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November 11, 2013 11:41 AM UTC

What Colorado Needs Is Another GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

  • by: Colorado Pols

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Steve House, chairman of the Adams County Republican Party and the fifth Republican to file to run for governor of Colorado in 2014:

As reported today by Kurtis Lee of the Denver Post:

House is now among five Republicans vying to unseat Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper in 2014. Sen. Greg Brophy of Wray, Secretary of State Scott Gessler, former state Sen. Mike Kopp and former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo have all announced their candidacies for governor.

As the least-known candidate to enter this race yet, we have no idea how Mr. House intends to differentiate himself in a race already distinguished by the degree to which contenders are tripping over themselves to lurch father right. "Someone by the name of Steve House" was mentioned back in March as a possible GOP candidate for governor by the Colorado Statesman, but up until today we hadn't heard anything to confirm that.

It occurs to us that a "clown car," by definition, contains more clowns than the standard passenger capacity of a car. With that in mind, it stands to reason that we were always going to need more than four clowns. So for that, if perhaps no other reason, Mr. House is the man of the hour–or at least the next fifteen minutes.


24 thoughts on “What Colorado Needs Is Another GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

  1. His logo.  That's the distinguishing feature.  Not the beer-like label, or the mountains, or the neutral hue, but it says 'Steve' on it and none of the others do.  

  2. I'll be brief.  Steve is well-liked in GOP circles as he is known as a smart guy, a strong fundraiser and a person with a lot of business sense.  I assume he resigned as chair of the Adams County GOP prior to entering this race but he was holding that position at the time of the Adams County Lincoln Day Dinner a month or so back.  He graduated my year from leadership program of the rockies (2010).

    1. I don't know him well, but am glad to see your comments, Elliot.  The other four are so pathically lame that Hickenlooper's snoring would keep me awake all through 2014.  Hick may have earned a second term, but the people deserve a real contest not the sick joke now contesting for Republican colors.

  3. I notice that his video includes only images of rural Colorado which now accounts for a tiny minority of Coloradans as well as lots of old pioneer images from more than a century ago. retty much tractors, old homesteads and white folks.  He talks a lot of nonsense about the need for austerity, though he  doesn't use the word, as a way back to prosperity although austerity has been completely discredited as a way out of recession both here and across Europe and never made a lick of sense in the first place.  

    More bla bla about a non-existent tough independence and self reliance that never was, especially for the government welfare dependent farmers and ranchers he presents as exclusive representatives of the Colorado way of life, and the need to cut government spending which, in reality, is nothing but the utterly stupid policy of cutting public sector employment when the private sector isn't providing enough employment on the nonsensical theory that somehow this will cause the private sector to thrive. 

    Never mind it never has and all the accumulated evidence of many years of austerity policies, dominant since the Reagan years, shows that's because it makes no sense.  What these policies do is a bang up job of increasing the gap between the wealthiest and the overwhelming majority, shrinking the middles class, reducing opportunities for middle and lower income Americans to get a good education or quality healthcare, allowing our infrastructure to crumble and depriving us of adequate public services necessary to our safety and well being such as having sufficient police for our communities, supervision for parolees, child welfare workers to help prevent tragic child abuse and death, a safe food and water supply, etc.  Why would anyone with more brains than a piece of toast want more of any of that?

    There's a nice picture of what looks like a big chunk of the extended family at a gathering in matching whites in some sunny vacation spot which may provide a clue for how out of touch this joker is with the way most actual Colorado citizens live and the problems we have in this economy. Problems caused by too many years of the failed policies he promises to push.

    On the other hand he's another no hoper so…. big deal. Since he clearly is talking about a fantasy Colorado maybe he should pretend run for pretend Governor of a pretend state composed of his own property with his own family as the adoring citizenry.


    1. Where did you find this guy? Did you make him up?

      From Mr. Rundberg' statement on 2nd amendment rights.  He's a vigilante justice advocate.  There is nothing constitutional about that.  Perhaps he is a fan of "Red Dawn 2". and thinks it is a documentary sent back from the future.

