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November 21, 2013 02:37 PM UTC

Angela Giron May Run...for Secretary of State?

  • by: Colorado Pols
Angela Giron
A politician scorned?

Former Democratic Sen. Angela Giron was the surprise story of the September 10 recall election. Much of the attention was on Senate President John Morse, whose district (SD-11) is significantly more competitive in terms of voter registration numbers than Giron's former district (SD-3). Morse was recalled by a scant 343 votes, while more than 4,000 voters ousted Giron, (the total margin of defeat was 54-46 for Giron).

Much has been written here and elsewhere about Democratic infighting playing a significant role in Giron's loss, with a sizable portion of the blame apparently falling on Giron herself. Stories emerged before and after the recall that Giron was a demanding and difficult Senator to work with in her short time at the Capitol (she was elected in 2010). Some Democrats have privately opined that the silver lining from the recall is that SD-3 will likely elect a new Democratic Senator in 2014.

We may not have heard the last from Giron, however. The word on the street is that Giron is considering mounting a campaign for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State, where CU Regent Joe Neguse has been running as the only Democrat since last summer. Neguse has widespread support among Democratic officials and had a good first fundraising quarter, so it is certainly a surprise to hear that another Democrat might be looking at the race — particularly Angela Giron.

We hear that Giron has gone far enough in the process that she even has a poll in the field testing the waters for SOS, which is not out of the question given that her campaign account may have had some surplus of funds. A poll this early in the race is likely to show relatively weak numbers for Neguse, only because he hasn't yet had time to really raise his name ID, which could give Giron some false hope if she does intend to enter the race. We have a hard time seeing how Giron could win a Democratic primary when she couldn't prevent a recall in a solidly-Democratic Senate district, but that doesn't mean she won't try anyway. 



59 thoughts on “Angela Giron May Run…for Secretary of State?

  1. Interesting. Giron certainly has lots of name recognition across the state. She also sponsored great legislation that has transformed the voting system in Colorado — making it more modern and more accessible. Seems like she would make a viable contender and has the street-cred.

  2. I suppose, Pols, if you were in the senate, carrying 25ish pieces of legislation, you may be called "demanding and hard to work with" also.  That number is only from only her last session in the legislature, mind you, not from the three years she was at the capitol.  And 20ish of those bills passed.  What's the average for a senator?  As the main sponsor of the election reform bill, would there be anyone better than Giron to oversee it as secretary of state?

      1. I am always disturbed by efforts to measure a legislator's effectiveness by the number of bills sponsored or passed.  We don't need more laws for the sake of more laws. We need well-reasoned policymakers who may get good bills passed but also can be just as effective defeating bad bills, removing bad laws already on the books, and influencing policymaking in other ways.   Not saying that Giron was or wasn't such a policymker, but that the number of bills she sponsored is not the test we should be applying.

    1. As the main sponsor of the election reform bill, would there be anyone better than Giron to oversee it as secretary of state?

      Yes, someone who wasn't recalled by their district. 

      1. In spite of all the new Giron boosters suddenly popping up here, you are absolutely right, OrangeFree. SOS Giron isn't happening. Period. She didn't just lose in a Dem district. She lost BIG. Really BIG. It would be an insane nomination.

        1. So you are willing to ignore the fact that the recall was illegal because the mail ballots was not included in the recall effort as it was stopped by Hyatt thanks to the whines of the Liberterians and the Republicans.

          With the mail ballots, Giron would have EASILY defeated whoever retard the Republicans came up with.


      2. Illegally, i might add.

        This was not a true democracy recall election due to tampering by the Liberterians and the Tea Party Republican gun strokers.

        RMGO can go fuck itself by using its favorite weapon to their hollow brain…

        Maybe the IQ of the area will rise after they are taken care of.

  3. I wonder what damage she would do to democrats up and down the ballot? That said, we have no Latinas running at the top of the ticket. I think she'd be the underdog here, but I wouldn't count her out. 

