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November 14, 2013 07:03 AM UTC

Media omission: Exposing criminal signature gatherers is "just another tactic of the left," says Hudak recall organizer

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Deny, deflect, rinse, repeat – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Yesterday on KNUS, a Hudak-recall leader said that facts, documented Wed. by Fox 31's Eli Stokols, that a criminal is collecting signatures to put the recall measure on the ballot, are "just another tactic of the left."

Yet, reporters should know, the two recall leaders, Mike McAlpine and Laura Waters, pledged not to hide from the public, and to be "up front" about the situation.

Here's part of what they said at 48 min in the second hour of the Peter Boyles show Nov. 13.

Boyles: Laura and Mike, what are you going to do about this?

McAlpine: Well, we’re going to be in a position, Peter, where we have to check on this. We need to make sure everything is above board. We’ll do what’s right.

Boyles: You literally have to. This makes the case that the left wants to believe…. What you must do is confront this. We'll call Dudley this morning This is, as my grandma used to say, is the fly in the ointment.

Waters: When we saw the piece last night, we immediately looked through our volunteer records. We did not recognize the man…. What we’re seeing this is that people in the community are recognizing this as just another tactic of the left.

McAlpine: …Most of us live in the area and work this out of passion for change…Anybody who’s interested can hear the truth from us. We’re not going to hide behind a series of veils. We’re going to be up front about it.

If exposing the criminal backgrounds of signature-gatherers is just an empty tactic, then you have wonder what's not just a tactic. What's meaningful? Boyles didn't ask.


14 thoughts on “Media omission: Exposing criminal signature gatherers is “just another tactic of the left,” says Hudak recall organizer

  1. Isn't the whole idea in a campaign–left or right–to deploy tactics?

    If you're doing stuff in a campaign that is not part of a 'tactic' what are you doing?  And–more importantly–why is your campaign manager allowing you to do it?  

    1. And lets look at those tactics. The tactic they complain of here involves exposing something that is factually true and verifiable. Their own tactics largely involve a pack of lies together with speculation that has not been established as factual, such as that those who voted for the measures in question voted to take way people's guns (lie) or that the legislation is unconstitutional (speculation until the courts say so with established precedent making that highly unlikely) . 

      I'd say they have far less cause to complain about tactics than the Hudak supporters do.

  2. Last time I checked, felons had the right to vote in this state, and should have the right participate in that process.  After all, if criminals didn't have that right, Amendment 64 would have never even been given a chance.

    1. Please note the use of "felons" and the attempt to connect that to "pot smokers" by referring to Amendment 64 supporters as "criminals". Try to remember that all felons are criminals, but not all criminals are felons.

      Thanks for your attention…

    2. True. And people also have the right to frown upon violent felons collecting their names and addresses, especially if those violent felons behave in a threatening manner. Felons who want to escape extra scrutiny should make an effort to avoid threatening others.

      This particular felon's intimidating actions attracted negative attention and further scrutiny for which he has only himself to blame. We would not be discussing this at all if he had behaved in a civil manner. If the recall folks find this episode upsetting, they ought to be upset with him for his inappropriate behavior, not with those who reacted to it in an entirely appropriate way.

    1. The fact is that it is a tactic of both sides.  That's why no attention should have been given to this diary.  The guy said it's a tactic of the left.  It is.  To his lunatic fringe audience, the only thing that is really bad isn't the tactic, but only that it is being used by the left.  I think most people couldn't give a darn about it.  So he preaches to his lunatic fringe and the echo chamber repeats it.  It's only when reporters repeat the charge in public that it gets and press.  Exactly what they wanted and exactly what we shouldn't give them.  The answer to this "charge" should be "SO WHAT?"

      1. You're right, Craig. The only people who are even listening to Boyles or reading his show's blog or paying any attention to what he says about "tactics", as if it's a bad word when it simply describes pretty much everything anyone does to acheive any goal, are those who agree with him already and a few who don't agree with him but like to keep up with what the right is talking about, the latest hobby horses, spin, etc.  So what, indeed.

  3. Waters: When we saw the piece last night, we immediately looked through our volunteer records. We did not recognize the man…. What we’re seeing this is that people in the community are recognizing this as just another tactic of the left –

    Well, duh, he was a paid canvasser – not a volunteer. Willful ignorance is not an excuse.

  4. Up until yesterday, the recallhudaktoo people were still denying that they had an outside contractor paying petitioners.

    Yesterday, November 14, Neville (State Senate candidate and wholly owned subsidiary of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners) said on hour 4 of Boyles show: “We’ve been in contact with the  contractor that hired him. (Canino)He’s been working for a few weeks". At about 11 minutes in.

    Today 11/15,  Laura Waters was on Boyles show – About 13 minutes in,  she attempted to spin the Canino criminal record, stating that he has "turned his life around". 


    I don't know….I'm not seeing much "turning around"  from the angry thug persona, myself.



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