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May 13, 2014 08:15 AM UTC

"Multiple Choice Mitt" Endorses "Both Ways Bob"

  • by: Colorado Pols
Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney.

As FOX 31's Eli Stokols reports, it's a match made in heaven:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is endorsing Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, FOX31 Denver is first to report.

Romney, who lost the 2012 presidential contest to President Barack Obama, will officially endorse Beauprez in an email that will be sent out later Tuesday morning.

“As a former governor, I can tell you that Bob Beauprez has exactly what Colorado needs to lead,” Romney’s email states. “Bob’s unique combination of passion, drive, conservative values and experience will make him an outstanding governor.”

As the guy who just lost the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney's cachet as an endorser isn't all that great. Romney was famously the GOP "frontrunner" nobody wanted that year, and silly-season contender Rick Santorum in fact won the Colorado caucuses. Romney's reputation as an unapologetic flip-flopper, most prominently as a Republican who reformed health care in Massachusetts in a way that strikingly resembles "Obamacare," left him distrusted by both sides–an effect we're seeing again in Colorado Republicans Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman as they try to sanitize their own records.

If "Both Ways Bob" Beauprez does win the GOP primary, seeing him try to walk back the civil war stuff–or the Shariah law stuff, or the climate change is a hoax stuff, or the "birther" stuff, you get the idea–is going to be most entertaining.

It's not surprising to see Mitt Romney endorse Bob Beauprez in the Colorado GOP gubernatorial primary, since Beauprez served as Romney's chief surrogate in Colorado during the 2012 presidential campaign. With that said, for all of his own prodigious liabilities as a candidate, Beauprez is definitely winning the endorsement race among the Republican establishment at this point–and making as big a splash with them as he can early, in hopes of claiming frontrunner status in the race against Scott Gessler and Tom Tancredo.

As for Democrats, we see little for them to do other than smile and pay out the rope as needed.


13 thoughts on ““Multiple Choice Mitt” Endorses “Both Ways Bob”

    1. Romney???  The same week as Brophy???  I'm beginning to see a pattern developing.  Things are ramping up, BWB isn't satisfied with standing besided just one horses ass . . . for 2014, he's planning on backing up to a whole damn stable !!!!!!!!!!!! 

      Speaking of horses assess . . . I'm wondering when Team-BWB will announce their Maes' and Baumgardner' endorsements.  (Y'all saving those for some day when you need to make a really big news splash?!?)

      And, Team-BWB, isn't it about time for a name change . . .  BWB is changing everthing else — both ways . . .  how about, "Team Perennial Losers"???

  1. If this turns out to be the great GOTP year righties hope it will be, looks like the Colorado GOTP is, once again, going to embarrass itself by under-performing. It's one thing when your state party insists on putting forward extremist wackos for Governor and Senate in a deep red state but here in Colorado?  Looks like Colorado Dems don't even need Wadhams to hand them victories at the upper reaches of the ticket anymore.

  2. Methinks that Mitty still hasn't gotten over his being pissed at Gessler for not trying harder to keep Democratic constituencys from voting in 2012!

    I mean, Gessler should be a natural choice for Mitt — he's just as much a slimy weasel as Santorum!

  3. Good old Bob says climate change is a "hoax." Gawd, I'd love to sample whatever he's been smoking; sounds fabulous.

    For real info, from real conservatives, see: 

    Note in particular the December 7, 2013 posting about Lee Terry's op-ed. He was EPA director in Reagan's 2nd term. He refers to President Reagan's signing of the Montreal Protocols treaty, in 1988, to phase out CFCs that attack the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

    Too bad Rob Witwer left politics for a while to raise his kids. He'd be a fine Republican candidate for governor, as opposed to the three stooges. 


    Conservative Head Banger   (AC/DC Rules!)

      1. Although I'm an observer and not an adherent, the ease with which a supposedly market focused party has cast aside market solutions (viz. HeritageCare, nee Obamacare, and cap and trade) is really astonishing to me.  The notion of internalizing transaction costs is one that used to resound with my conservative friends.

        It's funny, but "the tragedy of the commons" was one of those kitch phrases that my conservative economics student fellows would toss about in relation to the "excesses" implicit in socialism.  Fat irony, indeed, that it's the corporatists and Randians who are hell bent on destruction.

        1. In particular when they have their very own programs to point to as success stories:  Papa Bush and his cap-and-trade program for the acid rain problem was an astounding market success, driving the cost of credits and compliance to a fraction of what the market thought possible; RomneyCare in Massachuesetts (and his chief architech intimately involved in the ACA legislatiion).  The Land and Water Conservation fund, in the spirit of Teddy R.  On Capitol Hill most R's would tell you the most efficience mechanism to deal with emissions would be a revenue neutral carbon tax, or 'tax and dividend' – a policy I would wholeheartedly would support.  But they've painted themselves in to the 'anti-tax' corner and can't promote the very ideals they know are the most effective.  As someone who grew up in an old-fashioned Republican family – this is beyond tragic.

  4. For once I agree with Colorado Pols. Romney's endorsement doesn't mean much, and it's mostly returning a favor for Beauprez who helped Romney on the campaign trail. I don't begrudge Romney for his loyalty, but Beauprez is not going to win the primary.

    1. Moddy – you didn't answer my question yesterday.  You said Hick was right on one thing: energy policy.  I asked you if that meant you supported his role in making SB-252 the law of the land? 

  5. I really don't know which of these guys I want to see win the primary.  Both Ways would be the most entertaining. It will be a rerun of 2006.  Do you think he'll tap Janet "Bestiality Rant" Rowland as his running mate again?  Tancredo, of course, does wonders for the GOP outreach efforts to Latinos.

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