Boyles says “illegals” bring “bed bugs” and “weird” disease to America

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KNUS talk-show host Peter Boyles continues to find new ways to bottom feed on KNUS 710-AM in the mornings, saying Thursday that "illegals" are bringing weird "respiratory diseases" and "bed bugs" into America.

Boyles: I am not convinced this weird disease that’s hitting the little kids across the country. There’s stuff that hasn’t been—like bed bugs. That stuff hasn’t been in this country. Bed bugs are back. This disease. Respiratory diseases. And it’s coming in with the illegals. Of course it is.

Caller: And our kids are not used to that—

Boyles: Of course they’re not—

Caller: Because they haven’t grown up with those viruses. And their bodies haven’t had the chance to react.

Boyles: It’s like introducing alcohol to the Native Americans. They didn’t have it. It killed them. Bob, I love your call. This is insanity. It’s absolute insanity.

This is another one of those situations when you wonder whether you're doing more harm than good by repeating the shit Boyles says, but I usually come down on the side of shining the light on it.

I checked, and there's no relationship between bed bugs and undocumented immigrants. Nor is there any evidence that the respiratory illness at children's hospital has any connection to immigrants.

So why did Boyles say this? He hasn't responded to my email asking that question. Until he does respond, we're forced to speculate.

Turns out that Boyles talked about bed bugs before, back in 2006, and none other than Boyles' soul mate Pat Buchanan confirmed Boyles' theory that bed bugs are coming from illegal immigrants. So maybe it's Buchanan's fault?

BOYLES: Can you think of any other issue — domestic policy, or for that matter foreign policy, but let's take it as domestic — there's nothing that illegal immigration doesn't smack into, destroy, take down, drain? Can you name an issue? I mean, education, criminal justice, health care?

BUCHANAN: Exactly. The environment — take the environment —

BOYLES: Same thing. And also, you know, when I first read this, and I've talked to other people about — now we, there was a piece on one of the local television stations on the return of, of all things, bedbugs.

BUCHANAN: Exactly.

BOYLES: And it comes up out of these flea-bag hotels, I'm sorry, and they find — and I have talked to cops and they say, "Oh man, it's back and it's back big" — and they say this is the return to bedbugs — have invaded the United States for the first time in 50 years.

BUCHANAN: Exactly. Bedbugs were found in 26 different states. It is clearly the illegal aliens.

Sorry to leave this depressing blog post with you on a Friday afternoon.

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  1. Denver Yankee says:

    If given the choice of bedbugs or having to listen to Boyles, bring on the bedbugs.

    • Duke Cox says:

      I don't know DY…

      I encountered the little vermin (bedbugs, not Boyles) in a motel in a Washington, DC suburb (very disturbing…exceedingly gross)…I've never listened to Peter Boyles, but if you prefer bedbugs to him, he must be revolting.

  2. FrankUnderwood says:

    I'm proud to say that I have only listened to Boyles' show once.  It was in the fall of 2006 and he was interviewing Mike Jones about his turning tricks for the Rev. Ted Haggard.  That was it.

    Looks like I haven't been missing much.  Why anyone would listen to the shit coming out of his pie hole is beyond me…….

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Hey Peter (you fuckbag), you spose' that was the same group of illegals that brought smallpox to this continent . . .

    . . . oh, wait, . . . 

  4. mamajama55 says:

    I try not to hate people, but I kind of hate Peter Boyles. I have since about '06, when he suggested on his KHOW radio show that a pregnant undocumented woman should have her baby in a dumpster, or in the Platte River, anywhere except in a publicly funded hospital.

    Nothing like concern for the unborn, right?

  5. Canines says:

    New York Times:

    Experts say they’ve heard blame [for the increase in bedbugs] pinned on many foreign ethnic groups and on historic events from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Persian Gulf war to the spread of mosquito nets in Africa. Every theory has holes, and many are simply racist.

    (For example, Dr. Potter said, he has heard Mexicans blamed, but Mexican pest control companies he contacted said they rarely see the bugs except in the homes of people returning from the United States, often with scavenged furniture.)

    • BlueCat says:

      Priceless. So basically when they're raising alarms about everything from bedbugs all the way to ebola, which doesn't exist in the Americas, they're pretty much the equivalent of a bunch of five year olds claiming other kids have cooties. Goes nicely with all the other ridiculous things righties believe that aren't true.  Like that women can't get pregnant if they're "legitimately" raped, there's no such thing as evolution, Obama was born in Kenya, the right to free speech includes a guarantee that you'll never suffer any negative consequences for saying things that really piss people off  etc. etc. etc. 

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