Caldara Gloats About His Voter Fraud in DP Editorial

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Jon Caldara, the infamous head of the Independence Institute, had an editorial printed in Colorado's paper of record yesterday telling the people of the state that they can now legally voter anywhere in the state that they want, and that the winner of elections going forward will be the campaign with the most buses. His evidence: "How do we know this? Well, because I'm not going to jail."

As this site has covered on multiple occasions, the law passed last year to expand voter access does not, in any way, allow voters to vote wherever they please, and numerous Republican elected officials have said as much, too. But that means nothing to Caldara, who has continued his "neener, neener" parade across newspapers and talk radio since the Colorado attorney general's office decided not to file charges against him. 

In the editorial, Caldara goes even farther, announcing an accelerated campaign to teach all Colorado voters how to legally vote in districts where they do not live. 

The question remains about how the 2014 legislature intends to deal with this issue, if at all. 

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  1. Zappatero says:

    mocking and thwarting Democracy is Jon-boy's ultimate goal and it serves his paymasters quite well.

  2. Moderatus says:

    If you're sure he should have broken the law, but the AG can't charge him, isn't the problem with the law?

  3. dustpuppy says:

    He admitted he broke the law. It's time for the Republican AG to submit his resignation effective immediately because he failed to prosecute Jon Caldera who will continue to flout the law and break it repeatedly and having his BFF Suthers decline to prosecute.

    It's past time for both Caldera and Sutters to be indicted and face prison time – a VERY long prison time, with permanent revocation to vote EVER again, as a felon.

    • mamajama55 says:

      You're not Hawkeye  X, are you, dustpuppy?  Wait, you haven't advocated for boiling Republicans alive, then encasing in cement, then mocking them severely.

      But you and the Xman both posited extremely unlikely  outcomes for Republican misdeeds. Yes, I'd like to see Caldara do the perp walk. But that's not happening in this spacetime continuum.



      • dustpuppy says:

        I'm not advocating boiling Republicans. It seems that lately the Tea Party Republicans are just mentally ill and needs to have their brains examined. Ask me 30 years ago if I can work with Republicans, I might have said yes. 

        Today, the Republican are just completely bonkers. I blame the bad influence of Rush Limbaugh and the hate radio folks for these mentality. Today's Democrats are no picnic either. Too many compromises and third way politics are destroying the true concept of politics.

        I'm probably not being realistic when I'm saying Caldera should be thrown in jail. I'm just saying that Caldera could get into trouble in another time, and may in fact face prison time, becaue Suthers won't be around to save Caldera's butt next time.

        It's very hard to work with Republicans these days… if you ask me… but I can tell you that I'm not the person you think I might be..

        • mamajama55 says:

          Ok, just checking. We do have some moderate Republicans on this forum. Fiscal conservatives, small government libertarians, etc. They haven't all gone nucking futs.

          • BlueCat says:

            On this forum, perhaps, but none in elected office. There are some in elected office who aren't nuts but that doesn't make them moderate. I wouldn't class small government libertarians among moderates. 

            In elected office there are only stictly conservative Rs anymore. No R running for anything could get elected without professing to be strictly conservative which is not moderate even if the R in question is not bat shit crazy. 

            Only Democrats in office are moderate and they are overwhelmingly so with only a few that might be called strongly liberal. Dem pols as liberals, much less socialists, are mainly a GOTP perpetrated myth in the 21st century.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Newsflash Dustpuppy,

      Colorado restores the right to vote to felons once they're "off paper"- neither incarcerated nor on parole. I thought everyone with enough intelligence to read this site knew that. I was an election judge for a long time and I corrected this misunderstanding of many rehabilitated felons who thought they'd permanently lost their right to vote. 

  4. hawkeye says:

    Caldara is not gloating, he's just trying to stir up some old-fashioned indignation about the deteriorating state of voting registration in Colorado.

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Two of the fraud cases were democratic voter registrars. Two were foreign nationals that shouldn't have registered to vote in Colorado. Don't know their political affiliation. One did vote, one didn't. They moved away from CO.

    It isn't apparent from looking at Gessler's budget how much he spent on pursuing supposed noncitizen voters. There is $122,000 of dollars in legal expenses labelled "other legal matters"from FY2012 to FY2014 which will remain mysterious unless someone successfully files a FOIA request.

    What we know that Gessler did was create work for the District Attorneys in these Colorado Counties, and shifted the burden of his pursuit of voter fraud to them.

  6. kickshot says:

    The best way to get Caldara to STFU about his own personal version of the new election law is to elect a Dem AG and SoS.


    No more neener, neener.

    • gaf says:

      And Caldara didn't risk pulling his stunt in Pueblo County, where there would not have been a conflict within the DA's office. Pueblo County might have dealt with it themselves rather than referring it to the AG. Caldara wanted no part of that!

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