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January 10, 2014 07:51 AM UTC

Jon Stewart Rips on Colorado's "Brosurance" Ads

  • by: ElliotFladen

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)


The Daily Show
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Several weeks back, ProgressNow Colorado and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative put out some ads seeking to encourage younger adults to sign up with Connect for Health Care Colorado.  


They also wrote about those ads here and here

Jon Stewart's show weighed in on these ads this Wednesday (link b/c embed isn't working for me):


53 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Rips on Colorado’s “Brosurance” Ads

    1. We've added the video and promoted. Feel free to make edits, keeping in mind that the video embed code may be altered by the WYSIWYG editor. We'll watch and restore if needed.

          1. Next time you'lal have to write a diary instead of a link and a dare, fucking troll.  Did you miss the part where they were pointing out that the anti-Obamacare side looks stupid too?

            1. DaftPunk – I kept it very, very short and simple so you could make your own conclusions.  The less I write on this the more the facts just speak for themselves. 

              1. Not to mention short and simple is about the best EL is capable of. You'd believe it would produce more facts to speak for themselves.My intuition says it cannot produce more facts so it had to keep it short and simple. This is typical wingnut Leave it at an intimation of wrongdoing or some sort of oppression .It fits with their constant whinging about being victims.

                    1. Except I was careful to put very little of my own thoughts in this piece and let the facts speak for themselves.  So it seems your objection is really with Stewart. 

          2. That's a cached view. As we've explained several times in this situation, it takes about 20 minutes for that to update. Your post will be the #2 featured post behind the Udall top story shortly.

  1. The Daily Show usually tries to bust everyone's chops, don't they?

    I think Kelly Maher looked the worst by far trying to defend Creepy Uncle Sam, but that's just me.

    1. The worst part was Kelly Maher trying to be funny. Everytime someone tries to match the wit of a Daily Show corrspondent or Colbert they just come off as so painfully unfunny it's sad.

        1. I don't know how old she is, but if she was trying to be funny or make a point about still being in the relevant demographic it fell totally flat. Just like when a congressman is being interviewed, and they try to be funny, but usually end up being hoisted by their own petard. 

          Comedy is relative so if you were tickled by her response to being "out of college-ish" comment then we probably find different things funny. Although, after watching the clip a second time, her describing an optout event as taking action is pretty hilarious. Maybe we do have a similar sense of humor.

  2. So to the actual point, are there current stats on the success of the Colorado exchange on meeting its goals? Carping about marketing is only relevant to the extent that the marketing has actually failed. 

    I found this link reporting numbers of ~53K private enrollments and ~83K Medicaid enrollments. That's 2% of the state population – so pretty good penetration. 

    Reading here there is an estimate of up to 750K uninsured and a target of getting to 500K of them through ACA. So based on the reported numbers they're well on their way to that goal. So maybe the Brosurance ad is a miss but something's working.

  3. Old news -check

    dumb ad that has nothing do with Obama – check

    name calling, dares, and pointless accusations – check,check check

    Mr. Fladen, no one is going to vote for Obama next time.  It does not matter to any voter anywhere who Pols is or is not affiliated with.  The left has been winning because of guys like you. You won't support the only party that can beat them because you are too smart, or something. You take foolish positions and make foolish arguments (in childish ways).  No wonder they keep winning.

    1. I don't think that something that aired on Jon Stewart on Wednesday is "old news".  It is "new news" by definition given Stewart's current influence. 

  4. Jon Stewart gets props for bringing out the CCHI stereotypes about young people, as though they're not concerned about practical things like portability and affordability  of insurance, like every other worker. Elliot gets props for finding and posting this. Pols actually posted the video in the diary,which is more than they'll do for me, so yay.

    I wasn't ever crazy about the CCHI ads, but I thought that they were funny.
    My own millenial-age kids thought that they were funny, too. And their points are valid – if one indulges in risky behavior, having health insurance is smart.

    Whatever Jon Stewart thinks, young women are concerned about birth control, and access to contraception is one of the main contributions of the ACA.   My 26 year old daughter still hasn't signed up for the ACA, but I think that we'll depend on good old-fashioned Mom nagging for that one.

          1. Which, as usual , has nothing to do with my comment in which  I thanked you for your compliment to ColPols, not to me, and expressed collective concern for your good opinion without once claiming said compliment referred to me. In other words, a typical Fladen lame comeback. You rarely surprise or disappoint.

      1. Elliot, Pols didn't take you up on your dare.  They promoted it because it was worthy of commentary and would drive traffic.

        It doesn't matter to them who writes the diary (however brief) — it's the content, silly.

        1. It certainly is, and we're happy to promote it. It would be nice to have a paragraph or two of commentary as well if the author would like to add it.

  5. I care a lot more about anything that Jon Stewart thinks than I care about anything that Elliott Flade thinks . . . 

    . . . still, today, each in his own special way has me rolling on the floor with laughter !

  6. The only conclusion available from the Daily Show clip is that neither of these ad campaigns appeal to this group of five 20-somethings.  Given the money and experience of both supporting groups, one can assume that they did focus groups on other cohorts of their target audience and found them effective.

    Do you like the Axe body spray or Red Bull commercials?  No?  You're not their target market.

      1. Ummmm . . . conclusions from the daily show???   C'mon people it's a televison show — an entertainment — on the Comedy Channel, for christsakes.  Stewart has always been the first one to admit that he's got no journalistic credibility to protect, . . . because he's got none.

        Now if Elliot wants to get his thong into a twist because of some quasi-political statement made on South Park, Duck Dynasty, or Big Brother — well, that's definitely another front-page worthy story altogether.

        (And, my hat tip to Alva!   This reminds me of those times when BJWilson used to be able to goad you all into front-paging his prattle . . .    Ah, the good old days . . .)

        1. Of course Stewart's show is a news show.  That he has a sarcastic take on things and hides behind a "this is just comedy" defense when convenient does not actually make the defense valid

  7. The Daily Show is not infallible.  They were off-base when they asked people on the 16th Street Mall about whether they had voted in the state senate recall elections.

    1. So you think these ad were not offensive?  Or even less offensive than that "Hackstaff Mailer" that this page went off on for multiple posts?  

      I mean, we are all entitled to our opinions – but some are going to be held by more people than others.  For good reason. 

      1. Of course they were little offensive. So's the Daily Show. So's pretty much everything on the Comedy Channel. So's Saturday Night Live. So's anything aimed at 20 somethings (not that I don't enjoy a lot of it, too), the heart of the target audience. Your point?

      2. I find it shocking that you would compare photoshopping black people out of a mailer to these ads. That's not even remotely close. What a fucking crock you are.

  8. Mildly offensive at most. I don't like the stereotyping or the bad grammar, but then I'm not in the target demographic.

    It's right up there with most liquor ads  – drink this booze to be "interesting", sexy, fun-loving, etc. Sex sells – so does risky behavior. I suspect that a very earnest, take-care-of-your-health, humorless pitch would have about as much effect as my motherly nagging on healthy people under 30.

    And as Ugly American said, something seems to be working. People are signing up.


  9. As someone outside the target demographic, I'm a little ticked that I wasn't offered free beer by these conservatives in order to help decide whether or not Obamacare is a bad thing, and if I should stay uninsured.

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