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April 12, 2014 10:01 AM UTC

GOP State Assembly Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: An interesting twist in the gubernatorial primary, FOX 31's Eli Stokols:

In a bit of a surprise, former state Sen. Mike Kopp narrowly won the top line on the June GOP primary ballot in the fight for the chance to challenge Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper this fall.

Kopp took 33.6 percent of the vote, eking out a win over Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who also made the ballot with 33.1 percent support at the state GOP assembly here…

“I am tired of weak-kneed Republicans who believe every Democratic attack means disaster. They roll over instead of standing up,” Gessler said.

In other gubernatorial news, Sen. Greg Brophy nets a disappointing 18%, and Steve House and Roni Bell Sylvester say goodbye. In the Attorney General primary, both Cynthia Coffman and Rep. Mark Waller make the ballot, though Waller's bare-minimum 30% total may have suffered due to ballots reportedly being handed out while he was still speaking. Cory Gardner nets 73% of the vote, enough to keep Randy "The Stache" Baumgardner off the U.S. Senate primary ballot.


UPDATE: The Denver Post's Kurtis Lee:

Congressman Cory Gardner took to the stage at the state assembly Saturday calling for new leadership in the U.S. Senate, telling delegates he's the best candidate to create economic growth, lower taxes and spur more energy development.

"Everyday I see faces that are result of the failure of Washington," Gardner said. "Faces of failed leadership. … People who have lost their doctor, who are out of work."

Gardner quickly took aim at incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, saying the he "just went along for the ride" with President Barack Obama on the Affordable Care Act, a measure polling far from favorably in Colorado.

"Obamacare is the biggest and worst boondoggle this country has ever seen," Gardner said.


To be updated from today's Republican Party state assembly at the CU Coors Events Center in Boulder.


23 thoughts on “GOP State Assembly Open Thread

    1. To honor their party's platform to take us forward into the 18th century, the Pols cons have agreed to post using only technologies available during that period.  We should see their post sometime in the next several months, when its delivered by the first merchant caravan heading west.

  1. “I am tired of weak-kneed Republicans who believe every Democratic attack means disaster. They roll over instead of standing up,” Gessler said.

    It's funny how people on both sides claim they need to fight back.

  2. I'm lookig forward to the early campaign season on their side. They're (sadly, for them) some of the strongest candidates the Rs have and their gonna kill each other to win the primary. By the general the nominee will look like a prize fighter after a tag-team match. The losers will have given so much fodder to Hick- and there's nothing any of them can do about it. 

      1. Sorry, Urban…can't go there. While Cory is a very able fund raiser (as anyone could be if they were as big a sell-out to O&G as is Cory) and can be quite personable, he is also quite corrupt and has no moral compass. Time and truth will catch up to Cory when he loses to Udall, and he will end up like his buddies, Josh and Frank…humiliated has-beens, disgraced and forgotten.

        1. If Hickenlooper takes his opponent, whoever that may be, seriously he'll probably win, and if Udall takes Gardner seriously, he has a decent chance of winning.  Romanoff has a good shot of taking down Coffman.

          It's not that I have anything against Udall. To the contray, I plan on voting him in November. However, Democrats would be wise not to let their guard down and assume it's going to be easy. 

          1. In that context, I agree. He probably has the best chance in a field of questionable candidates, in this particular election. No primary…lots o' cash, and no aversion to lying his ass off…but my point is that, when his record catches up to him and he loses to Mark, that will be the end of his political career and he will wind up filling in for Andrew Carnegie on weekends, trolling and posting insipid neo-con bullshit on Pols. laugh

            1. I do think gardner's not ready. His slow wit won't transfer to a level as high as a Senate race. At the CD level, with that base, he could pretty much just show up, throw out some red meat hate mongering to the goober base, and mail it in. Not now. Now he has to seem competent. He can't.

              I'll give you an example of why. He was interviewed by a reporter from 9News (Brandon Rittaman, I think) at the goper convention saturday and I saw it at 10Pm last night.

              When asked if he thought voters would think poorly of his neck snapping jerkwater flip flop from being an out front, loud and proud supporter of personhood while only having to placate the CD4 loons to his unequivocal opposite position running state wide, gardner said (paraphrasing but very close):

              "What about all those in the Democrat(sic) party that opposed the Equal Rights Amendment? Isn't this the same thing?"

              While the 9News reporter was a severe light weight that failed to follow up with a "Yeah, and those senators and Congressional Rep's went over to the republican party after the Law was signed", it WILL happen the next time he tries something that stupid.

              He was lucky, he drew a tool. That won't happen again. The media will be waiting.  If he tries it on Udall in a debate setting, he'll get planted on his wallet.

              He also has the unforced error stories about his "private insurance plan that got cancelled" and the "no paycheck til the shut down's over" hanging over his head.

              This guy makes schaffer look…………never mind, nobody could be worse than schaffer. 

              But he's as bad.

              The only way this guy wins is if the Colorado electorate is a whole lot dumber and tuned out than I think they are.

              1. @roccoprahn,

                I saw an interview in which Gardner was asked if the voters would be concerned about his "flip flop" on the personhood amendment and his response was, IMHO,

                bizarre.  He said that many democrats opposed the Civil Rights amendment.  I wonder if someone took him aside and explained that those democrats became republicans, for god's sake.  So now, he is using the ERA…..which did not pass nationwide, but Colorado does have an ERA amendment.

                I hope someone follows up on Gardner's "talking points"


      2. I want to see the next poll results between Gardner and Udall.  I know that the election is seven months out.  However, there has been advertising from both sides, attempting to define the other.  A poll should show how well that is working.

  3. Cynthia Coffman is a Rock Star for the GOP!  Waller has been out campaigned, out shined and out classed.  For anyone to try to mitigate his loss by suggesting ballots handed out during his speech had any impact..  huh??  People were on their feet cheering after Cynthia's speech.  Waller went negative all week and continued his attacks during his speech.  Cynthia is a breath of fresh air for this party!

  4. Brophy:  18%  ??!!??

    hmmm . . . .

    . . . perhaps the RMGO douches should have spent more time canvassing, and less time powdering their wigs??

    Or, maybe the RMGO douches and their endorsements don't matter half of what those shrieking asshats think they do — even to GOPtards ??

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