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November 04, 2013 01:42 PM UTC

Friendly Rancher in Pro-Fracking Ad is Former Allard Staffer

  • by: ProgressiveCowgirl

As long as we're on the subject of misleading political advertising today, let's have a look at where fracking proponents come from (hint: The stork doesn't bring them, because the stork is dead after it ate fish poisoned by fracking spills).

Anne Kern, cast here as an everyday rancher whose neighbors were "surprised" when she allowed fracking on her land, is perhaps the least surprising frackster you can imagine: Annie Brewster Kern, a staff member for Republican Senator Wayne Allard from 2002-2009. It's nice to know you've found a new calling as an actress since Allard left office, Annie, but your role as "Ordinary Rancher Woman" is unconvincing. I give your debut performance two glasses of delicious, nutritious fracking fluid down (the hatch, Governor).


28 thoughts on “Friendly Rancher in Pro-Fracking Ad is Former Allard Staffer

    1. Haven't you changed your name to Conservabotus yet?

      She has a right to appear in a commercial which will probably help her get another job as a Republican staffer. Viewers of the commercial have the right to know that she makes her living as a Republican staffer and that the best the makers of the commercial could do for the role of "Ordinary Rancher Woman" was a Washington insider who works for Republicans.

        1. I wonder if Annie Kern is attempting to deceive people.  Hmmm,  I just wonder.

          And thank God, GUESS WHAT, FRACKING IS SAFE !!!

          Whew !

              1. yep. been mixing it up with “the Oily Boys” for a long time. i will be home to Colorado in a few days and I intend to become a major pain in J. Frackenloopers’ ass.

        2. N3B, I've volunteered on campaigns with the SEIU guys. They're just not as cute as the "Brosurance" guys, particularly at the end of the day after they've worked a shift. And I doubt if any of them can do kegstands.

          No offense, guys. Just saying.

        3. I'd suspect N3bbish our resident CSCH can prove this allegation just as well as it can any of the other it makes. Besides wouldn't that fall into the two wrongs don't category? And we all know how much cons hate that.

              1. OK, Ms. Ramirez works for SEIU and was a DNC staffer. Where's your evidence that everyone in all of the ads fits those criteria?

                The other thing is that I do not see the SEIU as the Evil Empire.  Unions brought us good things: the 40 hour work week, no child labor, workmen's compensation laws, due process, etc.

                Now you may think that those are all horrible things – but I bet you've benefitted from them in your working life at some point.

    2. I'm with Moderatus on this – she owns the land and her opinion is equally valid. Most anyone in one of those ads is politically active – that's how they connect up with the group filming the ad.

      With that said, listing her job history is a valid counterpoint to show both her point of view and to counter the effect of the ad.

  1. I didn't notice  but does she live in one of the counties that will be voting on secession the 5th, in which case maybe Colorado won't need to worry about her?

    1. NOT like that? Why, I'm offended. Sheesh. I'm losing my edge. 

      "Like that" does mean "In the sense of missing her witty repartee," doesn't it?

  2. I get this ad a lot on a free internet radio station.  Didn't know who she was, but didn't believe a word she said either.  Thanks for letting me know I don't need to believe her.  I, too, was thinking about you PCG recently.  Glad you're back and stirring the ol' pot, er kettle, er oh, well, never mind.

    1. For now. For now. I have a bunch of other stuff I've been sitting on 'til after this election, we'll see, I may stick around more consistently this time. Been victim-advocating a lot, side effect they didn't warn me about is that political mudslinging seems less meaningful.

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