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December 09, 2005 09:00 AM UTC

Don't Tread, er, Type on Me!

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: The story grows:

The Denver Channel



Colorado Springs Gazette

Colorado Pols has entered that rarified air of office Internet etiquette usually reserved for softcore porn sites: look but don’t touch. Governor Bill Owens has now declared that state employees can’t post on Colorado Pols from office computers. Keep in mind, however, that Owens does NOT say that you cannot read Colorado Pols from an office computer — only that you are not supposted to post your own comments.

From the Rocky Mountain News:

Gov. Bill Owens on Thursday warned state employees that they would be subject to disciplinary action if they use state computers to post comments on political Web sites.

The directive came after the Rocky Mountain News informed the governor that anonymous and sometimes caustic postings from someone using the nickname “Real Deal” had been traced to a computer in the governor’s office, which has more than 100 computers.

“Real Deal” has taken potshots at Republican “flunkies” and Democratic U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar. The user called former GOP congressman Bob Schaffer a “weisel” (sic) and Democratic state Rep. Angie Paccione “that crazy woman.”

The News this week asked the governor’s office about “Real Deal’s” identity and other possible blog posters using state computers. Mark Salley, the governor’s spokesman, said Thursday that the state doesn’t know who the blog poster is or whether it is just one person.

“While we can verify that executive office and legislative office computers were used to post comments to (, we can’t determine which computers were used,” Salley said Thursday. “The governor believes such use is not appropriate,” he added.

Also Thursday, Bob Lee, the governor’s chief of staff, issued the following directive:

“It has become apparent that Executive and Legislative computers have been used to post commentary on political web logs (blogs). “Today, the governor ordered that we develop new policy prohibiting the use of government computers from being used to post to any such sites. Please make certain that all members of your respective staffs are notified that this policy is effective immediately.”

At least we got one good line out of the story:

The Web site has been a must-read for politicos since it went online at the beginning of the year.

All jokes aside, this brings up an interesting topic: should governments be telling employees not what Web sites that they can and cannot visit, but what Web sites they cannot comment on? Or is there more to this story?

As for the Web sites themselves, obviously you don’t want employees visiting certain sites at work, but if you aren’t stopping them from visiting, how can you stop them from being interactive with the site?


82 thoughts on “Don’t Tread, er, Type on Me!

  1. Okay, since I’m one of the few “non-closeted” (ahem!) who posts on this site, let me just be the first to say that Bill Owens isn’t the boss of me!

    Actually, I’m disappointed because now I’ll probably have to wait until after 5pm to read my favorites. Damn! 5pm is getting dangersously close to my bedtime.

  2. Okay, since I’m one of the few “non-closeted” (ahem!) who posts on this site, let me just be the first to say that Bill Owens isn’t the boss of me!

    Actually, I’m disappointed because now I’ll probably have to wait until after 5pm to read my favorites. Damn!

  3. wait a second. Is Owens saying that you aren’t allowed to say negative things about the government or Republicans on political blogs? That’s how I read this.

  4. “Or is there more to this story?”

    Perhaps it has become too easy to violate the 13th commandment or reports such as the 16th Street Mall sighting of MH.  I have seen his bus parked in Aurora, near the Parker Road/I 225 north bound on ramp.

  5. The decision makes sense.  Reading the blog, arguably, keeps employees informed on issues that may affect their jobs.  But they shouldn’t be posting, i.e., politicking, on taxpayer time.  But there is still going to be hell to pay when people learn that Phoenix Rising is actually Jane Norton!

  6. The Governor released this because he doesn’t want the Rocky to find out who he is or maybe they already have. I heard the Real Deal was Governor Owens.

  7. I’m curious as to why the Governor is just now saying something about State computers being used to post on here when he knew about it back in Feb and March.

    Could it be the Governor has something?

  8. How I wish I were Lynn Bartels. Sadly, that can never be.

    Why can’t you people accept me for who I am? You know, either D.B. Cooper or a figment of your imagination?

    Pick one, people.

  9. From SoapBlox:

    “by: EMRosa
    December 03, 2005 at 18:56:36 MST 
    So what do you all think about the new revelation that Colorado Pols was being partly written by Laura Teal, from the Holtzman campaign? And the fact that she allegedly used her position of power to log IP address and try to identify the blog?s secret posters?”

