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June 10, 2013 08:33 AM UTC

Supermax Inmate Says "Thanks, NRA!"

  • by: Colorado Pols

A truly fascinating letter to the editor published in the Hartford Courant late last week, attributed to a federal inmate in the federal Administrative Maximum Facility​ (ADX) "Supermax" prison near Florence, Colorado.

As a lifelong career criminal, although I no longer enjoy the right to keep and bear arms, I'd like to take a moment to express my appreciation to the National Rifle Association for nonetheless protecting my ability to easily obtain them through its opposition to universal background checks. [Pols emphasis]

Upon release in a few years from my current federal sentence on bank robbery and weapons charges, I fully anticipate being able to stop at a gun show on my way home to Connecticut — where new laws have made it nearly impossible for a felon to readily purchase guns or ammunition — in order to buy some with which to resume my criminal activities.

And so, a heartfelt thank you to the NRA and all those members of Congress voting with them. I, along with tens of thousands of other criminals, couldn't do what we do without you. 

Gary W. Bornman

We don't think any law-abiding citizen could sum it up this succinctly, folks.

The only other thing we'd note is that if the lawsuit currently underway by county sheriffs against Colorado's universal background check law, House Bill 1229, were to be successful, Mr. Bornman won't have to drive far to get his gun at all! A no-questions-asked gun for this Supermax criminal will be as close as the Colorado Gun Market. That should help local and Connecticut residents sleep at night.


43 thoughts on “Supermax Inmate Says “Thanks, NRA!”

  1. Cute and what it says is accurate but does this really come from a Supermax inmate? I hope the paper checked. I know that the Denver Post,  like most and possibly all newspapers, requires a name and contact info for all letters to be considered for publication though I suppose they might withhold the name on request.   

      1. Yep, and multiple stories citing his history. 

        Prison Life Is Hard:  Freedom Is Worse
        Hartford Courant-June 15, 2001, By Amy Pagnozzi

        Dude was sentence to 21.5 yrs in federal prison by U.S. Dist Court judge for bank robberies in Guilford & East Haven CT and three neighboring states.   He's got a history w/ 86 other raps.  He's a well known contributor to the media for years — making his case heard from inside prison.  He's def a habitual criminal, a repeat offender, … a recidivist (am I channeling Raising Arizona?). 



  2. Since many of our Colorado sheriffs don't believe in background checks at all, Bornman should love them doubly!

    Very Jonathan Swift. Love it.

      1. There's a good chance Guppy didn't read the entire article, CT.  He's lucky if he gets past the first sentence before pounding on the keyboard like an overstimulated monkey.

          1. I guess you could see it that way. Like a violent domestic abuser, standing with Sheriffs, advocating the Republican position. He wouldn't have an agenda, would he?

          2. You obviously don't have anything about sarcasm or irony written into your program. Try running it through again. Note that he's thanking the NRA, not the Dems.  Still don't get it, do you? Pathetic. Hard to believe a human or a program is that stupid. Once again, what the hell are you anyway?

    1. Ooh, ooh . . . lemme' guess …

      … the NRA?

      (Ok, I know that's not exactly fair, since I did read the diary first.  Did you, tool???)

        1. He's right! "They" are trying to disarm people!! Then, they're gonna make them smoke reefer! Then, they're gonna make them all get gay married (Even the PETS)!  It's the Apocalypse!!!

        2. Oh wait… they, which would be us through the representatives a majority of us elected, aren't disarming people.  I think I've finally figured out what you are.  Not a real person. Not a computer program.  Just an old fashioned broken record. How retro.

    2. On the off chance you aren't reading the whole story…

      Gary Bornman has an interesting history. He has written many accounts of the inadequacies of prison treatment, and of all the things the prison system isn't doing to help cure him of his psychological issues. Most of these emphasize just how dangerous a person he is right now under the current system. I'm not sure if anyone's really figured out if he's serious or just begging for attention, but his writings are dead-on, and they have led to several changes in the prison systems he's been in.

      So take it as you will, AGOP. Bornan – a career criminal who has a history of calling out the ways law-abiding citizens are screwing up the handling of criminals – is saying it will be easy for him to get guns once he's out.

      And he's right. The NRA is a criminal's best friend for getting a gun right now.

      1. No law you are proposing will stop this criminal from getting a gun if he wants one. That's the point. But if you make it harder to get guns legally, this criminal knows there will be fewer armed victims to stop him. It's simple.

        1. Ah – it's a conspiracy on his part, I see… So right now it's better if he can go to a gun show and get a gun without a background check, than if everyone got a background check and only the law-abiding citizens came out with guns?

          PS – Thanks for not understanding what he writes, though I took the time to explain it to you.


