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October 28, 2005 08:00 AM UTC

Owens Explains Things (A Bit)

  • by: Red Hawk

Governor Owens has sent a letter to national conservative think tanks defending his position on Referenda C and D.

According to the Denver Post:

On Oct. 12, Owens mailed more than 100 letters to think tanks at the expense of the Vote Yes on C & D campaign to reiterate his position that suspending TABOR refunds is the only sensible fix for declining state revenues. Conservatives across the country accuse him of abandoning fiscal conservatism. 

“Would I prefer to not be asking our taxpayers for help to shore up our state budget? Of course,” Owens wrote. “Have we considered every alternative – including possible cuts – to avoid these referenda? Yes.”

Whats interesting in all of this is both the timing and language of the letter; he could have easily sent a similar letter months ago (say, when the issue was first introduced) and to time it now might be a hint of things to come is he really concerned fiscal conservatives outside of Colorado dont understand the issues behind C and D? Or is he hearing this thing might really fail?

Both are possibilities, but even more relevant is the response hes been receiving:

According to Slivinsky, of the CATO Institute, “The letter didn’t seem to yield much in the way of new argumentation. It seemed more like an attempt at damage control.

Critics say the letter is an effort by the governor – for years a national star in Republican politics – to protect his conservative legacy, which has taken a beating since he helped craft Referendums C and D.

And from Grover Norquist:

Young Republican children years from now will be scared in campground campfires by stories about Bill Owens – the tax-cutting Republican who magically turned into a tax-increase bad guy, and they will not be able to sleep all night.”


78 thoughts on “Owens Explains Things (A Bit)

  1. I’m glad The Denver Post included a copy of the Owens letter with its story. I think this Web site ought to do the same thing when it posts about similar issues. Blue Sky’s first post would have been better (though still weak) if the mailer from Douglas Bruce had been included with that post. As for Owens, he’s said so many different things so many different times, it’s hard to believe he can say anything new. Today, he took on Josh Penry in a story in The (Grand Junction) Daily Sentinel. Unlike in a recent story in one of the metro papers, Owens now is for securitizing the tobacco settlement. Make up your mind, Bill. Are you for securitizing or not? Are you against Amendment 23 or not? Are you for TABOR or not? Are you a Republican or not? Stop trying to be everything to everyone, Bill. All you do is hurt yourself and the party. Thank goodness for term limits.

  2. Speaking as an inhabitant of the conservative free market think tank world, the Governor’s actions perplex me. Heritage & Cato have dissected these issues as closely as anyone and have come to a principled stand on the opposite side of Owens.

    On a related note, a week ago I thought the tea leaves were in C & D’s favor, but events this week lead me to believe it loses 51-49. Just a hunch.

  3. I agree with Ben, and if the No on C and D crowd can keep up the presssure, including the II, MH, Club, CUT, and the few other folks fighting the fight, they may well be the heroes of the day.

  4. Your anti-conservative echo chamber has gotten considerably smaller since people have to register before commenting.  Just keep on dreaming that Ref C will fail…

  5. And everyone’s conservative hero–Ronald Reagan–raised taxes multiple times when it was necessary.

    Did you not see the Denver Post editorial titled “Ronald Reagan, a fiscal realist”

    Some lines:

    President Ronald Reagan reversed course on taxes when he had to. More than once.  He was never comfortable doing it, but when he saw it was in the best interest of the country, he signed on the dotted line.

    In 1982, just a year after a massive tax cut he had hoped would spur the economy, Reagan signed the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act – the largest peacetime tax increase in U.S. history.

    Later that year he signed the Highway Revenue Act of 1982, which raised the gasoline tax $3.3 billion.

    And still he wasn’t done. In 1983, faced with future shortfalls in Social Security, Reagan raised the Social Security payroll tax and the Medicare tax.

    Why does Grover Norquist think he matters anyway?

  6. This Repubs v Repubs is an interesting battle.

    It’s the Reagan/Jack Taylor/Owens wing of the party vs. the Norquist/Holtzman/Caldara wing. It’s interesting to see the sides that people take.

  7. I think the gov sent the letter out to actually tell the truth – something the No side apparently has trouble doing.  I got the letter and appreciated his perspective and it changed my mind.  I am now a solid yes vote.  C&D pass 53-47.