  4. Having a SOS that is in favor of people voting will be a huge switch. Frankly, it is one that I'm ready for. Giron is a force and that would be the perfect place for her.

  5. Pols has some ax to grind against Giron. I don't know what, and Pols has never revealed any of these mysterious "some Democrats" who are "privately opining" negative things about Angela Giron, what with the anonymous "stories emerging" and all.  I would just look at the company you're keeping – all of the folks who were too chickenshit to take on the gun lobby, for example.

    My own opinion is that she'd be a great secretary of state, for the reasons Loretta Lorde stated above. HB1303, the Colorado Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act, was her sponsored bill. She certainly knows election law inside and out by now, having dealt with some of its more obscure provisions.  I don't know if she's electable to that office, and so the polling seems like a good idea. I kind of hope that she just bides her time until 2014 and takes her old job back. But she will take the advice of some solid people around her, and do what's best for herself and the people of Colorado.

    1. There's no need for ax grinding. Theplian facts are quite enough. But we've been over this all before so… continuing to agree to disagree…. Giron would be an atrocious choice for Dems in the SOS race and it isn't going to happen.

        1. I have no reason to be biased for or against Giron. Don't live in her district. Don't know anything about how she was perceived there other than stuff people say and I have no idea how credible that stuff is.

          My analysis is based on objective facts. Fact: Unlike Morse who lost  a very close election she lost really, really big. Fact: Elections have to be close  to be stolen by nefarious means. 

          It's therefore rational to blame the Morse loss on the factors you cite but it simply isn't rational in Giron's case. It's rational to assume that, in the absence of those factors she would have lost by less but still lost. It's not personal. It's what the facts say.

          1. And with today's bombshell, I would start to think that the entire recall was a farce is being pulled by Republicans who are now currently cheating and subverting democracy.



  6. Angela will do great as Secretary of State for Colorado. I hope your "word on the street" is correct because we need an Angela minded person working for Coloradans.  I voted for her twice and can't wait to vote for her again. Sign me up first to help with Angela's campaign! 

  7. I believe Angela would make an excellent Secretary of State!  She is an awesome spokesperson and has been very successful with promoting Pueblo.  She introduced 26 bills and 4 resolutions this last legislative session!  21 of those bills passed!

    Examples are:

    -establishment of guidelines for corrections officers staffing levels

    -improving quality of care systems for patients suffering from heart attacks and strokes

    -establishing dropout recovery programs

    -committee to identify best practices and reduce bureaucracy for juvenile delinquency proceedings 

    Angela is a truly successful public servant and I believe she deserves a chance at this great opportunity!


  8. If Giron runs and successfully reams Gessler's arse (figuratively) I'll be happy to donate, work, and fight for her.

    Gessler's fault that Morse and Giron were recalled. The recalls remain illegal in my eyes because it was not a true democracy recall.


  9. As far as all the new people coming on…. Pols raised the issue, and social media did its thing. It's fast and effective. I hope that Colorado Pols welcomes new people, even if they disagree with Pols' anti- Giron bias.

      1. Duke, BC, et al: They are separate individual people, who were contacted via social media when Pols put up the initial post re: Giron as S o S.  I have no idea if they are or were new to Pols. They all got on quickly because that is how effective social media posts work.

        Now, you can choose not to beleive that, but I happen to know it is true. I did not know about this possibility of Angela Giron running for the Secretary of State office prior to seeing the post today; I don't know if the others did or not. A call went out on FB to respond to the Pols post, and folks did so.

        I think that it is disrespectful to new people to call them "sock puppets", just because they happen to get revved up about a topic and post about it.  I would think that Pols would like to have new posters, but maybe this really is a limited-membership club which requires conformity of opinions to "belong".

