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January 03, 2014 06:44 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: DavidThi808

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!



31 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

      1. And, hey, you know what he's going to say on any given subject, person or issue without listening.  The whole we need to subject ourselves to 24/7 obssessive listening to keep abreast of what they're saying thing is pretty pointless since we know anyway. 

  1. Bartels also mentioned in her article that Carroll said that the Democrats had done a "listening tour" of rural Colorado and changes in how public hearings were to be held was one result of what the dems heard.  I would like to give a great shout out:  WAY TO GO, DEMS!!!!!

    This is exactly what dems need to do.  Listen to real constitutents, not outside consultants or focus groups.  It is a giant step in the right direction.  I just this is great.

    Here, again, is the link:



    1. And she specifically mentioned the gun law testimony schedule – all 7 bills were slated for a single day. While that might allow residents in the far corners of the state to testify on the lot, it limits the testimony. Spreading it out over a couple/few days would have been better, and Democrats are admitting that.

      As you say – this is what Dems need to do, prove that they're interested in governing for the people. And they are, and Republicans have shown they still aren't.

      1. "Listening" will never be enough. These people are terminally selfish. They will never be satisfied until they are able to hit paper targets with full auto 30+ magazine guns, fantasizing all the while that they are holding back socialist zombies, or something. Anything less they will always characterize as a violation of their "second amendment rights".

        They don't care how much they tear up democracy in Colorado, how much money they waste on recalls (5  million overrun in Sec State budget?), how many times their fervor is flat-out used for political gain or organizational fundraising and base expansion.

        I, too, think that listening to voters is a great idea. But Giron and Morse both "listened", contrary to popular propaganda. Giron even amended  SB13-1229, to allow exchanges of guns between extended family members without background checks, after listening. 

        Mostly, this "listening" by our recalled representatives consisted of gunzos yelling at them in public meetings. Unless these new meetings are better moderated, with better security, they will be merely an opportunity to vent and grandstand for the gunzos and the Republican legislators they have been bought and paid for.

          1. PR, I don't know if you are a lawyer, but you seem to know your way around the legal system. I am researching Gessler's budget overruns, have found some budget info, want to look up several cases his office litigated. Isn't there a legal database that lists all cases? Vora or cora or something?



            1. I'm just a computer geek. It's all a matter of knowing how something (or someone) is going to interpret things, and then knowing where to find the things that will be interpreted.

              The Colorado Judicial Branch website has a link to search tools. They're pay services, of course. Someone with Lexis/Nexis access might be able to help you.

        1. @mj55.

          The listening tour meetings are over.  They evidently were successful. The change in procedure for public hearings has to do with what will happen in the Legislature.  There are protocols that have to be followed and a sargeant at arms if the citizens abuse the rules for the public hearings.  

          As for your other comments, I don't doubt that you are right.  HOWEVER, this is the house we live in.  These people vote.  They can not be ignored or dismissed. 

            1. I do not have a link for the "listening tour."  Bartel referenced Morgan Carroll and the Listening tour and the changes in public hearings protocol in her blog:


              The link has been posted numerous times here.  I think you posted it also.

              I think the tour was a success because I had heard the recall people complain a lot about the public hearings on the gun measure in which there wasn't time or opportunity for everyone to speak. Evidently, the dems heard the same complaint and responded.  That is why I think it was successful.

      2. I sorta' hope they remember to listen to the 70+% of the voters in this state that supported all of these reasonable gun regulations, and not just the wack-a-doodles that get their thinking directions from the Boyles show . . . 

        1. And I sorta hope Dem pols stop hiding and start messaging as a hard as the right does to point out to that 70+% that they actually are in agreement with the Dems on this. How many of that 70+% still think they're against legislation because they don't know what's in it and, more importantly, what's not in it? Just what the wackos say is in it? How many think it's about "taking away our guns"? 

          Obviously, when confronted about the gun safety legislation an evasive  ple to please not be a one issue voter and look at all the other stuff I do is a truly stupid choice regardless of what the paid ops tell candidates. Tell constituents what's really in it, especially since all the polls say people will actually like what's in it, and stand by it proudly and loudly as the righties stand by their lies.

          Political ops are another one of those groups who take a long time to stop fighting the last war with the last wars accepted wisdom. See the Third Way.

  2. I thought it was time for Coach Karl to go and had high hopes for Shaw. No more. As our highest basket ball IQ player has seen his minutes reduced the losing streak just gets worse. Healthy scratching Andre Miller for the first time in his 15 year career was a baffling decision, especially in light of the fact that Nate Robinson generally has been doing more harm than good during this streak. 

    Sure, he's a great scorer when he gets hot but he runs hot and cold and, since Nate is all about Nate,  does nothing but make boneheaded decisions when he isn't on a hot shooting streak.  No wonder, despite his talent, he gets booted from team to team.  Nobody steadies the team when things are rough like Dre. And after being humiliated with a healthy scratch he's been suspended for two games for blowing up over it. Obviously Shaw couldn't let that slide but it's his fault it came to that in the first place.  But don't take my word. check this stat:

    John Schuhmann @johnschuhmann

    Andre Miller not happy that he's been cut from rotation:  DEN is 11-5 when Miller plays 19+ min. 3-12 when he doesn't.

    8:24 AM – 2 Jan 2014

    Shaw, not Dre, is the one who's being an idiot here. I know it's tough without Gallo and McGee but scratching Andre, only playing Hamilton a couple of minutes and the rest of Wed. night's all the way down the bench rotations instead after early foul trouble made no sense, no way, no how. Shaw has the players completely confused and rudderless. There is no cohesive core second unit any more.  Disgusting.

    Hey, it's an open thread so sue me for venting instead of sticking to politics. After such a great start, this is heartbreaking. Especially since the same guys who produced that terrific road trip so recently are pretty much over being sick or banged up so it's the same team healthy and available again.

    1. I don't know the hoops well enough to argue that substance, but being a profesional means you don't show up your boss in front of your co-workers.  Discipline is part of team cohesion.

      1. That's why I say Shaw had no choice after the blow up but to take action against Andre. But the entire sorry situation that led up to that point, including the team absolutely plummeting with no new injuries (fewer since the most recent time they were still playing well), is on Shaw as in he's the head coach and he's the buck stops here guy. 

        Andre deservedly commands tremendous respect in the NBA, even during times fans may complain. He's more than smart enough to be a coach himself when he retires as a player, he's relentless, he's a 37 year old iron man, he finds ways to help his team win even when he personally is having a tough time scoring. The young players look up to him and rely on him to get the team out of jams. Yes, younger players have to be given playing time to develop and that's paying off wth Mozgov but there's still room for an important role for Andre.

        Trust me, it isn't going to be Andre anybody in the biz is going to think less of because of this episode, even though his public blow up was, just as you say, in the wrong. Unfortunately, he'll probably have to or will demand to go but I suspect Shaw won't be all that far behind. Unless things change radically he isn't going to be a multi-season coach here. It's not as if the dismal record is justified by the job he's doing with the young talent either. And we don't need to tank for good first round picks because we're already good in that department due to previous deals. As you can see, I do care about my Nuggets and I needed a good vent. 

  3. I miss Sir Robin. Could always talk basketball with him. So few Col Pols regs seem to be into sports. That's what I get for going with the white wine sipping left, huh?

        1. Wait – you mean this furball sitting on the couch next to me is part of my Liberal bias!?!?!

          I keep saying I didn't leave the Republican Party so much as it left me, but maybe I'm wrong. When I was younger I was a dog person. Now I've got a cat. Hmm…

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