  8. If I was a Republican child with a father like Grover Norquist, you’re damn right I’d be scared.  Of course, given Mr. Norquist’s well-known classification as what used to be called a “confirmed bachelor”, there isn’t much chance of that.  Maybe we could hook him up with George.

  9. Hmm,

    I do not know what to say on this one. Being a new dem to the state. C and D Yes Camp is really REALLY tragic. Besides bad TV spots and yard signs what are they really doing? There is lots of mis information and they are doing nothing to correct it

  10. Doesn’t look good for C&D. Not good at all. What a shame.

    Owens having to do CYA, Fitz-Gerald saying “She can’t run because she’ll be dealing with budget issues next year.” Hahaha.

    When C&D fail, she sure will be busy, cutting all those wasteful socialist programs she loves.

  11. Too close to call, but the idea that a few GOP fundraisers can reunite the party in an elitist kiss and make up party is wishful thinking.

    Those of us in the trenches want nothing to do with the GOP establishment, and we’ll do nothing for it.

  12. Fitzie isn’t running for Gov…

    Gov Bill is begging forgiveness and understanding from his buddies accross America.

    ? and we haven?t heard anything from the very sensitive, but weight challenged Ken Gordon in like a week!

    All my friends in the anti-C&D camps are in a panic that this was going to come in at a photo finish… I’m beginning to think that C&D are going to go down by a 5 point margin at least.

    Seriously, has anyone seen any polls recently?

  13. The last polls I saw had C passing by a whisker (and well within the margin of error) and D doing slightly better. But that is more than a week old now.

    And Gordon has been plenty busy. Have gotten two e-mail blasts from him in the past week and a mail piece he paid for came yesterday. It was the best piece I have seen so far in the campaign. It is the “idiot brother-in-law” piece if anyone else got it.

  14. Andy – I can’t answer for levels above or outside of Boulder County precincts, but in Boulder County, the C and D camp is calling all Dems and asking them to vote for C and D, and then calling the ones who haven’t voted to remind them.  We’ve all had training to understand C and D to be able to answer questions. 

    I don’t know what to say about countering the “No” message.  I agree it is a real problem, but I don’t know what to do about it.  How do you deal with opponents who will say *anything* no matter how ludricrous or dishonest?  There must be a way, but I don’t know what it is.  They did robocalls plaming our side for illegal immigration.  How do you respond to something like that?  It’s bewildering.

  15. The way to counter is by what you’re doing, Emma.  Knock on doors, make personal phone calls.  Let the Caldaras do their lying by robo-calls … which only irritate voters.  The polls mean nothing, this is a showdown resting on which side can turn out its vote.  The bipartisan effort for C and D now encompasses 1,000 community organizations.  We can carry our message door to door.  The bad guys have millions of dollars of ad money from out of state right wing donors.  They don’t have a ground game. As Gov. Owens said…We love Colorado and we’re not going to let them take it away from us.  The more they lie, the harder we’ll work.  And in the end, those of us who love this state and want a decent future for our families will beat the liars and haters who only want to tear things down.  Door by door, neighbor-to-neighbor, the fight for Colorado’s future will be pressed home to victory.
    Remember that horrible winter in Valley Forge.  Our forebears didn’t quit fighting, and we can’t either.  Keep the faith and fight on to victory.

  16. I’ve personally called many people to urge them to vote no on Ref C.

    I didn’t require training to understand the issues at hand.

    I also haven’t lied one bit.

    Speaking of lies..
    I did see my once beloved Governor on TV, stating without blushing that this isn’t a tax increase. Makeup and lighting sure can do wonders.

  17. At Valley Forge, we fought for the right to set our own destiny, against outside powers and foreign financiers.  We’re still fighting that today, against Grover Norquist, Dick Armey and the other out-of-state right-wing money that is financing the hate campaign in Colorado.  They refuse to disclose who they are, so we know they have reason to be ashamed.  And the Revolution was never against taxes, it was against taxation without representation!  72 percent of the legislature…our representatives…supports C and D, as does our elected governor.  We the people of Colorado will win against you, the hired minions of outside interests.  Caldara and his hirelings are the Hessians of 2005.  The Hessians lost and Caldara, Norquist and Armey will lose.

