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August 23, 2013 12:35 PM UTC

"The only reason she got elected, is because her kid got killed"

  • by: Jason Salzman

(This is unusually disgusting. – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Here's a gross excerpt of a conversation yesterday between KLZ radio hosts Jason Worley and Stacy Petty (subbing for Ken Clark) about Vicki Marble's comments about the eating habits of blacks and Mexicans. (Start at 34:24 on the podcast.)

WORLEY: Don’t get me wrong, in Republican circles, if I was sitting right next to Vicki, I would say, right now, “Hey, you grew up in West. You grew up all out here in the West. You didn’t live in the South. I get it. There is a – the minute you say, and if somebody’s from the South, the minute you say ‘Black’ and ‘chicken’, it’s just not a good idea.”

PETTY: Mmm-hmm.

WORLEY: It’s not a good idea. But there’s nothing –. It’s in-artful, and yes, you’re opening the door for an opportunist like Rhonda Fields, because that’s what she is.

PETTY: Mmm-hmm.

WORLEY: I mean, I’m sorry. Am I the only one who said it? The only reason she got elected, is because her kid got killed. [BigMedia emphasis]

PETTY: Yeah. I agree with you.

WORLEY: I said it! I said it! Her son died. She’s a victim. Diane Primavera in Broomfield ran on a “I’m a cancer survivor”.

PETTY: Yeah.

WORLEY: Good for you. Move on with your damn life, and actually show that you can legislate some stuff.

PETTY: Well, and everybody in their life, I mean, granted, those are horrible challenges to have, but everybody has a significant challenge in their life that they overcome at some point. In general, it makes them a better, stronger person. They’re there for other people. They don’t use it as a coattail to ride their way to reside under the Gold Dome.

later at @37:35

PETTY: [talking about Jimmy the Greeks comments about black athletes being better because their ancestors were bred in slavery for big thighs and big bodies] That’s a racist comment but the thing that always troubled me, is that was actually true. If you go back and you look at history, slaves were bred because they were considered non-human work animals. I mean, that’s what they were, and so they were intentionally bred to be more muscular. And if you look at the individuals in Africa, how they are right now, they don’t have the same muscular build that our African Americans do. And it’s—

WORLEY: And it’s some! And it’s some! It’s not – I know skinny African American and I know athletic black Americans. I mean, –.

PETTY: Yeah. But that one always drove me crazy. It was – was it inappropriate to say? Absolutely.

WORLEY: It was just dumb.

PETTY: But, you know, he lost his job over it, and –

WORLEY: Well, then, who — we were talking about this before. There was the very racist comment. We think it was Howard Cosell

PETTY: Yeah [laughing]

WORLEY: “Look at the little monkey run!”

PETTY: Yeah. Yeah.

WORLEY: I can’t do that in his voice. I’ll get accused of – ColoradoPols is just like typing this up right now so they have a whole thing on how Grassroots Radio Colorado is racist. I – you know what? It’s when things like this happen, when – oh, who’s the legislator who made the racist—who said this was racism? I can’t think of her name

PETTY: Oh, Rhonda Fields.

WORLEY: Rhonda Fields! For some reason, I get –.

PETTY: “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda.

WORLEY: “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda! Looks good in orange! Oh my gosh! [facetiously] That’s racist!

PETTY: And wait! Tell the listeners why she’s called “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda.

WORLEY: She was arrested. – Why I call her “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda –it’s not a black thing, it’s an orange thing. She was actually arrested for shoplifting, I believe.


WORLEY: Look, that’s what she is. She has a criminal record and you geniuses elected her!


21 thoughts on ““The only reason she got elected, is because her kid got killed”

  1. Typical conservative strategy to engage in the politics of personal destruction rather than discussion the issue.  As long as they can focus on how hated the individual is than they don't have to offer any solutions that can be discussed.  Personal politics all the time.

  2. Contact KLZ and let them know this is inappropriate:

    Contact Us!

    Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

    Studio Line: 303-477-5600
    Office Line: 303-481-1800

    Fax Line: 303-433-1555

    2821 South Parker Road
    Suite 1205
    Aurora, CO 80014

    For general questions, comments, or problems with the website, please send us an


      1. Actually, Carol, what I would see as appropriate would not be to deny the truth, but to put it in its context. Yes, Fields had two charges on her record, one 37 years ago in 1976, and the other in 1991, which would be 22 years ago. I have children that grew up in that interval of time.

        Have you done anything that long ago that you would not be proud of? 

        The other part of putting this in context would be the context of the other 25 legislators and candidates who also had large and small crimes or accusations of wrongdoing on their record. 17 of these 25, by the way, are Republicans.   

        Pyro Rob, in the Facebook comments below, just can't answer the question about whether the same standards apply to everybody. That is, any of the 26 legislators who ever screwed up, like you and me and every other human being has, deserves the same treatment, which in the case of this particular radio show, includes being mocked over the death of a family member, threatened with the loss of job, etc.

        So…do all the legislators deserve this treatment?  Just the democrats? Just the non-white ones? What's your criteria? 



