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October 31, 2007 12:42 AM UTC

Caplis for (Hee Hee) Senate in (Hoo Hoo) 2010

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Rocky Mountain News takes a look today at potential candidates in CD-6, now that Rep. Tom Tancredo has decided to step away:

Some of the Republicans mentioned as possible contenders to succeed U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo in the 6th Congressional District:


• Businesman Wil Armstrong: “I am certainly thinking seriously about it. Sometime very soon I am going to make a decision.”

• Secretary of State Mike Coffman: “I feel an obligation to this country and to those who have sacrificed so much to consider running.”

• State Sen. Ted Harvey: “We are strongly considering it. We are talking about it as a family.”

• State Sen. Tom Wiens: “I’ve done a lot of work on it, talked to a lot of people. I’ll have an announcement before Thanksgiving.”


• Former state Senate President John Andrews: “I made my mind up some time ago that this wouldn’t be for me, even if it opened up.”

• State Rep. David Balmer: “I am definitely not running.”

• Attorney and talk-show host Dan Caplis: “Right now I’m focused on the 2010 U.S. Senate race and (taking on Ken Salazar.) “

• Former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton: “I’m really enjoying doing what I’m doing.” (executive director of the Denver Police Foundation)

The best part of that story is where talk show host Dan Caplis says that he is focused on taking on Sen. Ken Salazar in 2010. Caplis tried to float his name for Senate in 2008 earlier this year, and Republicans just laughed at him. Perhaps continuing to mention himself as a candidate for Senate does him some good in generating publicity for his radio show, but as for anyone taking a Senate candidacy seriously…don’t hold your breath.


23 thoughts on “Caplis for (Hee Hee) Senate in (Hoo Hoo) 2010

    1. the way I see it, in Dan Caplis’s mind, Dan Caplis is a legend.  Not to mention in Dans mind he is a serious contenter, as well as bright, good looking, successful, intelligent, and forward thinking.  Finally in Dans mind he is Senatorial, if not Presidential, timber and charming, witty and and has great hair.  If people would only factor in what is in Dans mind they would understand that this race is HIS TO LOSE !

  1. …….so I’m not really familiar with Dan Craplis.  How off the wall are his political views?  Is he much worse than Tancredo bombing Mecca, Dave Schultheis and Minutemen, or some of the things that we’ve heard come out of John Andrews’ mouth?

    1. As Colorado Media Matters has documented, Caplis frequently uses factual distortions or outright falsehoods to advance his points of view on the air. (http://colorado.medi…)

      Caplis also has made a number of comments one reasonably could describe as homophobic (e.g. “homosexuality is immoral”), is a sycophant to the serial misinformer Bill O’Reilly, and frequently has demonstrated an unwillingness to understand simple civic and legal concepts, despite his current standing as a member of the Colorado Bar.

      All in all, a great track record for becoming a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.

      1. Someone should dig up what the Judge said about Caplis when he threw out the case over the naming rights at Mile High Stadium. Caplis married well but other than that he is a joke and a buffoon

            1. Most of the content on Colorado Media Matters is opinion and conjecture with a few fun factoids sprinkled about.  Just because you read it on the Internet doesn’t make it true.

              1. Quote from Media Matters something they have said, and refute it. Otherwise, you’re just another whole surrounded by teeth.

                Reminds me of a saying…”Like boils and tumors, factless people don’t care where they show up.”

  2. Caplis will appear on Fox 31’s Good Day Colorado this Friday at 8 a.m. alongside marijuana activist Mason Tvert.

    For some reason, Caplis is the official opponent to marijuana reform for this segment. Who knows how he got this spot, but it should be great fun.

  3. I am not an attorney, but I do remember some talk, a while back, that the Bar Association should issue general ethical guidelines on how on air attorneys, who are still officers of the court and members of the bar, should conduct themselves.  I don’t think anything ever came of it….does anyone remember or know? I think it would be a good idea…even if they were only required to give lip service to presumption of innocence, accurate description of court decisions, etc.

    I turn caplis off. Silverman plays dumb or straightman and I have lost respect for him because of it.  Caplis is sas….slick as snot…and just as repulsive to me…

    1. I did not know the Taliban had a party in Colorado until I heard Caplis on the radio, but guidelines for attorneys on the radio sounds a bit Salinistic to me.  Attorneys, on or off the air, cannot violate Bar ethics, but they do not give up any rights under the 1st Amendment.  That means they can say stupid and foolish things on the radio…and in the Legislature.

      1. Aren’t attorney’s always officers of the court?  First Amendment does have limits…which are not stalinistic….slander, libel limit the exercise of free speech…u can’t yell fire in a crowded theater….unless of course there is a fire……

        Attorneys carry credibility because they are attorneys…and so if they distort the law…I think that is a problem…I thought that the Bar Association had, at one point, considered guidelines for onair attorneys….I think if it can be done…consistent with 1st Amendment, it ought to done…IMHO

        1. Yes, they are “officers of the court,” but that just means they have to follow the rules of the court and not break the Code of Professional Conduct.  Certainly there is the potential that attorneys inside a trial give up some 1st Amendment Rights.  (i.e. a gag order)  But outside a trial or an uninvolved lawyer?  Would there be a rational so sufficient to trump the 1st Amendment?  I don’t think so.