  18. Here’s how I cast my vote:

    Is my family making difficult decisions RIGHT NOW, financially? Do we have to decide how money is spent? Do we sometimes not purchase things for lack of discressionary funds? Am I worried about the next six months? The Heating Bill? The gas I need to get to work? Do I think I can do without a tax return over the enxt five years? Will I miss it?

    I voted NO on both.

  19. I cast mine for my family’s future and my grandchildren’s future.  I want them to have decent schools, and a chance at the same opportunities in life I did. Chris wants to make the payments on his new Porsche.  I drive a 20 year-old car so my grandchildren can go to college and be proud of their state. Like all who want a better future for Colorado, I voted yes on C and D. It’s a matter of family values.

  20. I laugh at the assumptions. Chris has a Porsche?

    Let me speak for myself. Besides socks and underwear I haven’t bought new clothing in years. The other day my better half said “that is some good bread”, took me two minutes to figure out he was so used to the marked down bread that fresh bread was a treat for him. Instead of driving to a city council meeting I bicycle now to save gas money. I hauled and split 4.5 cords of wood this summer in prep for winter.

    So while you assume, you’re very well wrong.

    NO on C and D

  21. I don’t know if Chris has a Porsche, but he sure has a long list of things he expects to buy with a TABOR rebate of just $98 a year.  If it trashing your family’s hopes for a decent education to $98 a year makes you happy, do it.
    I go on the theory that if you think education is expensive, wait until you see the cost of ignorance.

  22. Voyageur, you insulted me more than you know.

    For the record, my car was made in 1986, has over 300,000 miles on it and I have owned it since 1995 (the last year, by the way, that I was able to take my family on a nice vacation – airline, nice hotel, eating out, seeing games.)

    I change my own oil, brakes and do my own tune-ups. Last Friday, I changed the alternator of my wife’s 98 Ford truck.

    When I meet with my business clients on Mondays, I hide my dirty nails. Now, when people ask, I just say I had to change a bad printer cartridge.

    I haven’t had a raise since 2002. I had to stop paying into my kids tuition funds (luckily, we have each child ready for – maybe – two years at a community college) and I pay my own health coverage. When it’s time for the sports physicals for my sons, my wife and I have to budget for the co-pays.

    And guess what — I’m an optimistic guy. I know the eeconomy took a down-turn. I know we had a bad recession. A lot of my buddies lost their jobs. Few have work on the level as before.

    I’m really lucky and I work hard every day.


  23. You see voyageur, hard working families are going to be hard pressed to pay for Ward Churchill. While you may think that we are driving luxury cars, you may find that the majority of voters simply can’t afford your style of government.

    Pretty ignorant of you folks to buy into the lies of lobbyists and politicians.

  24. good luck finding a community college to send your kids too if C fails, Chris.  John Andrews wants to close them because they’re just “Jobs Programs.”  He’s more right than he knows, they do help thousands of kids get good jobs.  But he wants to close them anyway.  In fact, he called in his Denver Post column for privatizing every community college, four year college and university in the state.  Is that what you want for your family?  It’s what you voted for.  Let’s hope the votes of people wiser than you give your kids the future they deserve.  P.S., as to the dirty fingernails.  Try a can of goop.  It works wonders.

  25. I have been ambivalent on C&D. I finally voted for “C” and against “D” (We had mail-in ballots.).

    Until the morons running this state quit supporting the prison lobby and reform drug sentencing laws, supporting a more equitable tax load is a chimera. The money from C will likely end up in more prisons and less public defenders.

    “D” is like signing up for more credit cards for many of the same reasons: instant gratification. But the “keep the taxes we owe and spend them” crowd managed to conflate the two into a package with something for lotsa Coloradoans. Bribery works.

  26. Voyaguer notes his vote in favor of C & D was a vote for “…family values.”

    One does get weary of Voyaguer’s martyrdom and his assumption that everyone who posts here (and doesn’t espouse his particular view of the world) drives a Porsche or a Volvo and hasn’t had to overcome a few obstacles, roadblocks and, yes, bigotry along the way.

    It is a curiosity for me that Voyageu seems–even when he’s arguing in favor of C& D–that he manages to work my “deviancy” into his discourse: to wit: ” If I was a Republican child with a father like Grover Norquist, you’re damn right I’d be scared. Of course, given Mr. Norquist’s well-known classification as what used to be called a ‘confirmed bachelor’, there isn’t much chance of that. Maybe we could hook him up with George.”