    This seems like the source of the problem which means that ColoradoPols is dangerous.  The moral of the story is THERE IS NO ANONIMITY on the net.  The only way to avoid this site from finding out information about you (as far as I know anyway) is you use “hide IP Softwear” or a ghost ISP service which is unlikely if you are using a state server.)  Who know’s all the info this chick has collected?  Bottem line: Coloradopols is not trustworthy and this is probably the beginning of the end.

  10. Who needs anonymity?  Iron Mike has already been Outed as President George Bush and Voyageur is now known to be Dick Cheney.  It hasn’t slowed either of them down.  And now that I’m filing under my real name, instead of that silly Sir Robin sobriquet, I’m feel much freer to speak my mind.  Just don’t tell Frances!

  11. So this Republican hack steals the data, uses it to find out who’s talking shit about other Republicans, tries to lie about it by claiming it was all data about the Guvs’ postings, but somehow “Coloradopols” — who you probably also think is a bunch of Dems — is not “trustworthy?”

    What a bunch of weak-ass spin. The real story here is just how bad the Republicans look as a whole after this. Bunch of bumbling backstabbers…

  12. Hey stooges, try working instead of posting smarmy comments from work while I’m paying you. Post at home.

    -Posted by: Urnfndbag at December 9, 2005 10:06 AM

    I thought government equipment wasn’t supposed to be used for anything personal – ever.

    -Posted by: Ben E. Fit at December 9, 2005 11:17 AM

    I agree with these two.  Read and post on your own damned time (& computer)!  While at work, employees don’t “own” their time, their employer’s do (in this case, taxpayers).  Taxpayer-purchased employees NEVER own taxpayer-purchased office equiptment.

    Get back to work.

  13. Soapblox Colorado has a list of the handles Teal and company were tracking! Dunno where they got it, but take a look — find out if you were cool enough to make The List!

  14. While it may not speak directly to the article itself I think is important to say, as an independent, that Real Deal is was way off base calling Bob Schaffer a “weasel”.  While I may not agree with all of Bob Schaffer’s views my sense is that he is a sincere man of character and integrity. If you knew the real story behind the Schaffer/Coors candidacy you would have a tremendous amount of respect for a man who is a loving husband and father and a man of his word.  Schaffer stuck to his term pledge and stepped down from Congress after serving Colorado for 3 terms when he could have easily been reelected.  I don’t know Schaffer personally but if you knew his role is some epic legislative battles, you would know this is one of the most honest courageous politicians we have seen in a long time.  With respect to the election, he conducted himself in a very honorable and dignified manner which is more than can be said of certain key elements of the Colorado GOP.  Real Deal, I would ask you to consider an apology to Mr. Schaffer.


  15. I share your admiration for Shaffer keeping his term limit pledge, Mark.  His blind-siding of Ramey Johnson, which helped tip the House to the Democrats for the first time since 1974, was considerably less admirable.  But whoever Real Deal is, he needs to invest in a good spelling checker!

  16. So Laura Teal says she was doing this tracking to find out who the three dead govs were, but her tracking really seems to have been fixed on GOP bloggers…will Holtzman keep her after this?

  17. This looks SO bad for the GOPers. It’s no wonder they’re not trying to spin it anymore…

    What will happen next? Holtzman arrested for robbing a bank to pay off his C&D committee, but the Guvs put him up to it?

    Was Alva the one putting it to Owens’ mistresses?

    Is Peabody going to decide how your TABOR refund will be spent?

    Anything’s possible if you believe GOP bullshit! Right, Hans Gullickson?

  18. Non-exempt employees have specified break periods, so all of their time at work isn’t “on the clock.”  Even exempt employees are allowed to use telephones for a reasonable amount of personal business (“I’m going to be late.  Can you pick up Johnny at daycare/milk and bread at the store?”).

    The marginal (incremental) cost of using telephones for local calls is probably around the same as using internet access at places of employment: between negligible and zero.  Can work internet access usage be equated to using work telephone lines?

    Students at public institutions of higher education have to pay fees that are earmarked specifically for computing services–internet access and email–and they are generally not employed by the institution.  But they are told they cannot use “government” equipment for electioneering, for instance, pro/con Ref. C.  If they are required to pay for personal computing services, aren’t those services theirs to use as they wish?

