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November 28, 2005 09:00 AM UTC

Holidaze Opening Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

First tip: the debate is over. Gift cards are a cop out.


27 thoughts on “Holidaze Opening Thread

  1. Au contraire Dead Governors. My mother said, “For Chirstmas DO NOT send me a knick-nack, blanket, clothes, or anything else I can’t use, I love to eat at the following resturants and a GIFT CARD would be fantastic.” My son, “Mom & Dad a  GIFT CARD for some new golf clubs would be a great Christmas gift, I’ll pick out the clubs that will be best for me.” Me to my wife, “I’m sending boxes of goodies to Marines in Iraq, from, a GIFT CARD to Costco so I can get lots of stuff would be the best Christmas present you could get me. I don’t need more “stuff”.”

  2. U.S. congressman admits taking millions in bribes

    SAN DIEGO (AP) – Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R) pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy and tax charges, admitting taking $2.4 million in bribes in a case that grew from an investigation into the sale of his home to a wide-ranging conspiracy involving payments in cash, vacations and antiques.
    wonder if that will hurt his re-election chances.

  3. voyageur – he announced a few months ago that he wouldn’t be running again.

    FWIW- Duke Cunningham is on the History channel occasionaly, he’s a Vietnam war hero and appears in a few different shows about the war. There’s one on dog-fighting (he was a pilot) that is particularly interesting.

  4. Anyone else catch Bane’s (Alva) article in 5280 about the marriage amendment?  I knew it was coming down the pipeline, but hadn’t seen anything public yet.  It was a pretty article.

    Does anybody know if their opposition is set up yet and if so, anybody know who the point person will be?  I read the group he hand in there, but don’t know anybody on there other than Mary Lou.

  5. threeblindmice-Very true, last session was quite entertaining. But I don’t think it will ever be the same-everyone has gotten so touchy and politically correct around here.

  6. Ah don’t worry about it, give it a few weeks and the Beauprez and Holtzman folks will start a war about who stole who’s grandmothers christmas cookie recipe.

    A rumor will float about how we all are having our IP addresses tracked and the Holtzman / Beauprez campaigns will all know who we are and what brand of breakfast cereal we eat.

    Some moron will use the handle ‘ run “insert useless candidate’s name that doesn’t have a chance in hell” run’

    Seagull Falling will give his / her superior dance.

    Dan Willis will let us all know that he is running for something eventually.  FYI: Get a professional photo on your website, the mugshot is killing me.

    Hopefully Sir Robin will run away.

    And finally some 98 pound weakling will threaten to kick all of our asses for disagreeing with him / her.

    The rest of us will enjoy lauging at all of them and occasionally spend a moment to correct them, but basically use this site for personal enjoyment… ie every time we start to think our own lives are pathetic, we will come here to find out that we are doing ok, hell we are probably somewhere damn near royalty in comparison.

  7. Maybe it was an excellent post, TBM, but we ought to threaten to beat him up anyway.  Or else start a rumor that he’s running for Congress in the 3rd CD.

  8. Go Raiders is running for CD3? One would hope he’d need to move a bit further west to win with a handle like that.

    Besides, everyone knows Bob B. paid two hundred dollars for the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe and is giving it away on the internet… I got that email. Fiscal irresponcible if you ask me. Good cookies though.

  9. Cookies, ummmhh.  Give me that recipe, Iron Mike, I’ll trade you the recipe for Waldorf Astoria cake that, honest injun, a friend of a friend of a guy who lived next door to a woman who ate their once, liked the cake, asked for the recipe and was billed $500 for it passed on to the world. My sister has that recipe and is sticking to her story as to how she got it.

  10. Sir Robin just announced for the Republican nomination in the 3rd CD and the Democratic nomination in the 7th and 4th.  The U.S. Constitition doesn’t require residence in the district until after election, so our knight erring is covering all the bets.

  11. Just when I start to think you guys are all paranoid kooks (on both sides of the isle) – you go and have a great thread like this. Darn it – I’m almost crying now… the sentimentality and affection here is getting to me.

  12. WTF: Aren’t you the guy who want to kick my butt a little while ago???  This change of Heart thing is creeping me out.

    And for the record, the way I heard the cookie story is that the ACLU is now involved as there seems to be some inklings of a lawsuit on the basis that the cookies were actually the grandfather’s recipe and he used his grandmother’s image without her express written consent thus stifling her rights to not endorse the cookies

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