      "I believe that guns are not the only means of self-protection, and we as a country should begin training ourselves, and our children with a self-defense curriculum.   Let's make our young people the Champions of the Weak and Helpless.  Let's improve personal protective equipment.  And, let's incorporate the use of guard animals in our self defense plans.  We need not fear guns.  We need not fear anything."

      And if we donate at least $20 to his campaign he will sent a $500 certificate for a compressed natural gas converter for our cars.  Fabulous, absolutely fabulous.

      1. Oh please let them all run… House, Tanc and Rundberg and, if it please God, one or two even nuttier and may they all refuse to bow out. If only we could be so lucky we could actually skip over Hick and elect a real Dem. Of course we won't be that lucky. We can't count on  the crazies having enough staying power to make life that sweet for Dems, though popcorn sales should benefit.  But Hick has certainly been preferable to any R and with Gessler being the least ridiculous candidate they're going to be able to field, we'll at least be guaranteed nothing worse than a just Dem enough not to veto all sensible legislation Gov for another 4 years.     

        1. The primary will be be wicked good fun to watch.  I wonder who davenbarnes will vote for.  I think he should stick with Rundberg if he makes that far.  I don't hink he has two pennies to rub together.

                1. My family didn't vote for Ike (it would have been a shanda to vote Republican) but once he was President even they couldn't manage not to like Ike. 

                  Rockefeller was from the honest to God liberal wing of the GOP, something that actually existed right through the 70s.

                  I bet it's tough for anybody not at least approaching the neighborhood of their social security years to imagine what Republicans used to be. Even Reagan, as conservative as he was, would be considered nothing but a compromising RINO today. Yet they cling to idolizing him, I guess since they have to idolize somebody among their most recent Presidents and it's not going to be Nixon or Bush I or II. 

                  Sorry about what's happened to your party. 

    2. Oh my god.  He is from Moffat.  I think I might have met him.  And he claims to be a Pentacostal Christian and his favorite music artist is Stevie Nicks.  He doesn't get out much does he?  There is a goddess. laugh

      Thanks, this has been a little fun spot in my very quiet day.  Well, this and that Peggy Littleton is promoting a program for communication when the grid goes down, an idea that the county brought back from a trip to Seattle of all places.  I wonder if she has an eye on Bernie Herpin's seat.  I have heard a rumor that for the local party he is just a place holder. She certainly got a little boost from the Gazette with it.

  4. I don't know Mr. House but after reading his campaign website there are a few obvious questions. He claims there is a technological revolution coming and he will use it to reform healthcare, the state budget, education and contemporaneiously he will make our state government smaller and more efficient. Let's use higher education as an example. Due to the 2008 recession, the state budget for higher education went from nearly $800 million to just above $500 million. Before the recession students at our public colleges and universities paid 32 cents of every dollar their education cost and the state paid 68 cents. The reverse is now true. Students, even in-state students, are now graduating with such heavy debt loads they can't afford to purchase homes or cars. That creates a drag on our state's economy. How is Mr. House going to reverse that except by adding additional funds to the state budget for higher education?

    Second, how does he perceive that new technology will revolutionize healthcare, the state budget and education? I don't have a clue what he is talking aobut but we the voters certainly deserve an explanation.

    He goes on the slam politics as usual by denigrating the "Washington way" and the "Denver way" of politics.I assume he is attempting to appeal to rural voters but he'd better wake-up to the fact over 85% of the voters live (and vote) between Ft. Collins and Pueblo with well over 50% living (and voting) in the metropolitan area. He ends his written material on his campaign website by asserting he can bring people together with innovative solutions but apparently he isn't including those of us who live in the area where we do it the "Denver way."

    1. Great points, R36. I wonder if any of these candidates will speak to these logical conflicts – probably not, as they would need to get away from the 8 second sound bite style of campaigning. They do voters a disservice by assuming that we can't handle complexity and balancing opposing interests.

      The only one who's actually doing a decent job making government and debt smaller and more efficient while increasing at least some needed services is….Obama.

  5. Clown car

    I await the suitably photoshopped image of the clown car full of Repub gov candidates—fittingly, from the Dead Govs of Colorado Pols. 

    You have your assignment.

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