    Is Owens trying to censor critics and opponents?  Or is he trying to instill an atmosphere of professionalism and control messages emanating from government offices (sometimes known as leaks)?

    Will state government employees be prohibited from using public library computers to post to blogs during their break and lunch times?

  19. So when will the liars, frauds, and cowards behind admit to their identities? They won’t because they are liars, frauds, and cowards.

  20. Saw the list and Wonderwoman was Scott Russell. Why do you think he lost his job at State Party??? Because he was posting as wonderwoman, bashing GOP’s and got caught.

    Someone turned over his IP to state party. Don’t believe it? Ask Bob Martinez!

  21. No wonder Joe Peters turned Laura in. He was on that list. He blogged under the name of Capt. America. But wait, wasn’t that under state time and on a state computer?

  22. someone reported on the other comment section that real deal was rob oregan. if that’s true, he also worked for phaseline, the governor and now state party.

  23. Joe Peters leaked this because of some sort of personal jihad. Why he would want to push this story amazes me. He’s only naming fellow republicans who were talking smack about eachother. Joe: this is not helping anyone.

  24. I can see Rob as the Real Deal because he often read and posted on this site when working for the Governor. If he indeed posted as the Real Deal and now working for State Party; I hope:

    1: Bob Schaffer takes him down a notch

    2: State Party fires him!

    It seems State Party needs to clean up their own people. This is the reason, according to the post previously, the reason Scott Russell was fired.

    This stuff will cause the GOP to lose in the next election.

  25. A couple of obvious points:

    1. No one should have been posting negative comments about fellow Republicans.

    2. Especially from State Computers.

    3. Or the Colorado GOP offices.

    4. It seems to me this is all indicative of a culture of corruption… the governor and his followers, staff members, etc. posting unacceptable comments on a democrat run blog.

    5. Phaseline. It seems a lot of referenced have been made to the Tonner crew posting here, too. If that’s the case, I am very disapoineted in Sean, as well.


  26. Keri, he knew it was coming. He got the warning order last night…

    the fact that the governor got him a job at state party shouldn’t protect him. 

    On another subject, what the heck was Hans doing when he opened up this particular can of worms? And did Peters really get paid by the Beauprez campaign to bring down Teal and this blog?

  27. All of those posts were months ago… this is such old news. I can barely remember what was being said back then.  yawn. Why, oh why are we being subjected to this crap.

  28. The Gov Gets Touchy

    From today’s Rocky: Gov. Bill Owens on Thursday warned state employees that they would be subject to disciplinary action if they use state computers to post comments on political Web sites. The directive came after the Rocky Mountain News…

  29. The sun is still shining bright, and..

    I had a fair inkling that the Colorado-based political blog thing would continue to raise ire, but I didn’t suspect it would come from the inside out. The word came down from Gov. Bill Owens that state employees can no…

  30. Personally, I think Hans thought the table would be turned on the Dems when, in fact, it all backfired not just on him, but the entire GOP. Obviously, the Colorado GOP is in complete disarray. But, it is expected when they lose the US Senate race, both Chambers, a Governor who goes against private property owners and supports an anti-fiscal agenda i.e. C and D; two Republican candidates for Governor at each others throats; and one of the GOP strongholds about to turn democrat. (El Paso)

    Someone in the GOP needs to step up and take control of this mess and start doing what is best for the Party. Personally, I hope that person is Bob Schaffer.

    On another note…if the same happened on the Dems side; I would point that out as well. However, I must say, for once, they have their stuff together!

  31. Yes, we realize that this list is probably not new to any of you cunning insiders, but we figured that it was at least fair to publish the names (since, hey, no one else was doing it), and maybe more later. It really does point out some interesting things…

  32. Papers Please, internet edition:
    …”A new Italian law requires businesses that offer Internet access to the public, like Sohel’s, to ask clients for identification and log the owner’s name and the document type.” …
    “Some owners bemoan another requirement of the new law: They must be able, if necessary, to track the sites visited by their clients. And some bellyache about the added expense. Contents of people’s e-mail is, however, supposed to remain private and can only be made available to law enforcement through a court order.”…

    How long until the Colorado or U.S. government requires identification to use internet access at public libraries or other points of government computer access?

  33. I know we have a couple of lawyers who blog this site, my question is what legal vunerability has Teal and her crew exposed themselves to? First from Colorado Pols for stealing their information and second from the private individuals she makes these charges against.