              1. A "mark" is such a small price to pay for gun rights and freeeeeeedom!!  Besides, it's somewhere in the damn Constitution.  My suggestion:  Stock up now on RPGs, anti-tank missiles and munitions, and a couple of A-10 Warthogs … btw, even if you never have to face down a criminal tank, those things are all awesome fun for blowing the hell out of watermelons!!!!

        2. None of the legislation makes it hard to get guns legally.  Dropping by a gun show makes it a lot easier for a guy like this to get a gun. Sure he might be able to get it in other ways, but not as easily. For somebody with a clean record a background check is a minor inconvenience that in no way  prevents getting plenty of guns. You can keep repeating your lies but that will never make them true.

        3. By the way, the laws you refer to aren't being "proposed". They have been passed, signed and are in effect unles overturned as unconstitutional and there is no precedent to suggest that will happen.

          1. na-uh. 

            True GOPers just close the eyes real tight and plug the ears and it's just like no laws get passed.  It's just like nothing they don't wanna believe is true.  It's the way they learn history, science, sociology, medicine, reproduction, and all that "facty" stuff.  Hell I got a 3 yr old that knows that's no way to get thru life but it does seem to work for the pigheaded prigs & prudes of the GOP.

        4. Please read Reducing Gun Violence in America by Webster & Vernick, published in 2013. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, ArapGOP, but the existing evidence would speak against you. Then review the history of the "ignorance is bliss" campaign in which the NRA and gun lobby successfully lobbied Congress in 1996 to severely restrict and defund  the CDC and the NIH from meaningful gun violence research. The dearth of such research unfortunately leaves a vacuum filled by NRA propaganda.

        5. So what you are saying is we might as well just relax and not fight and have a cigaretter when it's over if we're still alive.  Let's make it as easy as possible for them to get any weapon they want so that they can kill anyone that they want.  And liberals are the ones who coddle criminals? 

          If you really weren't such a fucked up human being Groper, you would support strengthening the ATF and the filling of the directors position so that they could lead the effort against illegal gun runners but that would mean that you actually want to do something about the ease with which criminals obtain they weapons but you don't do you you bad person.  You want the killing to continue because to crack down on illegal gun runners would be a violation of their freedoms.  What terrible person to be Pro-Murderers instead of Pro-Life.

          1. Nah, be fair — for Grooper it's not about illegal run runners freedom's . . . that "freedom" shit is nothing but a huge ruse!  Grooper doesn't really believe that "freedom" stuff (or, for that matter any of the other twaddle he spews here …)

            . . . it's all about profits for the gun and munitions barons!!!!!!  He is a Republican, remember?

            If his sponsoring overlords could figure out a way to make billions from the taxpayers and public by restricitng firearms, you can bet your sweet ass that they'd have Grooper working overtime to convince everyone what a swell idea that was …

            "… follow da' monies …"


    3. Boy, ArapGoof. You're brains have finally turned to scrambled eggs. It's the NRA and the Wackistan Sheriffs who are standing with the criminals, fighting to keep it as easy as possible for them to get guns. And for the thousandth time,  no legislation proposed or passed by Colorado Dems calls for taking anyone's guns away. They just want to make it harder for those who have already lost their right to have guns due to criminal convictions, domestic abuse related restraining orders, being mentally ill, on a terrorist list etc.

      If you are a program you're a very deficient glitch plagued program.  If you're a human with a brain, that brain is even more seriously deficient. You are truly hopeless and wasting evreyone's time.

        1. Well, we could make it Wackiwackibekibekistanstan. But that takes too long to type, doesn't it? And it might be very hard for anyone but Herman Cain to say it.

          I do like ArapGoof (R-Wakistan). Or simply… R-Wakistan.

      1. The only benefit I see to responding to the jokester is that it is good practice for going out the other public news sites like 9News.  ArapaJoke might be the only right wing extremist to inhabit this site but his prejudices and narrow minded thinking exists on all the other sites.  The ratio of conservatives to liberals posting on 9NEWS is probably 8-2.  You see the exact same irrationality and distortion in their posts so it is no surprise when you reply.

  3. If the guy buys a gun, lock him up. It would be a crime for him to purchase one when he is knowingly ineligible to do so.

    By the way, you are aware that the so-called “gun show loophole” has been closed for some time in Colorado, right?

    1. yes, the gun show loophole was closed in CO. I am sure we all know that. Only the new requirements for background checks prevent me from selling my AK-47 from the trunk of my Taurus. I have serveral guns purchased without a background check through private sales. In KS, MO and many other states the gun show loophole and the private sale loophole continues. Knowing that Borman is buying or has purchased a gun is the tricky thing. In some states, IN for example, a background check is not even required for a CCW

    2. But our inmate is correct in assuming that between here and Connecticut he can drop in to a gun show where that won't be the case and that he has the NRA to thank for that.

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