Would Beauprez sign Gardner’s personhood bill?

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In the wake of this week's revelation that Bob Beauprez once said he'd sign a bill outlawing abortion in Colorado, even for a 16-year-old who was raped, you have no choice but to ask yourself this bizarre question:

If Beauprez were governor, and Rep. Cory Gardner's federal persohood bill successfully overturned Roe v. Wade, as it's intended to do, freeing up the Colorado legislature to send an abortion-ban bill to Beaurprez's desk, would he follow through on his promise to sign it?

Yup, there are numerous hypothetical leaps there, and the leaps are significant, but they are smaller than you might think, and outlawing all abortion, even for rape and incest, is actually factually what both these candidates (Beauprez and Gardner) have pushed for throughout their political careers.

So I'll quickly explain the steps involved in the question.

First, the federal personhood bill, co-sponsored by Gardner last year, would have to clear Congress, which is not so far-fetched when you consider that Republicans could take over the U.S. Senate this year. Then the Supreme Court, whose pro-choice majority is already questionable, would have to overturn Roe, based on the new legislation and other factors. Then, and possibly the biggest hurdle, Colorado Republicans would have to get their act together and take power under the dome. (This is already a reality in numerous other states, where Republican majorities would quickly ban abortion if Garnder's bill had it's intended effect.)

Do me a favor and don't roll your eyes at this blog post, because all you have to do is think of Texas and look at all the places in America where abortion rights are already restricted or threatened. Here's a great summary. It could even happen in Colorado. This is an issue that matters.

Bottom line: Along with their anti-abortion allies across the country, gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez and senatorial candidate Cory Gardner could theoretically work together to ban abortion in Colorado and/or in other states. Gardner could push for the federal legislation allowing Beauprez to sign a state bill giving fertilized eggs (zygotes) the same legal rights as you have.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Sorry, Jason. I'm rolling my eyes. Abortion is dead as an issue in these elections. Democrats killed it.

    • DawnPatrol says:

      That's certianly what you and Con Man Cory want us to think. And of course no one here listens to either of you, has any faith in you, or trusts either of you any further than we could drop-kick a minivan.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    So if abortion stops a beating heart, and Democrats kill abortion as an issue, does that mean that Abortion Issue's heart restarts?Maybe.

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    This is so much conjecture about a speculative hypothetical……BWB aint gonna be the governor, and even if he is, then the Dems keep both houses of the legislature, and even if they don't, they do keep the House.  Which would never pass any of the anti-choice billsthe personhood community (is that even a phrase?) would be pushing.

  4. notaskinnycook says:

    I know the politics have changed, but keep in mind that Colorado was the first state to permit abortion other than to save the woman's life.That may have been 45 years ago but, in the privacy of the voting booth, I don't think the state's shifted that much. Also, young women (18-20) who could be personally affected by the question couldn't  vote in '69.


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