    But, then, as “Law and Order,” became a code word in the late sixties for something much more incidious and ugly than the concept of the rule of law in an ordered society, Voyageu’s “family values” does, indeed, take on (has taken on for a whole lot of folks) a very mean-spiritied, ugly and, yes, bigoted meaning other than the miracle of children and the inherent value of family in this country…gay or straight.

    I voted no on C & D for pecisely the reasons Voyague voted for them.

  27. So Im just sitting here… Watching the History Channel… And there are all these folks making an arguement about Big Foot roaming the woods in Washington State. Having roamed some of the more remote parts of Washington State while one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Boys, I must say, I never saw Big Foot, even when I was certain that I was trekking accross areas not visited by humans in several years. But the “experts” insist he is out there.

    The more I hear the C&D crowd the more I think they are warning us about Big Foot. A few experts have seen this happen before… Yeah right, they all seem to go to the same meetings and all seem to think the same way…

    Listen, I’m with Chris, I’ve had to cut back in the last few years, but the economy is getting better, I see it in my own business. I can handle another year or two of our roads going to pot… In two years the treasury will be in surplus again and our old buddy Hank will be talking about how good things are for Colorado higher ed.

    I’m voting NO on C&D!

  28. Oh, face it, George.  You voted against C and D because that’s what Marilyn Musgrave told you to do and you worship the ground she walks on.
    I won’t try to educate Iron Mike about the ratchet effect but the fact is, you can have trillions coming into the treasurey and you will still belocked into a recession budget.  By now, he either knows that or is beyond education.

  29. Watching Blair Witch Project now Voyageur. I feel another analogy coming on…

    So what if C&D fail? We never see the Blair Witch, you know…

    Personaly I like the Rachet Effect… Without 23, it’s kinda nice until the economy kicks the state budget into high gear (but only after the ecomony does so as well).

    Anyhow, back to the Witch Project… Poor Heather is very afraid you know.

  30. ?I don’t know if Chris has a Porsche, but he sure has a long list of things he expects to buy with a TABOR rebate of just $98 a year. If it trashing your family’s hopes for a decent education to $98 a year makes you happy, do it.? Police Squad

    Here?s just one of the many ways that make TABOR so much more than $98 a year-

    Earned Income Tax Credit HB 00-1049
    It?s only activated when we have a TABOR surplus and it has a low threshold, meaning it activates even in low excess revenue years such as 2005. Last estimate I have in my hand here from OSPB is 35 million goes to the Colorado EITC for 2005.

    “The Colorado EITC was enacted in 1999 as a refundable credit set at 8.5 percent of the federal credit, and in 2000 it was expanded to 10 percent of the federal credit. But because the state did not have a TABOR surplus, it was suspended for tax years 2002, 2003, and 2004. The suspension of the Colorado EITC means that the income level at which a family of four begins to pay state income taxes declines. For example, for tax year 2002, when the state EITC was suspended, the state’s income tax threshold for a family of four decreased from $28,700 to $21,400.”

    By enacting Referendum C, have you helped or hurt a struggling family by withholding their TABOR EITC credit?

    Businesses will receive a personal property tax refund up to $700, and on amounts over the $700 they get 16% of the property tax refunded. Did you know businesses pay yearly property tax on equipment, furniture, computers, phone or even a junky card table? Did you hurt or help a small business by keeping their refund?

    While many employees didn?t get raises the last couple years, many self employed business owners actually made less than in prior years. That can be the price for the freedom of being your own boss.  It’s no wonder the National Federation of Independent Businesses is recommending a No vote.

    I’m not going to say I agree with all the credits available, but when the Yes side blatantly ignores these other refunds and credits we are giving up, well I just don’t understand how anyone in the YES camp can complain about honest politicking.

    It?s very simple math using the entire refund. 3.7 billion amongst 3 million taxpayers.

    You want inexpensive education? Higher Ed Appropriations for 2006 is 426 million more than 2005, representing a 25% increase. It?s all about tuition costs and what the student ends up paying. Relatively speaking Colorado is a heck of a deal for a student. Tuition costs are shooting up all around the country, even in states without a TABOR. Until reform occurs in administration and teaching objectives I?m not interested in kicking in more.

