Gays, God, and Guns…GOP lineup for HD15

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UPDATE:  Gordon Klingenschmitt, aka "Dr. Chaps" just received 71% of the delegate votes at the El Paso County Republican Assembly. Dave Williams announced his intent to petition onto the primary ballot, to be held in June. Great opportunity for the Democrat in the race, Lois Fornander, to pick up some moderate ,Independent, and disenchanted Republican votes, whichever one of these two charmers ends up on the November general election ballot.


Voters in El Paso County's HD15 will almost certainly elect a Republican. The district was and is 63-30% Republican vs. Democrat , so Democratic representation is not on the menu for HD15.

But which Republican will get the assembly's nomination on March 29?

Will it be bachelor #1, David Williams, known for extreme homophobia, , while simultaneously  giving child sex offenders the benefit of the doubt? Back in  2013, PCG exposed this bully in a series of investigative diaries.  Best quote (after being requested to apologize to gay Republicans): "You know what I'm sorry about? Not buying an AR-15 sooner." Photo and quote from Williams' Facebook page, researched and diaried by PCG

Williams is strongly supported by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, as evidenced by his campaign financial disclosure of January, 2014: $100 from Tim Neville, $2,000 from Rocky Mtn Gun Owners PAC. Most of the remainder of his $37K finances consist of a loan from himself. The other two candidates are also self-financing. it be bachelor #2, Gordon "Chaps" Klingenschmitt, last known for bullying a 7 year old kid, shutting down Right Wing Watch, kicked out of the Navy for cause ,  financial prestidigitaton,( mixing monies from his "Pray in Jesus' Name", "Persuade the World Ministries", Youtube accounts, and campaign finances)? Latest quotes: "Gay people see child molestation as “a favorite ‘recruiting’ tool of adult homosexuals." And, the ever-popular: "I'm running to oppose a theocracy."  

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Or will it be bachelor #3, Michael Kuhn, * young El Paso attorney, and a newcomer to romancing Republican voters,but marching along to that Tea Party Drum, as evidenced by these issue positions from Kuhn's website: 

  • Mike is strongly in favor of maintaining TABOR.

  • Liberal Democrats in the Colorado legislature have continued to violate our Second Amendment rights by enacting unreasonable restrictions on gun ownership. 

  • Mike knows that life begins at conception and mourns the loss of over a million babies each year who are aborted in the United States.

  • Mike believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and will fight against redefining marriage.  

HD15 Republican Voter, how will you decide? The clock is ticking.

* I can't find an image of Mike Kuhn which does not include his wife and baby, so will not include an image.

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    Wow, difficult choice for the voters there with three such stellar candidates.

  2. BlueCat says:

    A perfect example of the kind of safe district where a piece of toast bearing the correct letter designation, R or D, will win regardless. One of these wackos will be the candidate and, at this lowly state legislature level, most voters won't know anything about any of them except whether they are R or D.


    It doesn't matter which is more or less stupid or crazy and no D alternative, as you say, is even on the menu. Such is the democratic process in a country where hardly anybody could name any but the very top office holders, where most proudly declare they don't pay any attention to politics but are equally proud of their strong and definite opinions based on the absolutely nothing they brag about knowing. Somehow I don't think this is exactly what our founders were hoping for.

  3. Miss Jane says:

    "~~In 2012, Mike decided to leave Sherman & Howard LLC to start his own firm with three other lawyers.  His leadership has caused the firm to continue to expand, providing a variety of jobs to a number of Springs residents."

    Mike seems like a nice, conservative guy.  He has a very cute family.  However, the law firm he is a part of seems to have been started by Joann Schmitz who was later joined by Lewis and later still by Kuhn followed by Swan, thus we have Schmitz Lewis Kuhn Swan PC.  In my view,  it is a bit misleading to imply he started his "own" firm.  He joined and established firm and his name was added.  He may want to clear that part up just a tad bit. 

    The other two guys are absolute dreck.  They should be an embarrassment to their party, except that their party has degenerated to its sorry current state and now embraces the disreputable and the shameless. 


  4. mamajama55 says:

    There are, actually, other candidates: Joshua Key, who seems like a less cute, slightly older version of Michael Kuhn (same TP politics, less artfully worded). Key has no money disclosures filed, and his committee only registered February 28.

    There is also a Democratic woman, Lois Fornander, (no campaign website yet), who only filed her candidacy for HD15 on March 14. She is, judging by her FB page, a member of Moms Demand Gun Sense. If the voters in her district have any sense, many will vote for her.

  5. Lois Fornander says:

    Here is a little more information about that Democraatic woman running for HD 15: I believe in protecting our beautiful environment, which includes developing renewable energy resources rather than subsidizing fossil fuels. I believe in protecting human rights regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual preference. I am very concerned about the rising economic inequality in the USA and believe that the diminishment of respect for worker’s unions and the deregulation of business and banking practices have contributed significantly to the problem. As a former educator, I am disturbed by the politicization of public education. The myth that privatization will cure the ills of our public institutions—e.g., schools, prisons, post offices, social security, Medicare, and other fundamental public services—amounts to turning the operation of those institutions over to profiteers. The Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision has turned our election process into a charade: Money is not speech and corporations are not people. We need to protect every person’s voting right and get money out of politics. Rather than waste billions on elections, we should use that money to reinforce the social safety net—until we can rebuild the future of the 99%.  And yes, I am a proud member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

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