    I realize public officials have to grin and bear it but what is the legal redress for the other folks she makes public claims against if they are untrue which I am guessing more than a few are?

    I am thinking of an example of a gossip magazine making a public claim against xxx star then gets sued for XXX dollars.

    Any thoughts from the bench?

  34. teal didn’t out anyone. peters did. george built up the list, and teal hasn’t accused anyone of anything. the rocky did their homework and tracked down oregqn and probably russell.  also – more to come, I’m sure.

  35. How long until the Colorado or U.S. government requires identification to use internet access at public libraries or other points of government computer access?

    In Denver you need a library card to use the computers.

  36. Let this be a lesson for you kids posting out there… You never have to fear posting on a blog when you post from your own property. When you use company or government property to say nasty things… well, bad things might happen to you.

    Or do what Dick, I mean Voyageur, and I do and have the CIA mask the IP by bouncing the signal off a Cable TV Satellite in geosynchronous orbit over the Caribbean, while piggy backing on a Playboy Channel pay per view ordered by Janet Reno’s home (not sure, I didn’t ask and when I thought about it I wanted to poke out my mind’s eye).

    What do you think Dick? I mean Voyageur…

  37. Good use of Operational Security there “Voyageur”. There is no “I” in team you know. Nor is there an “O” or a “U”, so that means there is no “IOUs” in team… Therefore Voyageur, I don’t own you those beers any more. QED.

    So since GOV Bill has declared this site to kinda be like a cyber strip club (no touching the girls or yourself? just the beer clutched in your sweaty hand) will this become one more information outlet where the message is dominated by the liberals? When are we going to learn that this isn’t the way to win these kinds of fights? Instead of cleaning up our act and enforcing discipline the answer from the party here in Colorado is to just have the GOP concede the battlefield to the other side, because too many GOPers were idiots and didn’t think before engaging typing fingers? Not smart kids, not smart at all.

    We need to do what Ken Mehlman told us to do and be active with the blogs, with this blog in particular. Be smart about it people! Use a pen name if you want but assume that someone will find out who you are eventually. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to defend in a fist fight later.

    Of course that is easy for guys like Voyageur and I to say, we’re veterans. Unlike some of the political fag-boys populating the GOP staffs, who never stooped so low as to risk getting holes shot in their lily white skins, but wave the flag and talk about staying the course because that is the party their boss is in.

    See, it’s like that; I’ll take a punch in the nose any day to stand by those words.

    To GOV Bill I would just say, “Be a leader for Christ’s sake!” Let your staff be a part of the debate, just control them like a leader should. If they tear down other GOPers, then kick their ass. Your legacy is turning into a series of retreats from the positions you once held on the battlefield of ideas (I loved that speech). Don’t concede this last battlefield to the enemy Governor.

  38. Wowzer… Iron Mike just gave the finger to poor gov., the idiot staffers who were posting from his office, referenced the legendary Bob Schaffer, and spanked every snarky gop basher who once trolled this site.  Well done, Mike.

  39. Thanks. Just don’t tell the prissy-boy FOF Alumni about the Strip Club analogy… It’s a guy thing, they just wouldn’t understand. HA!

    I would make fun of the Christian Coalition as well, but Mark was a SEAL so I have little doubt he kick my Airborne ass.

  40. I’m curious if Hans is going to make Rob O’Regan apologize to Bob Schaffer and the taxpayers for stating those comments about Republicans on taxpayer dime?

    One thing is clear, LT is not the quilty one here. I heard Peters was paid by Beauprez to backstab her in the back. And this is the guy, Beauprez, we want in the Mansion?

  41. Teal gave isp’s to George and Peters — probably out of loyalty than anything else. She tried to look out for them both, in my experience. I can believe George wanted to know more than he was capable of understanding and Peters believing he was an insider enough to leak this story. 

    As for the rest of this, I also know enough about blogs to realize that one person posts under many names. And that one isp leads to many individuals.  I believe this excell spreadsheet was built by George, researched by Peters, and that at some point Teal stopped feeding the two the information (identities) they were obviously hungry for. I also believe Teal has yet to see the spreadsheet, herself. I’m sure she will be surprised to learn everyone who was posting costic comments.

    As for the timing of this, I believe it was a political stunt to bring down Teal (and Holtzman) orchestrated by Peters and his Beauprez supporting friends.

