Lang Sias Wishes He Was “Tea Party Endorsed” Again

Trying hard to stay ahead of his Rocky Mountain Gun Owners-endorsed opponent, GOP SD-19 candidate Lang Sias is busily knocking doors of Republican households in the district, burnishing his "Tea Party" credentials. Here's a campaign flyer being distributed by his campaign:



There is much other evidence of spending on this primary, like fluff billboards going up in various parts of SD-19 (right). Clearly there's much nervousness in the Sias campaign, and in turn among Republican strategists hoping to take the Colorado Senate this November.

It's important to note that Sias' relationship with the kind of hard-right voters who often decide Republican primaries in Colorado has been rocky to say the least: back in 2012, Sias was lampooned on national news for recycling photos from his 2010 campaign–with his previous tagline "Tea Party endorsed" Photoshopped out of the picture (photo top). This year, RMGO has Sias squarely in their (hopefully) proverbial sights, bitterly denouncing his lack of commitment to the gun rights cause:

Lang Sias, a handpicked liberal establishment Republican, has chosen to run a primary against Laura.

If you've heard his name before, it may be because Sias has already attempted and failed to run for office twice in the last two election cycles.

In fact, every time he's ran for office, he's refused to fill out RMGO's candidate survey, which is almost always a sure tell sign that if elected, he would vote anti-gun.

But wait, it gets worse.

Not only did Sias refuse to answer RMGO's survey in the past, he also refused multiple times to sign the petition to recall Hudak — HE FLAT OUT REFUSED TO SIGN IT! [Pols emphasis]

On the other side, pseudo-grassroots GOP elements like Bob Beauprez's 2013 recall operative Laura Carno have endorsed Sias. Frankly, there's no overstating the power of RMGO in the one environment they have consistently proven effective time and time again: a Republican primary. Before Sias gets his mulligan shot at SD-19 in 2014 against Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, he has to get past Laura "Waters" Woods–and RMGO's Dudley Brown has a long record of frustrating the GOP establishment's best-laid plans.

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  1. gumshoe says:

    The Republican candidate Democrats fear the most? ha. The quote doesn't even have a name attached to it.

    Either way, both Republicans for this seat are Tea Party folk. May they eat their own. 

  2. mmw1211 says:

    "If you've heard his name before, it may be because Sias has already attempted and failed to run for office twice in the last two election cycles."

    How many times has this guy ran, again? If at first you don't succeed try, try again? And again? And again?

    • horseshit GOP front group says:

      yes, but according to an unnamed " Democrat consultant"  " Lang Sias scares the crap out of me". 

      Yeah, Sarah Palin scares the crap out of me as well, but not for any good reason.

  3. mamajama55 says:

    Marilyn Marks claimed that Sias actually defeated Edie Hudak in 2012.  She offers no actual evidence for her claim. Hudak got 47%, Sias got 46.3%, the Libertarian candidate, Lloyd Sweeney, got 6.7%.

    So the Libertarian candidate was actually the spoiler for Sias for that election. Marks has consulted and worked in partnership with the Colorado Libertarian party for years, including in the 2013 recall. Marks probably doesn't want to admit her own role in ensuring Sias' defeat in 2012, by helping the Libertarian candidate.

    The rest of us are thankful to Evie Hudak, for promoting good legislation on gun safety, education, protections for domestic violence victims, and age-appropriate sex education for students.

    Lang Sias would have blocked all of those things.



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