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October 22, 2013 12:26 PM UTC

Got Insurance?

  • by: CCHI

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

We should all be able to answer "yes" to the question "Got Insurance?" That's why today we launched our new social media campaign, "Got Insurance?" with ProgressNow Colorado Education to raise awareness of the new health insurance options available for Coloradans. It's not too much to ask to get the care you need when you need it, and see your doctor without unpredictable costs. Colorado's new insurance marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado, can help Coloradans get affordable health insurance with financial assistance to reduce monthly premiums.

Modeled after the iconic Got Milk? ad campaign, Got Insurance? features everyday Coloradans with a message to the under- and uninsured that they now may be able to afford and purchase health insurance. The 'ads' link to a website that prepares health insurance shoppers to take the next step, enrolling in insurance through their marketplace. The campaign will roll out new content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest weekly, and all the campaign images are housed on the website You can easily share the images from the website and join in the conversation!

“Got Milk? is one of the greatest ad campaigns of all time. Everybody saw it, everybody remembers it,” said Jen Caltrider of ProgressNow Colorado Education. “When you’re trying to reach people and let them know new, affordable health insurance options may be open to them, keeping it simple is the best way to go. Got Insurance? is a question with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.  If you answer ‘No’ then you’ll benefit most from heading on over to”

The Got Insurance? campaign will continue at least through December 15th, when people need to have enrolled to gain coverage starting January 1st, but we hope to continue it throughout the open enrollment period that ends March 31st.



19 thoughts on “Got Insurance?

          1. If you're so confident of its failure, then why not shut up and just watch?

            Yeah, we all know why. The fear of Dem success runs strong among your ilk, hence the continuous hatred, racist outbursts and obstructionism.

            Your ignorant actions and utterances belie your false bravado and feigned "confidence."

  1. "Hey bros, you get to pay for other people's health care! Righteous!"

    This is ballsy, but it only shows how desperate Obamacare supporters are. Without "bros" buying insurance they don't need, Obamacare goes bust.

        1. Young people get injured, are diagnosed with cancer, have congenital conditions, and when they do and have no insurance we all already do pay for their care, genius.  And we pay twice as much per capita as the citizens of any other modern industrialized country. And all the citizens in those countries receive quality care whereas we are sinking towards third world outcomes in all the most significant of health quality areas. 

          What you morons don't seem to understand is that we are already paying for everyone's healthcare one way or another. We're just doing it in the most expensive, least efficient manner possible with outcomes for the average person that any other modern industrialized nation would find completely unacceptable.

          Apparently paying twice as much for the world's worst universal healthcare system, which is what we have until we turn sick kids without insurance away from ERs, than it would cost for each and every one of us to have access to quality healthcare is you're idea of patriotism or freedom or something.

          You also seem to miss a very important aspect of reality (big surprise). Young people and older people aren't seperate species. If all goes well, all young people will become old people so they are in no way being cheated by participating in a system where they may get less in return while they are young but will be guaranteed good care as they become older and more expensive.  That and the fact that if you happen to be one of the young people struck with an awful illness, the fact that you aren't in the majority is of little use to you personally and will cost everyone else plenty.

          1. I think I've gleaned an insight into the Republican healthcare strategery — if you provide as little healthcare as you possibly can to young people,  you can largely avoid having too many older folks that will need healthcare . . . 

            It's stupid strategery, it's already been proven to be completely wrong (vis-a-vis preventative healthcare savings), but it's still a fucking strategery nonetheless . . . 

          1. Good point. My husband and I are both over 60 and the last time either one of us was in an ER was about 8 years ago when he was a passenger in car wreck. It was covered by the driver's insurance. 

            Maybe n3b is confused and meant those over 50 go to the doctor, not the ER, and have medical procedures more often.  Most over 50 do have insurance or medicare with many also having Vet's benefits and don't need to go to the ER  for every health issue. In fact young people do go to the ER quite a bit for injuries and because they don't have insurance. We almost never have occasion to seek care, being very healthy (knock wood), and neither one of us even takes a single prescription med on a regular basis.

            But stuff happens and could happen to us as easily as to some young person and few of us will make it through without needing healthcare at some point. Doesn't nb3 realize that if he has insurance he is already paying more, including for the cost of covering the uninsured, than he would in other modern industrialized country and that if he doesn't have insurance and something really bad happens, he'll have to lose all but a pittance worth of assets before he qualifies for any government assistance to pay his medical bills? 

            Is being the only modern industrialized country on the planet where health crises are the number one cause of bankruptcy, a cause of bankruptcy unknown in any other modern industrialized country, something that n3b  thinks we should be fighting tooth and nail to preserve? 

            For the life of me, I can't figure out what it is that conservatives find valuable about their stance against universal coverage, much less the modest conservative think tank originating reforms of the ACA. The Heritage is one of those think tanks, by the way, though they changed their tune as soon as the black guy took office. Personal responsibility? Is it a lack of responsibility that causes every cancer, every congenital condition, every genetic disorder, every antibiotic resistant infection, every stroke, every accident, every illness? 

            I guess they're staunchly for fiscally responsible policies that don't waste their money in every area except health care where they strongly support flushing as much money as possible down the toilet on mediocre care, sending people into bankruptcy when they get sick and discouraging smart creative people from leaving dead end jobs with coverage to strike out on their own. I'm going to double check the constitution but I don't recall seeing anything in it that would force us to accept such a lousy, wasteful, outrageously expensive way of accessing healthcare. 

            WTF is their problem with getting much more, much better for much less?  WTF is their problem with everyone having access to quality care for less than what it costs to have a system that denies that access to so many, including themselves if anything goes badly wrong for them?  Why do they think that if they get laid off  and have a pre-existing condition they themselves should be doomed to never having coverage again? Why do they want to have their own child denied coverage if born with a pre-existing condition? Why do they want to live in danger of losing everything if they get sick?  It makes zero sense.  

            Maybe that's why they can't explain it in anything approaching a rational way and are left with brilliant insults like calling people libtards. 

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