Move Over “Chicken-Gate,” Let’s Talk Asians And Egg Rolls!

An egg roll.

An egg roll.

The Colorado Statesman's Peter Marcus follows up the long, sordid drama of "Chicken-Gate" today:

[Rep. Lori] Saine repeatedly told The Colorado Statesman that she brought the boxed chicken to simply supplement the meal provided to task force members. There is no definitive evidence to prove otherwise. It is simply a story of dueling accounts.

She said she was a “little shocked” that Call so quickly threw her under the bus.

Frustrated by Call’s criticism of the two conservatives, upset Republicans suggested that they bring boxed chicken to the central committee meeting. An email obtained by political reporter Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post apparently outlined 14 complaints with Call and the current direction of the party, while drumming up support for Baisley.

The email shows that it was sent from an account belonging to Lana Fore-Warkocz, secretary of the party, but she did not sign it, according to The Post. Fore-Warkocz says that the protest was not her idea, and that she actually encouraged people not to bring chicken…

Lana Fore-Warkocz, the secretary of the Colorado Republican Party who surfaced last week as one of the major instigators of a planned (but apparently abortive) protest against GOP Chairman Ryan Call, has many grievances including but limited to Call's criticism of Sen. Vicki Marble and Rep. Lori Saine. But above all, she's brilliantly kept the story of the GOP's culinary stereotyping alive:

Fore-Warkocz pointed out that she is half Asian, suggesting that Asian people are skinny because they eat healthier foods than other cultures. She doesn’t understand why dietary habits should be connected to a conversation on political correctness.

“My gosh, I’m Asian. If you want to eat egg rolls, go ahead,” said Fore-Warkocz. “I don’t get the political correctness, and I will not be politically correct.

“That’s why Asian people are skinny, because they eat lots of vegetables…” she continued.

To briefly recap, a few weeks ago, Sen. Vicki Marble spontaneously began rambling in a poverty reduction commission hearing about "problems in the black race" and "Mexicans" in America related to their diets. After Marble became the focus of nationwide criticism, Rep. Lori Saine half-wittedly attempted to defend Marble by bringing fast-food chicken to the next hearing of this commission. Rep. Saine made an absolute fool of herself by refusing to explain to a reporter what her point was, but clearly broadcasting with her peculiar behavior and wide grin that she had some kind of point in mind. GOP chairman Call quite rightly denounced Rep. Saine's antics, which resurrected a terrible story otherwise on its way to the memory hole.

Who's up for round three? Apparently there are still minority groups out there to offend.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    They just can't help themselves. I honestly feel badly for Ryan Call.

  2. PolitiComm says:

    As a white guy who became rather rotund eating fried chicken, frozen egg rolls, ramen and (the occasional) beef jerky stick in College, I am waiting with baited breath for the Right Wing Republican diet book everyone knows is coming.

    I'd like to put on a few pounds again. 

  3. n3b says:

    WTF? Asians can't talk about egg rolls now? PC gone crazy, Pols!

    • Duke Cox says:

      Wait a gol-dang minute, there podnuh…you just got me to wondering…When you refer to "pols" and ascribe some sort of characteristic to "pols", just who are you talking about? Do you think "pols" is a person? An individual?

      Or are you talking about all the posters on here being, "pols"? Or at least the ones who aren't you? or, you and a handful of of your equally odious brethren..?

      I am genuinely curious… 

      It isn't really possible to separate it, you know, If you believe the latter, you have to include yourself as a part of "pols".

      What the hell do you mean, Horace, I am dying to know…?

  4. davebarnes says:

    Egg rolls are fattening.
    I prefer Vietnamese spring rolls.
    Lighter. More refreshing.
    Not to mention that the Vietnamese government is now our friend as they are China's enemy.

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Ethnic food as social policy statement can work in a positive direction, too!

    Shameless Bertolli pasta plug: In reaction fo Barilla past company's remarks that they would never put gay couples in its advertising, Bertolli has been running adorable pro-gay ads:

    Our diverse pasta!

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