiming it's going to produce ISIL/ISIS terrorists. Something has pushed this guy, smart enough to be a well respected brain surgeon, off the deep end.

    2. Dr. Ben Carson lost his mind a long time ago.

      And should be turning his AMA license to practice as a neurosurgeon since no-one wants their brain examined by a moron.


      1. You're not doing yourself or anyone else any  favors with your nonsense prattle.  The AMA is a lobbying group which represents a minority of American doctors, and a licensing groups which creates billing codes.

        Medical licensing is state by state, and specialty boards maintain certification on a national level.

      1. People should be saying WTF to Republicans by now… if they haven't..

        Their 19% support is still shrinking and it does not continue to look good.

        People will DEFEAT the gerrymandering and remove the Republicans from power.


        1. And people *LOVE* the fact that Republican House hasn't done SHIT for the past 6 years.

          And they're on vacation more often than GWB. The Republicans needs to be on minimum wage, on a hourly wage without ANY expenses granted. They must pay their staff on what they earn. No budgets. 

          As in, if you ain't working, you ain't getting paid. Period. Representatives earn about 177,000 dollars a year. And none of the Republicans have earned the right to be called Representative as in they don't represent the people, but themselves and their rich 1%'ers.


    1. It is precious that these guys, when criticizing AP history/literature/school, or curricula in general, cannot seem to construct grammatically correct sentences..

        1. When your "message" is based on lies, propaganda, ignorance, and bigotry – logic, reason, education, and rational thought are your enemies.

          It's why the GOP touts "Common Sense" and casts aspersions on education and science.     

        2. I heard Duck Dynasty is finally getting cancelled.

          A&E has felt that the show has run its course, and decided to dump them to some Christian channel.


  7. The Neville political dynasty, including B o E member Julie Williams, Tom Tancredo, Laura Woods, and the rest of the RMGO-funded candidates, have forgotten a fundamental political reality of Jefferson County.

    Jefferson County is moderate to progressive in nature. This was seen in 2008, 2010, and 2012, when Barack Obama and/or Democratic candidates won in Jeffco by respectable margins, and they do turn out. In 2012, 96% of registered voters voted.

    Although the RMGO slate was able to force the resignation of Senator Evie Hudak in 2013 by a massive paid signature-gathering effort, it has not changed the real political demographics of the district. This time, the RMGO slate badly miscalculated.  They thought that they could threaten the college admissions of thousands of Jefferson County seniors, by attacking the AP history curriculum. The students, parents, grandparents, friends, and families of Jeffco students pushed back, and now the pushback has turned into a national news story, is affecting races up the ballot, and has turned the #JeffcoSchoolBoardHistory into a national laughingstock on Twitter.

    1. "Jefferson County is moderate to progressive in nature……."  As a 19 1/2 year resident of the County, I wouldn't say quite that. I'd say the County trends more towards overall common sense. Yes, that may be hard to understand given the influence of RMGO here; not to overlook the religious jihadists from Personhood USA, some of whom are based in Arvada. But, in general………

      Re the current school board, I read closely all of the candidate literature from both sides two years ago, including in the Lakewood Sentinel; and yes, both my home mailbox & post office box were deluged. The conservative slate seemed to make more sense. This covered my impression that the prior board, and now-departed superintendent, had little interest in taxpayers as also being constituents, along with teachers, and the PTA groups. The other slate seemed to have more of the "business as usual," tax & spend, philosophy that was getting frayed and worn out.

      At this point in time, I'm not yet ready to have "buyer's remorse." It was good to get the teacher union out of the "driver's seat," so to speak. But the best grade that I can give the conservative slate, after nearly two years in office, is a D+. I dropped them from a C grade due to the flap over the curriculum. When I hear of a "need" for a review committee for school curricula; to me, that's code for fundamentalist Christians to pile on and try to ram their ideology down everyone else's throats. And then there are all the other issues that people have brought up.

      As I've posted elsewhere, a possible side benefit to all the curriculum flap is that some of the fringe loonies nominated for the Legislature from my party go down in flames next month. Then maybe we can begin to move back towards the common sense, center-right, approach to doing political business in the County.

      One person's opinion.    Regards,    C.H.B.

      1. Unfortunately, Republican candidates have to get by the base in primaries which sees the candidates you call extremist as perfectly fine and most general Republican voters wil not vote for a Dem to replace any R. For one thing common sense is now a minority position among Rs. None of my common sense moderate pre-2004 near neighbors are registered  Republican anymore , as they were then. They vote for Ds.   Check out GOTP conventions.

        If you had looked at  the takeover of school boards on the past  you would have known exactly what to expect from this one. Of course they sounded more sensible while running. Look at Texas and many other red states where history is the least of a sensible person's concern because everything on which science is based is being opposed by boards that want religious teachings to be presented as "theories" with equal weight.  

        The reason they want o crush unions and cut spending isn't to benefit taxpayers by providing a higher quality education more efficiently. It's to  gain power to impose the entire tin foil hat right/religious right agenda and it's been obvious for decades. You seem like a much too intelligent, thoughtful independent thinking person to have missed that but if we have brain surgeons getting hysterical about an AP course recruiting terrorists for Jihad..  go figure.

        Cheers and Salutations and Regards and bows with flourishes, whatever,


          1. Absolutely for crushing unions in general but I was speaking of school board take over overs specifically and they are about far righties using all means possible to take charge of curriculum, texts and moving towards as much privatization as possible through charters, vouchers etc, their ultimate goal being to kill public education because they don't really believe in it. Crushing teacher's unions for them has the added bonus of causing general union decline in funding for Dems but they really do want to impose their education agenda. A union buster like Gov. Scot Walker is certainly focused mainly on eliminating union money from Dem coffers. 

  8. From the "Curses, foiled again" department – here's an article from DailyKos on Boehner's reaction to the positive unemployment news:

    You can read his full statement here, but I will excerpt below the part that references the jobs report:

    [This space intentionally left blank.]

    That's right. Boehner's statement on the jobs report … said nothing about the jobs report. The closest he could get was to accuse Democrats of trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes:

    Instead of trying to convince Americans that things are great, Washington Democrats ought to show they’re serious about helping middle-class families get ahead, not just get by.

    Sorta sounds like an arsonist complaining that the fire department isn't putting out the fires to his complete satisfaction.

    1. Geebuz...

      "(Democrats)…ought to show they're serious about helping middle-class families get ahead, not just get by."


      A proposal by Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour over the next two years and increase the wage for tipped employees to 70 percent of the minimum wage was defeated, with every House Republican voting against the motion. (my emphasis)

      With friends like them, who needs enemies?

  9. Is this the guy that thought that walking through the streets of a war torn country with an armed guard was just like a casual stroll through an outdoor market in his hometown? If we are electing a Republican could you guys have the decency to nominate someone intelligent?

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