Beauprez: Americans “realize” they may need to “protect themselves” against attack from U.S. government

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Over the weekend, Denver Post Editorial Page Editor Vincent Carroll pointed out that gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez has shown a "tendency in recent years to voice support for the fringe issue du jour on the right, whether it's northern Colorado secession or repeal of the 17th Amendment permitting the direct election of senators."

I just found yet another instance of Beauprez voicing "support for the fringe issue du jour on the right." This time, Beauprez was on a right-wing radio show Dec. 21 2012, a week after the Sandy Hook massacre. And the hot topic was the stockpiling of guns and ammo.

Host Chuck Wilder asked Beauprez, who's running against Gov. John Hickenlooper, if he thought people were buying guns and ammo to protect yourself against the bad guys or to protect yourself against the government which might say, 'Only the government is going to have guns?'"

Beauprez responded by saying there's a "growing sentiment" that America might be on the "verge of something very, very bad," and "folks realize they may need to protect themselves against the government that was supposed to be instituted to protect us." Listen to Beauprez say Americans are stockpiling guns for possible use against the government

Beauprez's use of the word "realize" indicates his agreement with the sentiment, I'd say.

Beauprez's comments extend the theme, expressed by the Republican candidate previously, of impending civil war in America. On the Internet show "Christian Today," Beauprez once said:

Beauprez: I hope and pray that, that we don’t see another revolution in this country, I hope and pray we don’t see another civil war, but this administration is pushing the boundaries like none I think we’ve ever, ever seen.

For more of the objectively fringy comments, like the ones Carroll mentioned, read Susan Greene's recent piece in the Colorado Independent.

Partial transcrirpt of the  "Talkback with Chuck Wilder Show", Dec. 21, 2012, on the digital Cable Radio Network.

Beauprez: I don't mean to minimized this tragedy. It is a horrible tragedy. But the rush of politicians to somehow blame the gun when there is a whole lot going on than the weapon. If you are going to ban guns, you're going to have to ban a whole lot of other things, baseball bats, kitchen skillets. 

Chuck Wilder: Some people, you know, they will look for a giant conspiracy. And that's why, you know, all the K-Mart stores have already sold out of their assault weapons that they sell. That's why, right now, what was it, 6,000 or 8,000 a day are joining the NRA since last Friday.

Baeuprez: We've got that going on in Colorado, the rush to apply for concealed-weapon permits, the gun training businesses are overwhelmed with people.

Chuck: You've got to ask yourself, Bob, and I'll ask you. Do you think it's to protect yourself against the bad guys or to protect yourself against the government which might say, 'Only the government is going to have guns?' You know what I'm saying?

Beauprez: I think a lot of the rush right now for people to get what firearms they want or need, to load up on ammunition, to get better trained, because, at a minimum, they think it's going to be much harder to do very soon. You're absolutely correct, there is a growing sentiment within this country that we might be on the verge of something very, very bad. And folks realize they may need to protect themselves against the government that was supposed to be instituted to protect us."

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  1. Democrat1207 says:

    What an idiot extremist, this isn't Wyoming or Kansas Bob

    • BlueCat says:

      Oh no. He's generally described as the moderate who won the primary. And guess what? In today's GOTP, I suppose this nut bag qualifies.  It takes several dozen more boat loads of crazy to qualify as a Republican extremist pol in 2014. Your average low info voter doesn't know about any of this stuff anyway. That's life in the low, low info USA. Now ask folks about The Voice and you'll probably find a wealth of the latest.

  2. denverco says:

    Kansas isn't Kansas any more.

  3. horseshit GOP front group says:

    This savvy bastard Beauprez is getting solid campaign advice from Chaps again.   He knows just what to say at the right time.

  4. itlduso says:

    I think he should self-secede.

  5. FrankUnderwood says:

    He has a valid point.  Doctors from CMHIP (Colo. Mental Health Institute – Pueblo) may very well be coming to get Both Ways with a straight-jacket and some Thorazine.

  6. Andrew Carnegie says:

    And he is still 10 point ahead of John (can't make up my mind) Hickenlooper.

  7. notaskinnycook says:

    If I didn't know better I'd say he's actually trying to help Hick's reelection campaign.  At this rate, only the loonybirds in Frackistan will vote for him. Either that or his little red choo-choo has finally gone chugging around the bend.

  8. The realist says:

    The government we'd have to protect ourselves against is the government Both Ways would create if he were elected . . . but not with guns. He is sadly quite mixed up.

  9. DawnPatrol says:

    Homer Bedloe and BothWays Bob Beauprez: Separated at birth?

    homer bedloe – Google Search

    Or perhaps James B. Sikking:

    james b sikking – Google Search

  10. horseshit GOP front group says:

    There is an element of truth in the slogan that Bob is the candidate Democrats fear.  I fear this whacko getting anywhere near the Governor's office.

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