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June 16, 2014 11:16 AM UTC

Caption This Photo: Drop And Give Me Twenty, Mike Coffman!

  • by: Colorado Pols

An hilarious animated .GIF clip forwarded to us of Rep. Mike Coffman at Denver International Airport last Thursday:


According to the source of this clip, Rep. Coffman was standing nonchalantly at his gate when the impulse grabbed him to drop and start doing…folks, would you actually call those pushups? There appears to be some debate on this point. It's been suggested to us that Coffman does pushups the way he does immigration reform–kind of a half-assed effort, short of what you'd call "comprehensive."

What does this look like to you? Try to keep your answers rated PG-13, kids read this blog after all.


45 thoughts on “Caption This Photo: Drop And Give Me Twenty, Mike Coffman!

          1. So, it's "that chicken" not "the chicken," and if you think that an a*terisk is the mark of class, you're a sad little person. Much like the hopefully soon-to-be-former rep engaging in a clearly inappropriate realationship with his departure gate shown above.

      1. No but I can do standard mens' pushups. Always had good upper body strength for a girl. As I recall, the whole body should be moving together like a plank parallel to the floor, all the way down to just shy of touching the floor to all the way up, arms pretty much fully (but not hyper) extended, not just the upper torso and head part way up and down. I'll check the Marine Corps link provided by Pcat to see how they do it there but since Coffman's wouldn't have gotten credit for complete ones in my old gym class, I seriously doubt I'll find anything that looks like this. Bet in his mind he was doing great pushups and he'll be mortified to view this video.

            1. You really don't understand the concept of reps, do you?  

              Or were you just not as titillated with his workout as you were over all those shirtless Putin photos? cheeky 

              He's the President, not your fantasy eye-candy. 


    1. Pretty standard light to moderate weight training combo moves but now I'm confused. First you seem to imply that because Coffman is a Marine, he knows his push ups, we shouldn't giggle and he doesn't look silly. Now you've switched to "Johnny looks silly too" mode which is an admission that, Marine or not, Coffman's pushups do look silly. 

      You need to decide which you want to convey. Admitting that they both look less than sharp at what they're doing is fine with me. Obama has never been in the military so I'd rate him looking silly doing this kind of stuff as less embarrassing than Coffman, Mr. look at me, I'm a  Marine, looking silly doing it. Not that any of it matters. What matters is that Coffman is a lousy Rep. who is too extreme for his district. Obama will still be our President with the power to veto no matter who wins House and Senate.

          1. You've gone from he's a marine who knows his pushups to Obama looks just as silly and now to it's probably not even him. Guess that means you do agree it looks silly.

          2. Well, I'm guessing we'd be able to tell by the rug burn on his Johnson.

            Like BlueCat, I'm enjoying your transition from "Coffman, Oorah!" to "Those don't even look like Mike's tightly clenched buttocks."

  1. Maybe it's not exercise. Could be Rove or a Koch brother was standing just off-screen and Mike was simply demonstrating the required fealty.

    1. He’s up at 4 a.m. every day, and he still does 500 pushups every single day — he’s got the scars on his palms to prove it and the holes in his suit jackets,” Sandberg marvels. “He does it before votes, between fundraising calls, between contact calls — he’ll do a hundred calls to undecided voters and a hundred pushups, a hundred calls to undecided voters and a hundred pushups.”

      Well now we know what those pushups look like.

      As to your second link,  it's like a flashback to the stepford candidate rinse and repeat reps on the subject of his real views on birtherism.

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