Lang Sias, Laura Woods “Tea” Up For SD-19 GOP Primary

Earlier this week, Republican Lang Sias announced his intentions to run again in Colorado Senate District 19 this year against recently-appointed Sen. Rachel Zenzinger. Sias has made several unsuccessful attempts at elected office in Colorado in recent years, including a failed bid for the 2010 CD-7 nomination (won by Ryan Frazier), and in 2012, a hard-fought loss in SD-19 to then-Sen. Evie Hudak. Sias lost by a relatively small margin in 2012, only 584 votes, in a race that saw thousands of conservative votes "wasted" on a third-party candidate. Sias' bad luck running for office has been compounded by gaffes, such as his "Tea Party Endorsed" signage from 2010 which had the "Tea Party Endorsed" part Photoshopped out for 2012–an incident that made national cable news.

Laura Woods.

Laura Woods.

Perhaps as a result, it appears that Sias won't have a clean shot at the SD-19 GOP nomination in 2014. Already running in this district is Laura Woods, one of the principal organizers of the recall petition drive against Sen. Hudak last year. Woods reportedly has amassed quite a bit of grassroots and gun-rights activist support from her work on the Hudak recall, and there's no reason as of yet to think she plans to get out of Sias' way. Republicans do consider SD-19 a pickup opportunity this year, but it's expected to be a tight enough race to make any uncertainty problematic.

Which of these Republicans would be the better challenger to SD-19's likable new Democratic incumbent, former Arvada councilor Zenzinger? They'll only get one shot, so Republicans had better choose wisely.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    I'm very excited to see Lang Sias back in this race! He's a great man, and he'll make a great Colorado Senator.

  2. gumshoe says:

    Will be interesting to see if Republicans support Sias (who has an identity crisis pending what year it is — see photo shop). Or a consistent Tea Partier like Laura Woods. Sias couldn't beat Evie, what makes him think he can beat Zenzinger? 

  3. dwyer says:


    Hudak recall.

  4. ElliotFladen says:

    I once wrote the following on Lang Sias for People's Press Collective.  You'll like it – it was called Lang Sias – Ready To Demagogue, Not Lead?

  5. rathmone says:

    Join Team 584? It's a rare campaign theme that's built upon reminding people that you lost last time 'round. 

    Think he'll go with "Lang Sias, Third Time's the Charm" as his slogan?

  6. nancycronk says:

    I don't know this person Laura Woods, but my friend Tangi Lancaster is mad as a hornet about her. Tangi is an up-and-coming Democratic activist who checks her facts by consulting with friends on both sides, before reaching a conclusion about an issue. This is what she posted on facebook about a recent interaction they had, 

    Laura Woods LIED to me, to my face, in an attempt to get me to sign the recall petition of Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak. She told me, and I quote, "Evie Hudak authored Amendment 66." She also told me, and I quote, "Evie Hudak authored the bill that allows a man to have a sex change and use the women's bathroom! Isn't that just disgusting?!" 

    The next day, when I brought her the FACTS, which was a list of the State Senators who were in office when SB 08-200 was on the floor and voted on and showed that Senator Hudak was not even a senator when SB 08-200 was voted on and signed into law, she told me, and I quote, "Oh, she has been a senator for a long time. I will have to do my own research." She then handed my print out back to me in haste and walked away from me. I was unable to inform her about her lie regarding Senator Hudak and Amendment 66.

    I spoke with Laura's husband, Bill, and informed him that Senator Hudak did not author Amendment 66…that she did edit it though. There is a very BIG difference between editing a piece of work and authoring it.

    Mike McAlpine writes in his formal endorsement of Laura Woods, "Then she worked without pause each and every day." In working in this fashion, it would not have been hard for Laura Woods to research information about Senator Hudak before telling lies.

    Laura Woods profiled me as a Mom who would feel the same way about Amendment 66 and transgender people as she does. She was wrong. Laura Woods is not someone who I'd like to represent my vote in the Colorado State Senate. She lied to me in an attempt to get me to sign the recall petition. I doubt that I'm the only one she lied to. This is not a person who can be trusted…if she can lie about things like this just to get a signature on a petition, who knows what else she will lie about if elected to office.

    PS: I was banned from Laura Woods' FB campaign page as well as Mike McAlpine's Recall Hudak Too FB page after sharing the above with them. So much for Laura's willingness to hear from citizens of the district she wants to represent…

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