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October 02, 2014 01:52 PM UTC

Rasmussen: Hickenlooper 50% Beauprez 46%, Senate Race Tied

  • by: Colorado Pols
John Hickenlooper.
John Hickenlooper.

A new poll from (formerly) conservative-leaning pollster Rasmussen Reports has Democratic incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper leading GOP challenger Bob Beauprez by four points as October heats up:

In Colorado’s other contentious election, Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper has pulled slightly ahead of Republican challenger Bob Beauprez in his bid to keep his job.

Hickenlooper now picks up 50% of the vote to Beauprez’s 46% in the latest statewide telephone survey of Likely Colorado Voters. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate, while three percent (3%) are undecided.

Here are the poll questions–at the beginning of September, Rasmussen's last poll of the Colorado gubernatorial race had Beauprez up by one point, so this represents a five-point swing in Hickenlooper's favor. In the U.S. Senate race, Rasmussen finds continued deadlock:

A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Colorado Voters finds Republican Cory Gardner picking up 48% of the vote to Democratic Senator Mark Udall’s 47%. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate and three percent (3%) are undecided.

Here are the Senate poll questions. In the early September Rasmussen poll, Mark Udall was up by two points. Rasmussen Reports used to be a reliably GOP-skewing pollster, but a change of ownership last year has seen their polling track much closer to the center–enough so that they can't be pigeonholed with any particular partisan leanings today. These polls are in line with other recent polling done in these races, with the exception of Quinnipiac University's latest polls showing an outlier lead for GOP candidates.

All told, we think these numbers are pretty much on–with a month still to go before the poll that matters.


28 thoughts on “Rasmussen: Hickenlooper 50% Beauprez 46%, Senate Race Tied

      1. I like skeweed. I'd wait for some more reliable polling but it's nice to see that, even in a not very reliable poll, whatever trending toward BWB and Gardner that Piss Ant was so cocky about seems to be … not so much. Also Dems are back up in the generic in some recent polls, not much but, once again, the Piss Ant Trumpeted trend seems to be not so trumpet worthy. Even some Gallups have been little more kind to Obama lately. Maybe all of the above is why we aren't hearing quite so much from Piss Ant these days.  Oh and he probably isn't liking the latest Kansas polls on Senate and Guv either.

        1. The Koch bros pulled a bunch of their money out of Colorado (sorry no linkie, can't remember where I read it), so AC is prolly unemployed again, the poor little snirp.

  1. Rassy is a terrible polling outlet. Worse yet, you have to pay to see the cross tabs. Can't even vaguely assess accuracy without those sweet sweet cross tabs sad

      1. Gardner is a lock. Cannot possibly lose: turnout favors Rs, it's a wave, Udall has a cousin, and so on.

        Your job is done. Good work, thanks for all the time and stuff- put your feet up and celebrate- you won.

    1. No, he's not. He's holding steady, well within the margin of error. And BothWays is toast.

      We're sneaking up on you and yours quickly, Zippy. Watch your backs…

  2. And this comes before both the massive, all-out air assault Dems here in CO and nationwide plan to launch on the GOTP, and the underground Dem GOTV kicks into overdrive!

    I firmly believe that Hick will win, Mark will win, and Andrew will win. Many other down-ballot Dems will win as well.

  3. The more Cory talks about Eggs Are People III and its Federal twin that he is (not!) a sponsor of, the more ground he'll lose not only in the mushy middle but among the loud and proud pro-birth types. I'm not worried about Mark.                                       And in the other marquee race, Both Ways Bob still has plenty of time to come out against something he was all for last week

    1. As a Republican conservationist who supports Udall, I'd REALLY like to see the Udall campaign begin to run ads on something other than personhood and birth control. Those issues are important, but there is more to this election than one issue. The conservationist ad that joins personhood with pollution is effective, but some group is doing that one.



        1. True but you have to have more than the other guy is a dick ads in close ones. Not that the other guy is a dick ads aren't effective but you also have some that sell the candidate, not just the oppositions dickishness.

          As far as the effectiveness of a really spiffy ad campaign, the majority that polled against almost all of Reagan's policy stands liked his Morning in America shtick so much they didn't even notice they disagreed with him on pretty much everything when they voted him into office. Now there was a good ad campaign. 

      1. Me too. The new ads I'm seeing are all supporting group's anti-Gardner ads. Fine but I'm not seeing new positive strong "I approved this message" ads from Udall. Also seeing a new one from Gardner supporters talking about Udall being 99% in support of Obama, etc. I was hoping to see fresh ads from the Udall campaign with strong messages on something other than choice to run along side the supporter attacks on Gardner. If they have something in the works, I think it's close enough to ballot mail out to put it out there.  Same goes for the Romanoff campaign.

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