  4. It would be very amusing to see Caplis really go head-to-head with Ken Salazar in a campaign, and it would be satisfying to watch the likely outcome of a miserable loss by Caplis to Salazar.  Heck, even if Caplis won, as bad as that would be for Colorado, we would have the added bonus of anticipating what new noun that advice columnist Dan Savage would coin for the term ‘Caplis’, like Savage did for ‘Santorum’, especially since Caplis and Santorum seem to be coming from similar molds.

    All the name calling and berating of Salazar by Caplis over the years will be revisited, and Caplis has said Salazar lacks the ‘skill set’ to be a Senator.  This is ironic coming from Dan, who besides lacking essential skills and real experience to govern, is still the schoolyard bully he always was.  Though some new found shallow restraint is mixed right in with the more numerous republican talking points of late (gee, I wonder why?), his self-righteous mean spiritedness still bursts out on a regular basis.  There would have to be an asterisk by his name on the Senate roster:  ‘Unable to play well with others’.  I’ve mentioned before that no other candidate has the ability to cause the Senate Chambers to break out into brawl, worthy of a third world government chamber.  Don’t believe me?  I’m only half kidding.  Check out his tenure as student co-president at CU, but more pertinently his shows say it all.  And Caplis thinks he has the skill set to deliberate and legislate?  Hardly.  The skill set to dictate?  Absolutely.  Just my opinion.

    1. Off Topic:

      Dan and his trophy life will get in the way of Senator Caplis.  Caplis disclosed yesterday, 11.6.07, and on prior occasions that a guest, Chuck Green, was represented by Dan in the past (related to Green leaving the Denver Post, I believe).  Caplis added:  ‘full disclosure, which I appreciate every opportunity to make’.  Bbbwwwaaahahahah!

      Caplis appreciates every opportunity to make full and complete disclosure!?  This is a semi-lie to an outright lie, in my opinion.  Dan may never disclose all the details of his inner network and affiliations he has in this facade of a ‘Good Guy Mafia’ (Hey if the Post can make mob related references, so can I) he seems to be part of or wants to be a part of.  But one thing is for sure, he hasn’t always told the whole truth regarding disclosures.  And this from a guy, Caplis, who says on-air that he doesn’t lie and his clients don’t lie.  It seems like he’s trying to taint the entire Front Range jury pool with such a sweeping statement, but more than that, it is also misleading.

      Case in point?  Back in the day, during the JonBenet murder uproar, the Boulder Police Department used a ‘Dream Team’ of three powerful lawyers to help them decide if they had a case or not, because the police apparently lost confidence in district attorney Hunter’s office.  When journalists found about this set-up, which would be embarrassing to the DA’s office, and probably the police, and expose the Dream Team to scrutiny, Caplis went ballistic on his Saturday show, and had a three hour tirade against the journalist, the media, and viciously defended the lawyers.  Casual listeners (which I’m obviously not one of) not knowing the entire truth, could have been saying to themselves:  ‘What the hell is up with this?  Caplis is a bully, and he weakly said something about publicly and privately endorsing the police decision somehow, but what’s the deal?’.

      Well guess what:  It was Caplis who actually originated, formed and recruited the Dream Team!  This was at the behest of Steve Thomas (also a client of Dan’s later on, I believe) of the Boulder Police.  This absolutely was not, no, never, ever, clear by Caplis’ lame, lawyerly drivel during his tirade.  Always gives full disclosure?  Garbage, as Caplis would say. 

      Don’t believe me?  You don’t have to.  Believe none other than Craig Silverman and Peter Boyles, who finally pried the truth out of Dan that next week on Boyles show.  When they stumbled upon the truth, Boyles seemed shocked and Caplis acted like the cat who just ate the canary.  He’ll deny this but it is the truth, and for him to say he disclosed anything to a minimum of clarity on his own is a lie.

      Why is this important now?  It just shows that Caplis isn’t always forthright like he would want you to believe.  And here’s another juicy nugget:  One of the Dream Team is now lead counsel I believe, with mega stock options and all, for none other than Qwest.  (btw, like most things in Dan’s trophy life, he’ll make clear the buddy is superior, and part of the new Qwest management, not the old) It hopefully wouldn’t matter, but do you want Senator Caplis and his trophy buddy, sitting around Dan’s trophy house, watching Caplis trophy dog doing pirouettes for dog chow (regular listeners know what I mean), and all the while they are talking about telecom legislation?  Caplis will go to the mat for a friend, I’ll admit that.  And there are some examples where those friends probably wish Dan would just keep his mouth shut.  Is Dan’s friend an upstanding guy and great individual?  Undoubtedly.  But do you want Dan any where near legislation about any of his trophy causes?  I don’t think so.  I’ll gladly correct any factual mistakes, but the rest is just my opinion.

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