Brosurance for the ladies

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In the last few weeks, you may have caught a glimpse of an ad featuring three 'bros' doing a keg stand that encourages people to check out the new healthcare marketplace and get insurance. Well, that was the handiwork of ProgressNow Colorado Education and our amazing partners, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

When we began work on this project last summer with CCHI, our goal was to make sure Coloradans knew about the availability of health insurance through the new online marketplace called "Connect for Health Colorado", which opened on October 1st. While states that chose to let the federal government create their online insurance marketplaces, Colorado's legislature decided to take matters into their own hands and develop their own. Our online marketplace has experienced very few of the hiccups other states have seen, and to date, over 35,000 Coloradans have enrolled–and will have health insurance beginning January 1, 2014.

We wanted to come up with a clever ad campaign that would reach our target audiences and be different enough that it might just go viral. We came up with the idea to do a play on the iconic 'Got Milk?' campaign called 'Got Insurance?' featuring well-known figures and ordinary Coloradans doing the things we love to do: mountain climbing, kayaking, and…well…keg stands.

Within the first few weeks, 'Brosurance' has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, CNN, MSNBC, Conan O'Brien, Bill Maher, and Roll Call, as well as the front page of Buzzfeed and Jezebel, just to name a few. Just in the first 24 hours of the campaign's launch alone, #Brosurance was mentioned more than six million times on Twitter, and #GotInsurance more than 1.7 million times.

Yes. The ads went viral.

We're launching our next round of ads today, and we want you to be some of the first folks to see them. Check out the 'Got Insurance?' website and pick your favorite ad–and then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr, or Instagram.

We hope you like them! We'll continue to roll out more ads in the coming months, so stay tuned for more from the 'Got Insurance?' team, ProgressNow Colorado Education and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

PS – And if you're in the market for healthcare insurance, make sure to enroll by December 15, 2013 for coverage that goes into effect on January 1, 2014.

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  1. n3b says:

    Congratulations, lefties!

    If the genders in this ad were reversed, it would be slammed by critics as promoting "rape culture" and misogyny. Instead, we're supposed to applaud "Susie" for making a good health choice using the free birth control pills provided by the Affordable Care Act. This is insane. This ad is disrespectful to both men and women, trivializes sexuality, and is in no way an appropriate advertisement.

    And for heaven's sake, the grammatically correct word is "have," not "got." Susiehas insurance. This is despicable.

    Thanks Obamacare!

  2. n3b says:

    From the creators of Brosurance reportedly comes a new Obamacare ad for ladies. The ad depicts a girl hoping it will be as easy to get a young man to bed as it was for her to get birth control under Obamacare…

    Vile embarrasing sexist. This should be taken down!

  3. ElliotFladen says:

    Umm…first rule of politics – when your opposition is digging themselves a hole, generally you shouldn't stop them.

    On that note, carry on lefties. 

    • ajb says:

      That's right, nebbish. Take a clue from Elliot and applaud when young people don't have insurance! It's so much better to pay for their health care by paying higher hospital bills than it to persuade them to buy their own damn insurance. 

      On that note, carry on, Elliot. 

      • ElliotFladen says:

        I'm just waiting to see if Obama was correct and I'll get to keep the plan that I like.  Odds? 

        • ajb says:

          You buy your own insurance on the individual market? 

        • Curmudgeon says:

          Depends on whether it's a plan that actually met basic standards of care, a $100-a-month-$25K deductible-covers-nothing special, or one Elliott just makes up and claims he had.  Odds? 

          • Diogenesdemar says:

            Hmmmm . . . 

            . . . whenever confronted with questions of this magnitude, I always ask myself . . .

            . . . WWCD?

            (… What Would Cory Do???)

            • Diogenesdemar says:

              But to the question at hand, I gotta' say these all seem like pretty fucking stupid and, yes, a bit demeaning advertisements. 

              Then again, I'm not in the audience being targeted, and I pretty much find most media advertising these  days to be fucking stupid, and, yes, a bit demeaning. (I listen to NPR on the radio mostly so I don't have to listen to Tom Shane, et al.)

          • Miss Jane says:

            I don't think Elliot will tell a big FAT lie.  Not like the people on faux news and their unbelievable health policy experiences.  He does play the devil's advocate, it's just sometimes he actually is advocating for a devil.  But, he's young.  Maybe he will learn how this country was actually built, and understand that we are still building.       

          • ElliotFladen says:

            My deductible is $5000 and I think it comes to about $400 a month for my family.  Our agent did a good job finding plans

  4. Not Dame Edna says:

    Where are the people of color?

    On another note, I wonder if NB3 has sex. I mean if women can't responsibly have sex, who are the wing nut men having sex with? Why is it ok for men to like sex but not women? Wing nuts don't like abortion but don't approve of birth control. And don't care what happens to babies after they are born. 

    • mamajama55 says:

      ND Edna,

      You remind me of my mom – she would always ask that question, "Where are the people of color?" and it's a good question. One was Grace Ramirez, the "Mama of the year." There are a few others represented, not enough.

      Anyway. The rest of your questions are age-old and right on.

      N3b: take a breath. OK? I'm yelling across the patriarchal thought divide here.

      But N3B, I'm with you on the grammatical dissonance of "Do you got insurance?" As an English teacher, I freaking hate that. It makes me cringe.

      • It is OK for women to like sex.
      • It is OK for women to look forward to sex with hot guys.(or gals).
      • It is responsible and grown up for the young woman in the ad to be figuring out how not to conceive a child after she "gets him between the sheets," because if she doesn't,
      • she might get pregnant and have an ABORTION!


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