Civil war?

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POLS UPDATE: The Denver Post's Joey Bunch:

A Colorado liberal group launched an attack on Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez Thursday for saying he worried Obama’s policies could lead to revolution or civil war in the United States…

Beauprez’s campaign spokesman, Allen Fuller, said ProgressNow was trying to stir up controversy where none exists to help incumbent Democrat John Hickenlooper.

“Hickenlooper’s loyal attack dogs ProgressNow are blasting around tired old attacks crossing their fingers that someone might fall for their same old tricks,” he said in an e-mail.


Politics gets crazy sometimes. I probably don’t need to tell you that. But in America, we pride ourselves in being able to come together when it’s necessary and solve the big problems that confront us.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees these days. And since the Tea Party came to power in 2010, there have been some truly crazy things said about our country by far right politicians. Some of it doesn’t sound very American at all.

In a 2012 interview, Colorado politician Bob Beauprez was asked on a talk show whether President Barack Obama’s policies could lead to “a civil war in this country.” Here’s how Beauprez responded:

“I hope and pray that, that we don't see another revolution in this country. I hope and pray we don't see another civil war, but this administration is pushing the boundaries like none I think we've ever, ever seen.”

To watch this shocking video clip, click here.

Is this kind of rhetoric what Colorado needs? Sign our petition calling for Beauprez to disavow these nonsensical statements and apologize. We’ll share your names and comments with Beauprez’s campaign, the press, and public officials.

We’re never going to agree on every political issue in America, but we should all be able to agree–and this is an understatement–that a civil war would be a very bad thing. Whatever disagreements we have over politics today, none of them should ever, ever rise to the level of contemplating violence against other Americans. Americans are better than this.

Help us make sure Bob Beauprez gets that message.


Amy Runyon-Harms

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  1. Davie says:

    I guess Post reporter Bunch has all but declared his fealty to the GOP.  I wrote this to the Post a couple of weeks ago.  To no one's surprise, it wasn't published:

    "Beauprez is a moderate…"  I was stunned to read that characterization by your reporter Joey Bunch today in an article about the governor's race.  This is the same Bob Beauprez that since decisively losing the 2006 race has questioned President Obama's citizenship, warned of Obama pushing us towards another civil war, and the threat of creeping Sharia Law here in Colorado and the nation.  And most recently in the news — Beauprez's repetition of the widely debunked right-wing trope of the Democratic Party's plan to use the 47% that don't owe Federal taxes to build a political dynasty.  Beauprez even stated he heard somewhere that 70% of African American women's pregnancies end in abortion.

    If this is what passes as a "moderate", dare I ask what a candidate for high office must say to be considered "extreme"? 

  2. catpuzzle says:

    The thing that's not being said here that is really important is specifically why this sort of comment is so dangerous. It gives cover to this crazy stuff, and helps legitimize it. Beauprez isn't "saying" he supports rebellion, he's just saying an armed rebellion is a totally logical response to Barack Obama as president…

    • BlueCat says:

      Apparently because he's black because I don't see what other boundaries this centrist President with his modest number of executive orders, compared to past perfectly "normal" Presidents, is "pushing like none I think we've ever, ever seen".

  3. Zappatero says:

    This from BWB is what you get when you have a moron trying to appeal to a bunch of ignorant morons while being interviewed by other morons.

  4. mamajama55 says:

    Dizzy from the spinnning, Mods?

    Ballot box = voting. "Civil War" =

    A war between citizens of the same country.

    This was Beauprez' attempt, or sincere belief, in the doctrine promoted by the Patriot movement, as articulated on the "Commonsense Show";

    This also begs the question, can the Patriots defeat the Globalist forces which have hijacked our government in an upcoming civil war?  (my emphasis added)

    • DawnPatrol says:

      Of course mama we all KNOW that Both Ways was pandering shamelessly to the racist Teabaggers and got in way over his head, never dreaming this would come back around to haunt him into yet ANOTHER stinging political defeat.

      And besides, the old liar would LOVE a "revolution" at the ballot box becuase that would mean Teabaggy termites like him might actually get elected. Since he would be in favor or such a "revolution," why would have said that he hopes and prays never to see another "revolution" in this country?

      Lying spinners gotta lie and spin. Too bad so many Colorado voters are too smart to swallow their bald-faced lies.

  5. Duke Cox says:

    "libereals"…I kind of like that… antonym to "phonicons"….

  6. Smoking Mirror says:

    Dumbass.  You want to know what a civil war looks like in this country today?  Think Ferguson MO or Waco.  Zucotti Park or Ruby Ridge.  The national security state is way ahead of gun-hugging dipshits all over this fine country, and our thin blue line is getting better and better at cracking heads when people decide to get uppity. 

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