        As far as Senator Giron and her competence, I dare you to show me any other freshman Senator who introduced 26 bills and 4 resolutions, 21 of which were passed. Perhaps she stepped on a couple of toes getting that done; certainly, she tripped a few triggers for the gunzos. Do you really want to be on their side?

        Personally, she is an incredibly warm, positive woman who relates well with people from all walks of life. She will do well with whatever political path she takes.

        1. hey mama…

          If they are real people posters, welcome to them. One can never tell and would have no immediate way of knowing.

          We have a lot of experience here with sockpuppets…trolls and web monkeys, too. Certainly no disrespect intended.

  10. It looks like Colorado Pols has a grassroots rebellion on their hands! I'll get out of the way of your readers carrying the torch for Gray Davis I mean Angela Giron. Hello, Secretary Williams! I love it when your readers rise up and give you the business.

    Next time someone asks me if libs are dumb, I will send them this link.

      1. Look. I see that you are loyal to Giron, and that's fine. I don't dislike her. I'm sorry she got recalled.

        It is ridiculous to think that she can go from the pummeling she just endured at the hands of her own voters to winning a statewide race. It is delusion, and nobody outside of her personal sphere of influence is going to be on board.

        I hate to break this to you, but the stuff about Giron being hard to work with is true from my own knowledge. Giron also did alienate a lot of locals in Pueblo, one of her closest staff in particular was a big problem. I'm not into airing dirty laundry or naming names, so I'll let it go at that.

        I'm not saying Giron should go away forever. She didn't deserve to be recalled. But to turn around and run for statewide office tell me she's just not being realistic about what happened to her. Sorry.

    1. Your condescension is duly noted, JCB.  You should perhaps  become accustomed "invasions" of people who do not share your opinions, even if you choose to belittle them as "sockpuppets".

  11. Coming off of a strong recall defeat that hinged in part on poorly wrought interpretations of election law leading up to voting day, Giron aiming for the SoS spot is easily spun as sour grapes. The fact that part of her electoral troubles stemmed from obscure contradictions in the law that should've been caught as she spearheaded the elections overhaul means that her expertise isn't her strongest selling point.

    She might very well make a good Secretary of State, but she's far from ideal as a candidate. 

    That said, SoS is almost always a coattails election. Even playing off the energy of her recent election, the race is going to be overshadowed by the vast sums directed toward the top of the ticket. If Angela makes it through a primary, her merits as a candidate probably won't matter so much as Udall's and Hickenlooper's.

  12. My real issue with this post is that it is an unethical hatchet job:

    • Anonymous sources ("privately opined,… stories emerged,… word on the street…" all with the same negative slant.  If this is JCB or someone else, they should bloody well own up to it. If the Chieftain or Fox ran a story like this, you'd be on it like white on rice.
    • You are breaking a story about a candidate's (presumed) intentions before the candidate herself has the chance to do so, for the sake of a "scoop"

    I would still think this was unethical if you were writing it about a candidate I despise, such as Ken Buck or Mike Coffman.

    Senator Giron has been meeting quietly with various groups, weighing her options. . She is actually out of the country now, on a long-planned and well-deserved trip. When she returns, I hope that she communicates whatever decisions she has made in the forum of her choosing.

  13. Yes, Giron has name recognition, how she got it is the problem. What I know of her I learned here as a result of the recall; but I'm in District 32, a long way from there. I imagine that she has learned a great deal about election law as a result of her ordeal, so maybe she'd be good at SOS. She'd certainly have a dog in the fight against restrictive election laws. Sadly, for her, any opponent from either party would hang the recall around her neck like an albatross. She can give it her best shot, though, and she cetainly couldn't be worse than Gessler.

