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June 27, 2013 08:25 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We don’t know what those other cycles were caused by in the past. Could be dinosaur flatulence, you know, or who knows?’

– Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R- CA)


32 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. "The governor is a nice man. I think he wants to be a friend. I think he wants to be an adviser. But at the end of the day, no one elected him to be the state bartender. They elected him to be governor." George Brauchler

    Too funny.


    1. Yeah,  so GOP Arapahoe County DA Brauchler thinks Hick, the brew pub guy (what a "clever" swipe), should be replaced. We don't have to ask what his beef with Tanc is…  not being a complete idiot would be reason enough for that…  but what's his beef with Gessler, his own R SOS? 

      With Brauchler's extremely low name rec, though the latest story out of Arapahoe County about all  that mistakenly destroyed DNA evidence did get his name as County DA mentioned, he'll have to attack Gessler pretty hard in a primary bid which he'd no doubt lose anyway since since both Gessler and Tanc are so much better known. Could he split the not bat***t crazy vote just enough to hand the victory to Tanc? Pass the popcorn and, yes, a cold one.

  2. It looks like the Speaker of the House  is not going to move on the Senate immigration bill; his rationale is that his party wants to start over. The Speaker and his party can do whatever they want.  However, if this immigration bill fails to pass Congress—it looks increasingly like it will—the Republican Party will likely take the blame. Although there are Republican members of Congress who realize this, they do not seem to be the ones in control of their party.

      1. My prediction is that the House Republicans will want border-security but no pathway to citizenship, even for those who were came here as children, having no say in the matter.

        If you want to penalize people who broke the law, fine. However, relegating millions of people to a permanent underclass, which is what eliminating any chance of citizenship does,  is not good for anybody (or the country in general).


        Republicans either need to vote to consistently crack down on employers who hire immigrants under the table, or shut up—people  risk their lives coming to this country under the table because there are employers who will hire them, not because of some “amnesty.”  I don't imagine enforcing the law is going to go over well with the Republican business constituency—they want the cheap labor. Besides, how many American citizens are sign up to pick crops, work in meatpacking plants, or do many of the other god-awful jobs immigrants do?  

        1. Uh-oh.  Just thought of something.  Does this mean we're going to be on all the wacko rightie e-mail lists. It was years before I quit getting e-mail reminders to renew my GOP membership (who, me?) last time I went to a red site. I believe it was to tell some candidate what a dick I thought he was.

          1. I posted some months ago that after responding to a "survey" re guns at the Tea Bag site I began receiving 2-3 emails/day from them, They are now recycling those emails. The latest, recycled from a few months ago, warns that the reason the govt. has been stockpiling ammo is so they can confiscate our food stores

      1. Just when you thought there could never be a bigger Republican asshole, up steps a new challenger.

        Talking about Wendy Davis, the Texas Senator whose Tuesday filibuster stopped the Texas omnibus abortion restriction bill, Governor Perry told the National Right To Life convention:

        In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. The daughter of a single mother, she was a teenage mother herself.  She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas Senate.  It’s just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example.


        1. Yeah.  The irony is lost on Perry that Davis chose to have her child as a teenager and was not forced to carry it to term, which is what would happen if the Right to "Life"rs got their way.

      1. I sat in the Senate gallery for a while yesterday between meetings and watched Senator Rubios immigration speech live.  The crazies have bared their fangs and are going after him.  I sat there for an hour watching exchanges between him, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and John McCain on the floor.  He looked like a very sad and frustrated man.  He's being eaten by the very sect that put him in power.

        1. He's sad because he understands what it means: no Presidential office for him. The extremists have solidified their hold on the party, and Rubio was crass enough to support – no, champion – something they didn't like.

          The Radical Reactionary Right has their new "immigrant" champion: Ted Cruz.

          1. I had the misfortunate timing last week of having to walk through a Tea Party rally near the steps of the House of Representatives.  Gohmert was just finishing up, Steve King was next up and the wrap-up batter was Cruz.  A crowd of about 400…all shouting a 'do I hear an Amen?!?' when the boys hit their chords.  American flag top hats, Don't tread on my t-shirts …the works.  They were all 'full on bare fangs' on Rubio.  If this is the face of the party – and for all practical purposes it is – then making gains in the House in '14 should be achievable.  I got some great photo's but for the life of me can't get them to post. 

  3. di-no-saur


    "A person or thing that is outdated or has become obsolete because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances."

    We have a contemporary clique of dinosaurs from whom the the flatulence was  flowing freely yesterday:  Bachmann and Preacher Huckabee.

    Jesus wept alright – but not for the reasons you think.


  4. For the geeks here – I'm at Build and this is a very different Microsoft. On Windows, VisualStudio, etc the main message is that they're changing things based on user feedback. This is pervasive, not just Windows 8.1, but down to minor things like undoing the washed out colors in the VisualStudio U.I. (that got a giant round of applause).

    the other biggie is they are fully embracing the rest of the world. The guy who created C# has spent the last year leading a team creating TypeScript which is an awesome improvement on JavaScript. All their examples of code are shown able to run equally well in Chrome, Android, & iOS.

    And they gave everyone here 2 Windows tablets, Office 365, large SkyDrive and Azure accounts, 1 year subscription to he Adobe Suite, and more. They're doing everything they can to get developers here to go Microsoft centric as they create apps to run everywhere.

    This is a very different Microsoft from even a year ago.

    1. I can tell they took user feedback seriously, based on the continued fsck-up that is the Windows 8 layout system and the lack of a main menu…  Couple that with pushing cloud-based Office and Adobe – yep, pushes all of my buttons (in exactly the wrong way).

    2. Please tell your peeps that I'm seriously considering switching to Open Office.  I'm a longtime power word user but they have drastically overpriced Office 365. 

    3. As someone who spends his workday in front of the drab Visual Studio writing code not meant to run on Windows Phone or tablets (engineering applications are desktop applications, thank you very much), I for one am glad to hear this.  Now, if only they would abandon the whole Metro interface entirely….

  5. So, next week when the TX legislature begins its second special session will the balconies be closed? will they already be occupied by a hand selected group of Perry supporters?

    1. I'm sure that is already being set up… or Perry will just close the capitol to protesters.  The Democrats will not be able to stop them next week.

      Hopefully this will stimulate the ordinarily moribund Democratic party in Texas to start thinking of winning some elections. Wendy Davis for governor.?? Perry is term limited out, I think, so the seat will be open.

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