        1. These remarks about the dead son are disgusting.  The fact that I even have to say this is surprising, but dead kids are off limits, period.  To say Jason W. badly screwed up by making the above remarks is a serious understatement. In fact, IMHO, it is worse of a screwup than Vicki's and he only isn't getting much grief about it b/c he has a radio show and is not a politician.  

          There is only one piece of mitigation I can think of in Jason W.'s defense: I strongly believe that he has been seeing red ever since he saw his close friend Vicki get humiliated in the national press.  As a result, I view this as him lashing out, based on a genuine feeling of anger caused by strong loyalty, at the person (Rhonda) he viewed as having wronged a person he holds dear (Vicki).  Authentic loyalty to friends is a trait that I love in Jason W.  It is why I am proud to call him a friend.  Unfortunately it is a virtue here that I believe led him to anger and thus terrible judgment in making the above comments. 

          1. So, according to Fladen;

            Marble should be forgiven for her comments, because she's a great gal;

            Worley should be forgiven, because he's a great guy, who was just being loyal to a great gal;

            But Fields is the one who was in the wrong, for beign offended at what Marble said, and not covering Marble's ass, like her friends would.

            That's all you need to know about Elliot's sense of right and wrong. 

            1. Well, Curmudgeon, that's what I disagree with Elliot about. Disagree with. about.

              He clearly does have a sense of right and wrong, including what we agree on: Dead kids are off limits. Publicly mocking someone for a youthful transgression is wrong (and hypocritical). That's where you and  I agree with EF. And he did have enough decency to try to shut down his extreme friends from the KLZ board.  (see FB comments below).

               I finally checked out Fladen's FB page, and I can tell that I disagree with him about almost everything I care about. I guess at this time in my life I've grown up enough to look for commonalities, and try to build on that, rather than polarize further. I'm going to start an "open weekend" thread on a related topic. 


              1. I used to think that about Elliot, too, I used to praise him for taking a stand for immigration reform, in defiance of the party faithful. I always took his mealy-mouthed defenses of the GOP fringe as an unfortunate cost of not wanting to alienate them, for that time when he's ready to openly call himself a Republican again. Recent threads have shown him for what he really is. 

                I guess at this time in my life, I've grown up enough to see that being ever so proud of oneself for looking for commonalities is foolish when you're dealing with an disingenuous opportunist. I have other things I can be insufferably smug about.

            2. Curmudgeon did I ever say anything about forgiving?  My point really has been simple – Marble screwed up, Worley screwed up, AND Fields screwed up.  Not really much more than that.  

              And that is ok.  People screw things up in life.  Marble did it out stupdity, Worley did it out of loyalty, and Fields did it out of something else. 

                  1. Yes, Rep. Fields was standing up against ignorant, insensitive, racist stereotypes.  If that is your definition of "screwing up", then clearly, my values and your's do not align.

                    This is the letter I emailed, giving my name and address, to KLZ Station management yesterday:


                    To The Station Management:

                    Apparently, there are no limits to which your employees will stoop to make money.  That your company promotes hate and supports their blatant racism for profit is disgusting.  You should be ashamed.


                    1. Yeah, I doubt that that's what Elliott meant by something else. But, we'll never know, since he only references it, rather than having the stones to actually come out and say it. 

                      Spineless, egg-sucking GOP lapdog that he is. 

  3. I agree this is disgusting, but who is Jason Worley? I've never heard of him or Grassroots Radio except from Salzman's blogs.

    Condemn these shock jocks all you want, but don't try to tar all Republicans with their words.

    1. Republicans like Marble do a swell job with no help from shock jocks. But I remember when Dems were constantly being called on to denounce whatever some potty mouthed lefty with no official position in government or the party said and turn about is fair play. wink

  4. This is where Democratic leadership needs to support Senator Fields and  to publicly denounce these remarks about the tragedy of having a child killed because he was brave enough to be a witness in a first degree murder trial.

    If the ridicule stands, unanswered, then it has far reaching consequences for our

    judicial system and its dependence on brave witnesses.  Not just a public outcry, but a public rebuke….this is where the head of the Democratic Party should demand 

    equal time.  This is really serious stuff.

    1. Jason Worley is apparently a close pal of Elliott, who defends Jason's statements as being the result of (paraphrasing here) a good guy, who was only responding out of loyalty that a friend of his was humiliated by Ms. Fields. 

      This is what passes for honor in Elliott's World. 

      1. Jason = loyal

        Marble = inartful at worse (and concerned about healthy eating and poverty)

        Fields=operating from some sinister intent that we can only allude to and guess at, but is very much like McCarthyism and the Red Scare, only perpetuated by partisan Democrats. 

        EF has looked at this with the clear cold eye of pure objective reason and has determined that nothing of offense was actually said, and if Ms. Field misinterpreted anything Ms. Marble said as such, then she (Fields) should have whispered it to her quietly when they were in the 'powder room' or something. 

        Furthermore, Fladen Esq (although NOT dispensing LEGAL ADVICE he wants you to know he COULD) has been able to remove any actual context (aka ‘reality’) from the incident and thus can clearly see that Ms. Fields is up to no good.

        Ergo: ColoradoPols proves again its posters are meanies, except for the noble EF of course and his discerning, objective eye of Truth. 


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