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October 09, 2013 11:27 AM UTC

Gardner says Obama doing "everything he can" to stop America from abiding by the "rule of law"

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Once again, what the hell does this even mean? – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Rep. Mike Coffman said that too big a deal was made of his line about Obama is not an American "in his heart." But reporters were right not to think so.

Here's another case that's in the same ballpark and deserves to be picked up by the press.

On KFKA's Amy Oliver Show Friday, Rep. Cory Gardner leveled this attack on Obama:

Gardner: This is a president who is doing everything he can to make this nation no longer abide to the rule of law.

Oliver: Wow. What does that do to the rule of law?

Gardner: It weakens it tremendously.

Listen to Gardner on KFKA 10-4-13

I guess Gardner would advise me not to let people like Obama hang out with my teenage son? Unless I want anarchists hanging around the house?

Admittedly, it's hard to know, with extremists all around us, when the extremism threshold has been passed. But reasonable reporters should agree that this is an example.


53 thoughts on “Gardner says Obama doing “everything he can” to stop America from abiding by the “rule of law”

  1. I love how Oliver just abrogates her responsibility as a journalist.

    A journalist would say, "That's an outrageous claim. What evidence do you have that Obama is trying to stop America from abiding by the rule of law?"

    Oliver: Wow. What does that do to the rule of law? –

  2. What do you call a president who doesn't think he needs to negotiate with the people's elected representatives?

    A dictator, that's what. Sorry if you don't like that, Colorado Pols, but it's true.

    1. He's already negotiated. Boehner's already bragged about getting 90% of what he wanted.  Boehner is already on record as being fine with the deal for raising the debt ceiling as is because he got 90% of what he wanted.  

      The GOP isn't offering to negotiate. It's offering not to shoot if the President gives up the law he got through both houses, signed, got past the scrutiny of the Supreme Court, and which the GOTP can't manage to repeal after over 40 tries. That's not negotiation. That's blackmail. 

      The polls say the majority of the American people aren't fooled and don't want government by extortion to replace the legitimate legislative process as  the American way of governing.

    2. You really have no clue what the word "negotiate" means do you ??

      Ah hell, that's a 13-syllable sentence — sorry, nubby . . . here, child . . . 

      You really have no clue ??

    3. N3bbish- Like most baggers or wingers you wouldn't know the "truth"if it stole the sterling silver spoon from your last presidential candidates anus and gave it to you to lick clean,which you'd unhesitatingly do.

      The president has done nothing but negotiate with a bunch of folks who'd not be there were it not for gerrymandered districts. Besides which that bunch doesn't even come close to representing all Americans much less the people.

      I'd still like you to meet my ex-Ranger friend.

          1. Says the adolescent with a violent avatar.  You're a good representation of your kind.  Look folks: a prime example of shitferbrains.  Vulgar?  Or merely descriptive? 

    4. dic·ta·tor

        [dik-tey-ter, dik-tey-ter]  Show IPA



      a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has 

      absolute, unrestricted control in agovernment without hereditarysuccession.


      Well, by definition, you're completely wrong, but it doesn't surprise me that you don't know the meaning of the words you use so cavalierly. 

      But let's turn this on it's head shall we? What do you call 1/2 of 1/3 of the government that thinks it has complete control of the whole government?

      Sounds like a junta to me. Sorry if you don't like that, n3b, but it's true. 



      1. Like objective reality, the meanings of words have such a liberal bias, real Americans are positively obligated to make up correct alternatives. n3b is just being patriotic. We will never be safe from the terrorists or the communists or the dictators or the gun grabbers until we burn all the dictionaries. The only books we need are those by Ayn Rand. 

    5. Unfortunately, there is nothing for President Obama to negotiate anyway. No, wait. Let me make this big for you so your reptilian brain can read for you….




  3. I'm officially "speechless".  My Newsfeed and email box is chocked full of panic and/or call-to-arms from my friends in the 51st sate: Michelle Bachmann has convinced them the end times are upon us. 

    1. Do we really want to let people who believe the world is about to end have a voice in making laws that affect our present and future. I mean, what do they care about anyone's future if they truly believe it's all over anyway? 

      Voting for a pol who believes the end is right around the corner is even stupider than being that pol.

