Beauprez and the Individual Mandate, Part II: Forget All That!

Yesterday, we republished a now-deleted blog post written by GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, which featured Beauprez articulately defending an individual mandate that every American carry health insurance coverage–one of the core components of "Obamacare." Beauprez took this position in defense of then-Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whose "RomneyCare" health care reform plan for Massachusetts was centered on a similar mandate that residents obtain insurance or pay a tax penalty. Beauprez wrote unequivocally on Romney's behalf, "just as motorists are required to have auto insurance, and lenders require homeowners insurance, citizens should have to have health insurance."

Obviously, that's not a position Beauprez could afford to stick with and expect the "Tea Party" to support him in any future endeavor–any more than Romney could as the GOP presidential candidate in 2012. And sure enough, in a June 2012 video clip, filmed at an Americans for Prosperity rally the day after the Supreme Court's decision upholding the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate, we hear a very different Bob Beauprez:

BEAUPREZ: We now apparently have a government that is big enough, powerful enough, to tax us into submission. Who would have thought? As the Wall Street Journal said this morning, a mandate is now a tax, except when it isn't… [Pols emphasis]

In a 5-4 decision yesterday, in a 5-4 decision, a decision that, uh, I'm not, I'm not an attorney, I didn't even play one on television. But I think I know what happened. We had an extremely tortured case of legalese logic, to get to a conclusion that while this mandate, while this legislation didn't violate, didn't violate the Commerce Clause, it somehow was okay under the taxing authority of the government although the author, the architect, the chief proponent of this legislation swore vehemently this was not a tax. Now if that isn't convoluted logic, tell me what is? It is what it is. And where are we now?

"Where are we now," Beauprez asks? Well, if anyone listening to 2012's Bob Beauprez knew what Beauprez was saying in 2008 about the very same individual mandate, they'd have no idea where Beauprez is now. We assume Beauprez will respond with a similarly tortured explanation for why this is not the same massive flip-flop it was when Romney pulled it–Romney's mandate wasn't a federal mandate, or RomneyCare was right for socialist Massachusetts but clearly wrong for real Americans, et cetera.

How did that work out for President Romney again, folks?

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  1. bullshit! says:

    They don't call him "Both Ways Bob" for nothing. I personally think the GOP brass is too invested in Beauprez to dump him now, especially since there's not real alternative. But if they don't, this is the shit that will sink his ass like a stone.

  2. Davie says:

    The GOP has a bad case of amnesia.

    "Reagan didn't raise taxes"

    "Neither Reagan nor Bush blew up the deficit"

    "Coffman was never a member of the Tea Party"

    "Coffman wasn't a Birther or anti-immigrant rights"

    Put a nickel in the slot, pull the crank and the next GOTP talking point will get parroted by the candidates and their shills (I'm talking about you Modster and AC!)

  3. Moderatus says:

    I've never said this about a Colorado Pols post, but I really hope all the Republicans endorsing Beauprez are reading this. Beauprez can't win. For the good of the party, it's time to end this madness and support Scott Gessler. Gessler is the only Republican with a shot at beating Hickenlooper.

    Don't be fooled! Beauprez can't win. We can't make this mistake again!! Support Scott Gessler if you want to take this state back.

    • ct says:

      Nothing more pitiful than Team Honey Badger reduced to begging.   After all he's done for the party.  

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Gessler may be the best hope for the GOP this year, Moddy, but don't bet the mortgage on him taking out Hick. Unfortunately, for your side, Gessler is not an unknown quantity. He has a nice, long record of words and deeds for Hick to campaign against. "Rampant voter fraud" ring any bells? How 'bout "moonlighting"?


    • Duke Cox says:

      but I really hope all the Republicans endorsing Beauprez are reading this.

      Yeah, Idioratus…97% of Republican voters read ColoPols every day…uh huh..that's right…

  4. horseshit GOP front group says:

    Woe to anyone who listens to anything BWB has to say.

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