    What Peters failed to realize is that as much as she looked out for him and George, there are many more of us who will always look out for Teal.

  42. It looks like the dull children over at Soapblox have gotten their hands on “the list”. Very interesting really… Don’t know whether to be happy ro sad that I’m not on it.

    So I guess Joe Peters is just pulling out all of the stops and letting the DEMs in on the secret also. WTF is McElhaney thinking by keeping him on at Senate Majority Fund. Will he be Ritter’s campaign driver before McElhaney pulls his head out and fires the guy? Maybe Evans would have made a better Majority Leader after all.

    On another note, it looks like the DEMs at Soapblox have traced a few of the IPs to Phaseline. They should go easier on Sean as he is helping the Liberal Party in British Columbia stay ahead of the NDP in the coming Parliamentary Elections. I did a big gig in BC recently and saw Sean fly in on my flight (First Class of Course). There ain?t no Conservative Party candidates in BC folks just the liberals and near commie NDP, so if he was doing a gig there, he?s working for the DEM?s brothers north of the border.

    Like I say, Soapblox should go easier on him.

  43. Correction: “Maybe Evens would have made a better Minority Leader after all.”

    Sorry, wishful thinking on my part. It’s like a slip that Freud wore.

  44. Well said Iron Mike! I believe this whole thing is beginning to backfire on the Colorado GOP. Teal is the victim here because she was only helping those individuals that she felt should know. There were a few others who knew she had the list and they never said a word.

    It is obvious Peters had another motive and was paid by the Beauprez staff to bring Teal and Holtzman Camp down. Why? Because Beauprez was being ripped apart on this blog? That wasn’t Colopols fault only Beauprez. And why Teal? Because she is good at what she does and is, actually, one of the few people out there in politics who is loyal to those she cares about? Teal is loyal and despite what others say, she is a damn good campaigner. If GOP’s bash her it is because they are disappointed she is not on their side. Andy George doesn’t really care because he is heading off to a campaign in Florida; as for Peters he should be let go by the Senate Majority Fund. Keeping a disloyal GOP on staff, who has knowledge elsewhere, is a nail in their own coffin.

    As for O’Regan, who made the comments about Nob Schaffer and whom both work for state party, I feel, is a disgrace. O’Regan should be let go and shouldn’t be trusted.

  45. This story is becoming a bigger issue and someone needs to bring it all together. It is embarassing that some of the future of the Colorado GOP is becoming corrupt.

    For example, tracing some of these ISP’s are going back to Phaseline Strategies; whom most are in their twenties and thirties. It will eventually be linked to those who work within Phaseline. Maybe it is high time Tonner cleans house. It is also beginning to show how corrupt State Party is becoming. Why is that? A theory would point that most who are working in State Party are connected to the Governor is some way, either as friends or past employees of the State and or his campaign and also most are/were associated with Phaseline. This isn’t good for Tonner. I believe Tonner is innocent in this, but his employees are beginning to tarnish the efforts he has worked so hard to accomplish.

    O’Regan, who worked with Phaseline on several campaigns including the Governor and Coors, worked with the Governor as his advanced team and now is a Field Staff for the GOP. Where is the loyalty to all Republicans here? Will O’Regan and the other Owens crew work hard to ensure Holtzman gets elected, if he is the nominee? Or will they, in advance, try to railroad the Holtzman campaign in support of Beauprez?

    After all, it is no secret the Beauprez camp paid Peters to try to bring down Teal and Coloradopols; but, as ususal, it has started to backfire and show the Governor and some of those in State Party of just how corrupt they are.

    Republicans expect good leadership and I believe it is time Martinez steps up and rebuild his organization and to start off with firing O’Regan. I am sure if he can’t do it, someone else can.

    For the record, I am not defending anyone. Only calling it the way I see it. I believe the Governor blogged on his computer from the Capitol. If so, I hope someone will find out and release all of the comments he posted. Just to see where exactly he stands.

    Senate Majority Fund and the GOP Senate should fire Peters. Disloyalty to your Party is like being disloyal to your country when caught by terrorists. I see this as no difference. George is also not a victim in this, although he may think so. He, too, should be held accountable; if he returns after the Florida race.

    Bottomline…if GOP is to win; they must get their act together and do some major cleaning and soul searching within their own Party.