  31. Your numbers are all wrong, Bo Peep.  You’re misreading the voucher as an increase, in fact it comes away from general fund.  Likewise, if you actually read the budget, you will find the category of “cash funds exempt” includes tuition.  What happened is the legislature cut general fund support and the colleges were forced to increase tuition.  Because tuition then shows up in cash funds exempt, that looks like an increase in higher ed appropriations.  I won’t argue the point, because  you are no doubt being willfully ignorant.  But if you check the joint Budget Committee Appropriations Report, you will find out you’re completely wrong.

  32. Voyageur,

    Can you educate people without calling them ignorant or liars?

    When making a sales pitch, it is wise to:

    A. Treat the voter with respect

    B. Listen to the concerns of the voter.

    I have found that whenever I closed the deal and made the sale, it was because I did more listening than talking and I certainly didn’t call my customer ignorant.

    One can easily correct the numbers of others without being rude.

  33. For example,

    If I wanted to correct bo beep, I wouldn’t start off by saying “your numbers are all wrong”. I would change “you are misreading” to “this is how I read it”. Then rather than saying ” if you actually read”, I would go and get the JBC approbriations report and copy/paste what I would like bo peep to read. If the portion of the report was to long to paste here, I would invite bo peep to go to the report with a link.

    And finally I wouldn’t tell bo beep that “I won’t argue the point” while posting in a tone that suggests otherwise.

    I think it would be easier for me to get bo beep to see my analysis without being insulting.

  34. And if I couldn’t do any of that, I certainly wouldn’t forget that I don’t know who I’m talking to. Little Bo Beep could be Tom Plant for all I know.

  35. I would like to thank you shedding light on the appropriation funding increase and if I could edit my post, I would do it in a heartbeat. My misstatement bothers me far more than you?d probably imagine.

    I hope your day turns out well.

  36. This is a lie – “Higher Ed Appropriations for 2006 is 426 million more than 2005, representing a 25% increase”.

    This comes from the Frequently Asked Questions for the defeatc site –

    Here is the email I got back from the defeatc website regarding this lie. wrote:

    That number was published before the alleged double counting was reported by the Gov. office.  It does need to be updated, thank you for pointing that out.

    — Original Message —
    Subject: Frequently Asked Question
    From: Marshall Collins
    Date: Mon, August 22, 2005 12:24 pm
    To: Volunteer@DefeatC.Com

    Can you please show me how this statement in your
    FAQ is true?

    “If Referendum C doesn?t pass, won?t Colorado be the first state to defund higher education?  Hardly! Higher education funding in Colorado has gone up each and every year, despite the cries from the ?Ward Churchill crowd.?


    In the last legislative session, funding for higher education went up a whopping twenty-five percent.”

    I have included the budget for the state of
    Colorado for the last two years, please show me where you can validate your statement.

    I see actual revenues to higher education from the
    state of 93,959,000 for 2005, 73,456,000 for 2004 and 75,372,000 for 2003.

    If you are an honest person you will write me back.


    Why can’t the anti-Colorado Economic Recovery Act crowd make their points without lying?  I saw a guy handing out no on C and D BS and I seriously considered just printing up a bunch of flyers with the 9th Commandment and passing them out right next to him.

    Keith – Making a sale with lies usually doesn’t make for happy customers.  But in politics it looks like the lies are working, good thing I have a good job that public higher education helped me achieve so I can pony up the hundred dollars.

  37. Bo Peep, I greatly respect you for that correction.  The “voucher” thing was confusing to a lot of people because they did originally count it twice…once when it went from the general fund to the CCHE and again when it went to individual students.  That’s why the budget increase this year was originally reported at “6” pct but when corrected for the double count was 4.1.  The latter figure included the extra cigarette tax approved by voters in 2004 and earmarked for specific purposes.  On an apples to apples basis, the year to year increase was 2.5 percent.  Anyway, I mean it when I say I respect your willingness to correct that statement.  I don’t expect you to vote for C and D, but have a lot more respect for your reasoning now.

  38. Voyageur-hate to burst your bubble, but you’re right, I’ve been working very hard against C & D that’s why I’ve been gone. 

    By the way Betteryet, I don’t believe the Gov’s brilliant arguments ever changed your mind to be solidly for C & D.  The Gov has been lying through his teeth…and he’s paying dearly for it.