    2. There's something more to this. Cory isn't stupid – and he's demonstrated that he's happily "for sale".  I'm no sage on Capitol Hill Kabuki Theater like the Congressman is, but the end game of these antics are rarely what it appears to be. Cory has been dead silent since the revelations about conflicting facts regarding his health care. This is as much a  "distraction" campaign for himself as it is about anything on Capitol Hill. 

      1. Throw mud at the other guy so suck-up reporters don't ask questions about your own lies even though they probably would be softballs.

        Sounds plausible to me Michael.  Jason was spot on to see the farce of this interview but your point shows the subtle deviousness of Gardner to evade his own claims.  The guy never gets called out for his BS.

    3. Problem is, if the end times are upon us, then why donate to Michele Bachmann, or anyone else? She hasn't thought this through.

      On the other hand, she's not running for a 5th term. My guess is she'll follow the Palin model, become a Fox commentator and spokesmodel for extremist causes.

      You should listen to her audio from her website above. It's hilarious.  (paraphrased) My decision has nothing to do with any accusations of wrongdoing in campaign finance, nor any chance I might not get re-elected…"

      1. That struck me too. What's the point of politics at all  if it's all coming to an end right about right now. Bachmann sounded like she's ready to chuck it all and party until rapture time, perhaps sometime next week. Seems like the people who buy this shouldn't be bothering to fund or vote for anybody. And if this is what you believe, why run for anything? I can see how you evangelize on "the end is near' but how do you campaign for office on it?

          1. Especially if they hate government and thinks there isn't any earthly future to be concerned with. They should be spending their time preparing for the end without messing with the world the rest of us are pretty sure we're going to have to live in.

    4. There was a good piece on NPR yesterday regarding game theory and how it applied to the shutdown and the debt ceiling. In short, the president and Boehner are engaged in a game of chicken, two cars on a collision course. Game theory tells you that in order to gain the upper hand, you should throw the steering wheel out of the car before you start (and make sure your opponent sees you do it.)  If he thinks/believes that you are so crazy you will never swerve, then he will swerve and you win. I think that the loonies are vocal right now because they can see that sane people (including Coffman) are cracking.  They are trying to convince Obama and his supporters that they are so crazy, Obama has to give in. Hopefully, Obama will continue to hold firm. It is not just about this head on collision. If he gives in, he is ceding control of government to the small faction that hates goverment (except military, ssi, etc.) and is willing to blow up the economy to get what they want.

  4. My guess is he was referring to Obama's governance through executive orders.  And, to make Bluecat happy, I'm not taking a position on whether I agree with Gardner's comments or not. 

    1. I don't care what you comment or fail to comment on just as long as you stay out of my comment box when you you aren't responding directly to anything in my comment.  In this case, you correctly didn't use my comment's reply button so knock yourself out. 

      1. New rule:  all politicians and their shills have to understand and apply the math we were taught in our youth.  Real math.  Not Magic Math® 

        1. You mean like the magic math that proved Romney was going to win so convincingly that Rove had a coast to coast broadcast tantrum when told that Romney had lost just as regular math, even Fox regular math, said he would? He had to be taken to the nerd room for an explanation?

          To be fair rumors persisted for quite some time that it wasn't regular math he had a problem with. He just couldn't believe that the computer vote rigging he had hired done hadn't worked as promised. Now I did say it was a rumor.wink


          1. …that, and Trickled-On "Trickle Down Economics"; unregulated methane emissions couldn't possibly be affecting Colorado agriculture; state renewable energy standards have done nothing for rural Colorado; Tri-State couldn't possibly meet their obligations under SB-252;  we're "independent" in rural Colorado; "cheap gas" is the best thing for the economy; coal-fired power plants in Kansas are the only economically-viable energy source for Tri-State, and starving our children from the state's most challenged households is the best, long-term strategy.

            And don't even get me started on the Dumphuckistan Math®

            Not one single person in that bubble is capable of 'arithmetic'.

          2. …and now Dumphuckistan Legal® is being challenged.  From the front page of yesterday's Greeley Tribune

            "We have reviewed the Colorado Constitution, the statutes of Colorado and the Weld County Home Rule Charter," the letter states. "We can find nothing in the law giving the Board of County Commissioners the power or authority to advocate, investigate or initiate the secession of Weld County from the state of Colorado."