  46. Well said Mr. President.

    The problem with the GOP is one of leadership. With few exceptions, the current leadership is the “power for the sake of power” crew personified by none other than Norma Anderson. She would rather remove any underlying philosophy from the GOP Platform because she thinks it is just too difficult to explain to the average voter.

    So what do you get? Idiots like King and Evens who don’t put their clothes on in the morning without asking permission and the Larimer County Right Wing Nuts. You get too few of the thinking conservative group that raised Conservative Heroes who were effective at legislating while holding the conservative line: Bob Schaffer, Wayne Allard, Marilyn Musgrave and dare I say it, Bill Owens.

    There are exceptions of course, folks like Mike May and Greg Brophy immediately spring to mind. And even a few to the usual “power broker crowd” like Tom Weins tend to err on the side of conservatism. I think the shining light at the end of the tunnel is Dave Owen in Greeley. An Army Vet, small business owner and JBC Warrior, (for what nearly two decades?) Owen proves he has the leadership that stands the test of time. If he runs for the House again, he should easily be the most senior member of the General Assembly, making him a shoe in for Speaker if the GOP can win back the house.

    If the GOP can win back the house… We’ll never do it by playing power broker, we do it by standing firm on the traditional values that every Coloradan knows, feels and believes.

  47. What is most piquant about this ridiculous “ban” on posting is that from where I sit, Re-Bubba-kins could use a little fresh air.  Not only are their policies obviously flawed due to poor research and myopic unwillingness to grasp what even the Stones knew, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” but frankly, unlike Clinton and Kennedy, there is no infusions of fresh ideas.  This ban will only further ossify the the ideas of people who can’t and won’t understand when they are wrong.

    For a group of people who believe that they are so correct that God himself coordinates the universe with them, this is the touchiest political cadre since Richard Nixon.  People who are truly self- assured can take criticism.  They welcome it.  Criticism is a tool for honing ideas by removing weaknesses in concept or implementation. Lately, the GOP has been plagued by, well less than superior minds, and superior-sized inferiority complexes.  Instead of dealing with this problem by “toughening up” these thin-skinned types, the GOP has taken to banning critics from meetings where they might criticize. 

    The outcomes are rather obvious: we have a security statement that purports to conquer the world to make it safer and easier for American companies to fleece; the purports to create a new “crown jewel” of an agency that will coordinate security and RESPONSIVENESS TO DISASTERS and that contains a vision of America ASTRIDE the World.  Grand words.  Grand plan.  Completely impossible to implement with the rather meagre minds and limited talents of the frat friends like Brownie who populate Washington agencies. 

    It seems like the only thing that this era of the GOP has shown real flair for is, well, frankly, torture and chaotic disaster.  When it comes to a royal cockup of something, the people to call are definitely either the GOP or the PNAC dudes or FEMA (newly dubbed Fiasco Exacerbation Management Association). Creating mayhem, cost overruns, misallocated funds and complete refutation of concept, now those are proving to be the real forte’ of the Neo Convicted. 

    In banning tattle from his underlings, Owens reveals a couple of sad truths: one, his people are too scared to tell him the truth because he can’t handle it; a heavy whip hand probably oriented to affixing blame rather than “fixing” anything and an unwillingness to engage with the real problems.  Instead of dealing with facts, he is opting for camoflage…sounds a lot like what people are calling “Orwell-speak from the White House,” but what we in Texas call “happy horse-sh-t.”

    Grow up Owens, be more of a man than the rest of your party.  Tell Coors that is hot out here in the fields and if he can’t handle the pressure and doesn’t like people saying mean things to him, then he should stick to brewing and managing his investments.  I have to laugh at all of these rich kids who have never known any inconvenience or hard work that keep urging other people to “toughen up.”  It is not the poor who need to toughen up.  We have self-discipline imposed by real constraints.  It is the wealthy who cannot do without that create the problems.


  48. Colorado kuberner keelas poliitilised blogipostitused  ra

    Colorado osariigi republikaanist kubener Bill Owens keelas osariigi valitsuse arvutitelt postitamast kommentaare poliitilistele veebisaitidele, kirjutab Rocky Mountain News .

  49. The sun is still shining bright, and..

    I had a fair inkling that the Colorado-based political blog thing would continue to raise ire, but I didn’t suspect it would come from the inside out. The word came down from Gov. Bill Owens that state employees can no…

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