    1. she has some, but limited, recognition in a larger area due to her previous work for Sen. K Salazar

      I like primaries. I'll decide between she and Neguse if a primary arises. I presume they would both get enough support at convention to lead to a primary

  14. I worked at the Capitol and occasionally worked with Senator Giron's staff and the Senator herself. I was always treated with kindness and respect and I never heard anyone there say their experience was different. When Colorado Pols puts out that "Stories emerged before and after the recall that Giron was a demanding and difficult Senator to work with in her short time at the Capitol (she was elected in 2010)", I can't but think there is some sort of ugly bias going on. From whom are these stories or quotes attributed? It is easy to make anonymous accusations, if anyone has a different story to tell, then come out from under your rock and tell your truth. 

    As I have stated in other posts on this subject, the loss in Pueblo was a blow. Even before the election, I heard stories that there was I fighting in the Democratic Party there. It was never explained to me and I'm not sure that I want to delve into the world of Pueblo politics. Whatever it was, I think had more to do with Senator Giron's loss than any real basis that she was some sort of "diva". That and the gun nut activists were not just Tea Partiers or R's but also in the ranks of the Pueblo Dem's.

    I have no idea about Angela Giron's ambitions for higher office, I just wish that Coloradools would stop picking on her and offer something more substantive against her than rumors and innuendo.

  15. Editing on this site sucks and it's really hard from an iPad. In the 2nd paragraph, tried to say infighting (among Pueblo Dems). And last paragraph, meant ColoradoPols not "Coloradools".

  16. I support Angela all the way!  Plain and simple, Angela is a strong advocate for people, from children to people with disabilities to senior citizens to veterans to the working middle class, etc., etc.

    She just plain cares about communities, especially here in Pueblo, and she tirelessly works to better our community.  She cares about early intervention, feeding children and the poor, providing support to homeless and veterans, and improving working conditions for state workers.

    I fully support Angela and all her decisions.  There never should have been a recall.  It made me sick because I saw how dedicated and productive she was as a state senator!

    I fully support common sense gun control laws!  She was not taking away anybody's second amendment rights, just helping place common sense controls and background checks in place!

    I'm so happy that her legacy lives on with the 21 bills she passed and the gun control laws she bravely voted for, in spite of the fact that she knew she might be recalled!

    I'm very proud to continue to support Angela and I am glad she is still willing to offer her services to this great state!


    1. Our County clerks have and continue to do an excellent job of  making sure only people qualified to vote do so and do so only once per election. Nobody has been able to prove otherwise. No system is 100% fool proof but with all the time and money Gessler spent investigating voter fraud and turning up only two illegal voters in records going back to 2008, a fraction of  a fraudulent vote per election over 5 years in the entire state of Colorado, our county clerks get about as close to 100% as humanly possible. No new hoops to jump through could possibly improve on that spectacularly sterling record so, clearly, none are needed.. 

      Nobody but your own ditto heads are buying the crap that you and your boy Gessler and the whole GOTP all over the country are selling in a desperate effort to overcome changing demographics by suppressing the vote.

      The reason that only Republicans work to make sure fewer people vote is because they are the ones who benefit from less small "d" democracy and  lower turn out. One of the many ways we know this to be true is by the bragging we hear from Republican pols about how their draconian voter suppression tactics are going to help them win. 

      The ditto head base may be stupid enough to buy the "we just want fair elections" crap even though the pols who push it so often forget to even pretend that's what it's about. Those with more sense than a piece of toast aren't buying it so don't bother trying convince anyone outside your little wacko bubble.

        1. That whole "Giron is selling our water" meme is something Rivera got a lot of traction on in the recall election. I always thought Angela should have addressed it directly, because it just isn't true.

          The only water bill she voted on was  SB 078 Diverted Water Rights – As recommended by the Interim Water Resources Review Committee , it allows water-rights owners and users to correct erroneous point of diversion locations without having to file for change in water rights.

          That's it. If you own water rights, you can correct a mistaken point of diversion of the water. There was other water legislation which would have allowed water to be diverted from the Arkansas to northern Colorado, and she initially was for it, but was persuaded to not support it later. That's my understanding.

          Probably facts won't make much impact on your anti-Giron fervor.

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