            ~Robert Ruyle, Stow Witwer and Chuck Dickson

    2. I'm not understanding. Are you saying the President has issued Executive Orders that are not legal or within his authority?

      You may want to research Bush's use of the same.

      Please be at least a little more specific.

      1. Please remember, Elliot isn't taking a position. Just helpfully speculating on WTF Gardner might have in mind. Even though nothing like this is mentioned in the diary you can be assured that if we are off on a tangent it isn't any fault of Elliot's. He hates tangents and anything "tangential" though he loves to use that word. Also he is no way obligated to answer any questions he doesn't feel like answering.

        I think that covers it.

        1. That's why…………exactly why……….. 1.000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean's a great start.

          Now……apologies should Elliot answer.


        2. And see, this is why I don't respond to you guys.  I try to give you all a little insight into what I think Gardner is talking about after somebody said that they didn't have clue what he had in mind.  And this is the response I get?  Seriously?

          You know what they say about no good deed going unpunished?

            1. ColoradoPols put this as the initial post promotion BC:

              "(Once again, what the hell does this even mean? – promoted by Colorado Pols) "

              I try to be a nice guy and answer that and you chose to be a jerk about it.  That has nothing to do with your ideology.  It has to do with how you act. 

          1. I'm not understanding your response. Ok, your feelings got hurt, I get that. It happens. Espescially when a person has a history of being "obtuse". (Shawshank Redemption).

            But about those executive orders……….are you saying YOU think he's used them excessively or unlawfully, and that's what cory believes as well, or that only you believe it, or that only cory believes it.

            You're changing the subject, counsellor. Why do you always do that?

            Never mind. Don't answer the "why do you always do that". Another segway. Just tell me what you meant with the whole Executive Order thing.


            1. EF has already stated he refuses to take a position on EF's speculation as to what is going on inside Cory's head.

              That was his good deed for the day.

          2. And by the way, Elliot. The problem is that you do respond. You hit our reply buttons in our comment boxes but refuse to respond to  our points or questions.

            All you have to do when you don't want to specifically respond to someone's points or questions is…. don't hit their reply button. Reply to someone you do wish to give a direct response to or use the general reply to the diary if you just want to share your thoughts in a general way.  It's really simple.


            As for this last bit of sarcasm of mine that so offended you, your high horse lectures about what you judge to be "tangential", etc. makes it hard not to give you grief. You're really thin skinned for someone who likes to tell others their comments aren't worthy of response. Those who dish it out should be prepared to take it.

          3. Oh, well then, . . . when you put it that way . . . 

            . . . we really can't tell for sure if it's whether:

            1) Gardner iscompletely to-the-brim full of shit,


            c) Your "insight" isn't,


            4) There are now several more persons who haven't got a clue what he had in mind, referring to he-you.

            PS.  Seriously !!!!! 

            &) That's what you consider a "good deed"??  Thanks, . . . I guess?!? (for the belly laugh at least . . . )

    3. Executive orders by president (list is incomplete)

      President Ronald. Reagan: 381

      President George W. Bush 291

      President Barack Obama  161


      Either you were eay off, Grdner was or you were just changing the subejct.

      Not helpful, not anytihng really – just ….pointless. But you're the victim. Got it.

  5. When I say the CD4 rubes who voted out Betsy Markey for this embarrassment got exactly what was coming to them, it's idiotic statements like this that I'm referring to.

    Before this teabag crew, most government employees, even some republicans, were invested in the Nation's future.

    gardner and this assinine quote capture in a nutshell how disfunctional the "loyal opposition" has become. And how forty really dumb people can dominate the entire republican party. This is disgusting. 

    Put simply, todays' republicans are literally rooting for the nation to fail.

    1. I loved the way she was so tripped up when the usual talking points weren't just accepted unchallenged as they so often are on "real" news shows. Like when she says Obamacare isn't constitutional and he tells her it was in fact brought before the Supreme Court and deemed constitutional and she looks a bit taken aback for a beat but then says it must be because they, the justices of the Supreme Court, didn't know what was in it. I got the distinct feeling that the fact that it had already gone through the Supreme Court was news to her and she was just winging it. Had she thought about it for an extra second maybe she would have realized how ridiculous that sounded.

      The exasperated strangling gesture in reaction to being confronted with plain facts was priceless. 

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