  39. Beth,

    Instead of leveling baseless attacks why don’t you tell us how the Governor is lying?  You can see my example above as a guide.

    Here I have another lie from the no on C and D side.  Saying C and D will do anything to change how we handle illegal immigrants in this state is lying but I guess when your whole campaign based on lies you have to see what sticks like you and the Independence Institute have done for this entire debate.

    Also on the defeat c flyer that I mentioned was being passed out there is this main graph that they use to show the budget has gone up every year.  This must be a real revelation to these people, almost like how our population goes up every year and the GDP goes up every year and how inflation goes up ever year.  We should alert Greenspan because according to the no on C and D crowd nothing in our state or economy is ever suppose to grow meaning the tax base will always remain the same.  Maybe that is why they want us to vote no on C and D, to put a halt to all this horrible growth in our state that cause people to make more money and in turn the state collects more taxes. 

    The no on C and D campaign is fundamentally dishonest.

  40. Marshall, Caldara and Co. have simply adopted the Marxist notion that truth is a bourgeois notion.  In their view, truth is whatever helps destroy government.  Catch Caldara in a baldface lie one day and he simply makes up another.  The stooping to naked racism…if C passes, Mexicans will get your Momma … was appalling for even him.  But he doesn’t care anyone, he’s in a nihilist frenzy.  Bruce never did care,so now Caldara has joined him in the sewer.  I once respected Caldara.  Not any more, there is no limit to his deceit.  He is simply a dishonorable person.

  41. Last day or so before the election. I’m sick of hearing all the crap.
    Being a 30 year resident with three adult boys, all on their own, one in community college and the other two just working, I voted against C&D as did my wife. My son in college is paying his own way through college and through life. I never had money for college myself and never asked for any. I don’t think there has ever been a year that UCCS hasn’t had some major construction project going on. I’m talking for years now they are constantly building something. Leads me to believe higher ed has plenty of cash.
    I say as I said before, if you want to donate your TABOR refund, go ahead. But keep your hands off mine. That is not being selfish. What gives you the right to take mine? Donate all you want. Nobody is stopping you.
    The money we are supposed to get back isn’t a lot but the principle behind it is simple. Make the state government responsible for it’s own budget. But all we hear are the dead babies in the street threats. That if C&D fail the economy will collapse. BS. Why will it happen next month and not last month then?
    We all have to keep a budget. Without cost of living increases or pay raises, I have no choice. I have to pay my huge taxes and live within a limited budget.
    So if the pro side wants old Gov to have billions more to blow, and to go billions more in debt for years to come, donate it out of your own pocket. He’ll appreciate it.
    No on C&D………..

  42. Marshall,
    If you don’t know that Ref C & Dis a tax increase (despite the Gov telling you it’s not) If you don’t know that the state has never cut the budget (even though the Gov is telling you that the budget has been cut) then you’re not very discerning are you?

    But enough already, I tire so quickly of your dribble.

  43. How about a compromise? How about since it is basically a 50/50 race we let the pro people let Gov keep their TABOR refunds and let the other 50% of us keep ours. That way they can get 50% of their pet projects done and the rest will have to wait till the next election……..when once more we will be told the state is broke…and the poor children are starving……

  44. No Margaret, the State has never seen one thin dollar cut from its massive 14 Billion dollar budget! 

    According to the legislative council numbers, the budget grew from 10.4 Billion Dollars to 14.6 Billion from 1999t thru the current FY.  The budget has grown year-over-year during those recessionary years.

  45. No Margaret, the State has never seen one thin dollar cut from its massive 14 Billion dollar budget! 

    According to the legislative council numbers, the budget grew from 10.4 Billion Dollars to 14.6 Billion from 1999t thru the current FY.  The budget has grown year-over-year during those recessionary years.

  46. No Margaret, the State has never seen one thin dollar cut from its massive 14 Billion dollar budget! 

    According to the legislative council numbers, the budget grew from 10.4 Billion Dollars to 14.6 Billion from 1999t thru the current FY.  The budget has grown year-over-year during those recessionary years.

  47. No Margaret, the State has never seen one thin dollar cut from its massive 14 Billion dollar budget! 

    According to the legislative council numbers, the budget grew from 10.4 Billion Dollars to 14.6 Billion from 1999t thru the current FY.  The budget has grown year-over-year during those recessionary years.

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