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August 02, 2013 10:35 AM UTC

One Colorado Slams Recall/Prop 8 Spokesperson

  • by: Colorado Pols
Jennifer Kerns, Morse recall spokesperson.
Jennifer Kerns, Morse recall spokesperson.

We told you this was coming. An email from One Colorado, the state's leading LGBT advocacy organization:

Many of us remember the heartbreak our community felt last year when extreme, anti-equality forces killed civil unions legislation. But following that defeat, we fought back and prevailed. 

Now, they’re back. A small, radical group has launched a misguided effort to undo the progress we’ve made. They are attempting to recall two of our most steadfast allies in the Colorado Senate: Senators John Morse and Angela Giron.

And who have they sent to steal our fair-minded majority? None other than Jennifer Kerns, former spokesperson for the campaign to pass Prop 8 and limit the freedom to marry in California. Read more about Kerns here.

This is the same Jennifer Kerns, by the way, who just the other day said that these recalls are partly the result of this year’s “radical agenda” in the state legislature. Any guess as to which agenda items she’s talking about? Just ask one of the recall organizers – they’re specifically instructing their canvassers to attack our elected leaders for supporting civil unions.

These cynical scare tactics have got to stop – and it’s up to us to stop them…

We discussed the "professionalization" of the recall campaign against Sen. John Morse a few days ago, and Jennifer Kerns is probably the best example of this–with a long resume of Republican and right-leaning communications jobs. Unfortunately, that long resume risks dragging all of the baggage from those other issues into this recall, which may not help it succeed. Ms. Kerns tried to preempt criticism of her previous job as spokesperson for California's gay marriage ban campaign, as she told the Colorado Springs Independent:

"My work there had no influence on my work with the Recall campaigns," she states. "Not only do I NOT disapprove of his support of Civil unions, I have been on record for a long time supportive of Civil unions myself. Also, the Basic Freedom Defense Fund does not engage in social issues."

But that's not what Kerns told KUNC's Bente Birkeland:

Kerns says Democrats – who control both legislative chambers – had a radical agenda this year. The legislature passed several bills in addition to the gun measures, including civil unions, [Pols emphasis] in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants and new renewable energy standards.

Also, as One Colorado points out in their email, numerous sources have confirmed that civil unions legislation is a part of the canvassing script being used by recall organizers in Morse's district. Given the deceptions freely employed by recall petition gatherers, we suppose it's to be expected that their spokesperson will be two-faced about an issue that doesn't cleanly divide along partisan lines–or in the case of civil unions, enjoys very broad support among the public. But the more this recall becomes a broad ideological battle between left and right and less about the specific gun safety bills that originally provoked it, the weaker their case becomes.


29 thoughts on “One Colorado Slams Recall/Prop 8 Spokesperson

  1. The worst part is how she lies depending on who she talks to. This is what Republicans do, they try to package their hate for the right audience.

      1. He didn't say his wedge issues wouldn't fly, just yours. His wedge issues may be based on bigotry and bullshit, but he seems to think they'll work. 

        1. Not quite but close. This isn't Denver, and the "support" you claim for your wedge issues is not so strong here. We're not haters, but we're not going to be dissuaded from standing up for our constitutional rights because the guy supported civil unions.

  2. Opposition candidate George Rivera said in a letter posted on the website:

    For thousands of years a marriage has been commonly and officially defined as a union between a man and a woman. However, today the gay and lesbian communities continue to press for the inclusion of same sex couples within that definition. Their arguments stem from a desire for equality and it seems as if for that reason alone no one can refute their argument. Yet none other than President Barack Obama made an argument in one of his speeches that words do have meaning and consequences and I would argue that changing the definition of a word just to further someone’s agenda is a recipe for disaster. President Abraham Lincoln once told a story of a boy who was asked how many legs a calf would have if you called his tail a leg. The boy answered five to which Lincoln responded that it would still only have four because calling a tail a leg did not make it a leg. Such basic and irrefutable common sense logic, while good enough for one of our greatest presidents, is apparently not good enough for the progressives in our politically correct society.

    So, to recap: Both President Lincoln and Barack Obama sort of agree with George Rivera's position against gay marriage because "words have meaning"?

    God help us all if the recall succeeds. This guy's not only extremely conservative, his logic sucks.

    1. These radical republicans are freedom haters. They love to claim they support freedom, but they don't want another person to marry a person of the same gender?

  3. Hi, my name's Jenny.  I' in PR.  Sometimes I like to hit the local Starbucks for a nice venti while I text lies and hateful shit about gay people.  Call me.

    1. Hi Jenny, got your message.  My name's D. . . er, . . . on second thought, . . . I think I'd just prefer to remain permanently single . . . 

      1. You should try it sometime. Blind allegiance to one party or another is one of the things that got this country into the mess it's in.



      2. at your own side too.

        A question for you, Dr. Moderatus.

        What do you perceive that "side" to be? Democrats? Liberals? Left -handed, quiche-eating, metrosexuals, who own a Prius? I am genuinely interested in how you perceive that "side" you so fervently scorn and oppose?


                1. It's an interesting question. I fit most definitions of a liberal/ progressive,but I'm for the death penalty for DNA-verified serial killers, rapists, and child molesters. 

                  I suspect that most people on here, whatever their political label, have policy positions outside the boundaries of that label.

      3. I'm a 32-year registered-Republican-turned-Democrat. A Teddy Roosevelt Republican who had no home and was sick of watching the slow-motion train wreck we see today. A Republican who was sick of watching my party wear out knee-pads serving the monopolists who wrap themselves in their 'freedom flag' while pillaging the national treasury and our environment. I'm a libertarian at heart – but one that has a strong bent towards social justice – not the looney tunes Ted Cruz variety. And I'll let you have all the muskets your gun case can hold. Just like our Founding Fathers would have envisioned. Your sacred second amendment wasn't about your gun rights – it was a grand bargain with the southern states so their state militias could keep the slaves down on the plantation.  I lean pro-life, but unfortunately my beliefs were strictly defined by Karl Rove long ago. Faux-pro lifers (as in the Rove definition) in my neck of the woods are many. They're pro-birth, not pro-life. There is a not-so-subtle difference. 

        1. Oh, Jeez, Duke. Did you have to admit all your sins? You're educated. You think for yourself. You have compassion.

          Your confession was right on; you said it well, and thanks. (–a former Re-re-re-re-pub-repub-republi [fuck, I can't get it out] myself)

            1. It's OK. I am honored to be confused with the illustrious Mr. Bowman. I just hope his reputation doesn't suffer as a result of the momentary confusion…laugh

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