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December 02, 2005 09:00 AM UTC

Beauprez (Really) Hires a Campaign Manager

  • by: Colorado Pols

That settles that (Update: just so everyone’s clear, this supercedes an earlier and inaccurate post regarding Bob Beauprez’s campaign staff).

Beauprez Announces Senior Campaign Staff

Denver (CO)- Republican gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Congressman Bob Beauprez today announced the permanent leadership of his front- running campaign for Colorado Governor.  Beginning January 3rd, Jack St. Martin will assume the duties of Campaign Manager.  Beauprez also announced that current Campaign Coordinator, John Marshall, has been promoted to Deputy Campaign Manager / Communications Director.

St. Martin is currently Senior Vice President of Direct Impact, a grassroots public affairs firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. St. Martin’s previous experience includes several prominent positions with the Republican National Committee, including Regional Political Director and Director of Grassroots Development.  In this role, he was responsible for all outreach and coalition activities across the ideological, ethnic and religious spectrum-including outreach to African-Americans, Hispanics, Catholics, Asian-Americans, businesses, conservatives, youth and numerous other constituencies. His department was also responsible for developing and testing key components of the 72-Hour Task Force and the Team Leader Program. Jack has also served as the National Field Director for the Christian Coalition and the Executive Director of Americans of Faith.

In addition, St. Martin previously served as campaign manager of the Linda Smith for U.S. Senate campaign and as regional liaison under U.S. Secretaries of Education Rod Paige and Margaret Spellings. He is a graduate of St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota.

In August 2004, Jack was named one of six rising stars of the Republican Party by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a list that included Congressman Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and White House Communications Director Nicolle Devenish Wallace.

“I’m thrilled to have Jack St. Martin join our team,” said Beauprez.  “He brings a wealth of experience in grassroots organization and has a keen understanding of what it takes to win tough campaigns.”

“I am also very pleased to announce that John Marshall will be assuming greater responsibilities within our organization as my Deputy Campaign Manager and Director of Communications.  John is one of the bright rising stars in Colorado Republican politics and I appreciate his counsel and friendship.”

Sounds like a capable fellow, although we’ll have to ask John Marshall if he really thinks this is a “promotion.” St. Martin certainly appears to have the experienceand connectionsto get things moving again for Beauprez’s campaign.


73 thoughts on “Beauprez (Really) Hires a Campaign Manager

  1. Looks like ColoradoPols has made a key decision.  Just like the WWF back in the day, they have to decide whether or not they’re the real deal or they’re ‘strictly entertainment.’

    Now we know.  They were so f*#ing wrong on last week in their newsflash naming Truebner the new manager.

    Of course, when called out on it, they poked fun at their critics and then non-sequitered into the IP address tracking.  And with today’s post they don’t even editorialize that they were “spectacularly wrong.”

    They should post a disclaimer with each of your posts, that this info may be right or wrong or totally made up.  Otherise, it’s the Onion (without the humor).

  2. The only comment I have to offer is that the Pols are plural. Meaning several. And somedays I get the feeling they were not all created equal.

    That’s as much as you’ll get from me, except to say that we certainly do regret the error, and remind our readers that we are on far more often than not.

  3. You can keep bringing new cows to the dairy farm, but as long as the farm’s owner is an arrogant, often absentee, micro-manager, you’ll continue to have problems with your milk production.

  4. You can keep bringing new cows to the dairy farm, but as long as the farm’s owner is an arrogant, often absentee, micro-manager, you’ll continue to have problems with your milk production.

  5. Yeah, that’s why they didn’t even make the simple step of confirming with either Beauprez or Truebner.  Why wouldn’t they do that?  Is there a downside?  Are they lazy?  They could have even said “there was not comment from either.”  Whatever.

  6. Peabody, you all used an actual news release the 2nd time.  Why didn’t you do that the first time around?

    You all have no one but yourselves to blame for steering this Titanic into an iceberg…

  7. I may be a little slow on the uptake here, but read this:
    Beauprez also announced that current Campaign Coordinator, John Marshall, has been promoted to Deputy Campaign Manager / Communications Director.
      Is that really a promotion?  Sounds like the changes J Edgar Hoover used to make when he assigned an FBI agent to special projects in Butte Montana.

  8. Great  Day in the Morning, it WAS Laura Teal!
    I guess just because you know you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean that that they’re not out to get you.

  9. So the whole time he’s attacking Bob Beauprez, Marc Holtzman has his staff trying to ID fellow republicans via this site? That is sick, twisted, and wrong. What a slug…

  10. Methinks Ms. Teal is about to learn that the dead guv’s belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity ain’t necessarily so.  My bet is that Holtzman fires her.  Any takers?

  11. Here’s what I think is funny… Holtzman’s staff let’s outs Laura Teal as Red Hawk the day BB announces his new Campaign Manager.

    It’s like everytime BB tries to get the front page, Holtzman trumps him with a bigger headline grabber. How can BB win when Holtzman keeps stealing his thunder?

  12. So do you think Hotzman had Teal infiltrate the Dead Govs right from the start? He only brought her on after she was able to scope everything out?
    Heck, even the Governor reads this blog and Holtzman has had someone on the inside this whole time. Not sure how ethical it is, but it sure is clever. If he wins we’ll know this may have been his smartest opening gambit.

  13. I wouldn’t say finding one of your staff in a scandal exactly “trumps” hiring an experienced campaign manager. Leggitt’s days of bluffing like he has a clue just went out the window.

  14. Oh man… See this is the rumor I have heard that I just though was too wide to print here. Sorry Alva and James, but Holtzman may have pulled the fastest one of all. What a score.

    Oh yeah… I guess this was supposed to be a thread about Bobby B… Too bad Holtzman figured out a way to steal the ball again!

  15. I’ve never seen someone cling to bad news like Iron Mike and the Holtzman staff. Better go back to your spin machine and try again – seems like it has a few loose screws.

  16. Oh come on… Is this really a scandal? Were there laws broken? If so which ones?
    Holtzman is thinking out of the box on this election and he has found the people who have the courage to follow him. All Beauprez has left to do is cry fowl and hope Holtzman’s crew didn’t really get useful info that will tip the election.

  17. So if Joe Peters is the unnamed 3rd person… Does that mean this is all McElhany’s doing?? He’s getting this out in the open for what reason? If Joe was involved in tracking the IPs, then wouldn’t McElhany have been using them as well? Or was Joe keeping this from McElhany and has been doing this all on his own without McElhany’s blessing?

  18. Mike, even you have to admit this is devastating to Holtzman, at least in our little world and probably the broader one as well.  Teal was doing a dirty tricks operation worthy of Donald Segretti of watergate fame.  I can’t believe that even Holtzman is rabid enough to have encouraged Teal to do this, but he has sure been blindsided by her.  If she has any decency, she quits to spare him the embarassment of firing her.  Holtzman committing Hari-kari is quite a price to pay for one-upping Beauprez, that is is a serious blow to his credibility.

  19. You all can say what you want, but I hope for Marc’s sake he diddn’t know about it.  What’s the alternative?

    That he
    (1) Set this site up to surreptitiously pit Republicans vs. each other?  What’s the other plausible explanation?  Not exactly a uniter.
    (2) Condoned Laura Teal to continue to lie about not being involved?
    (3) Interviewed on here without a disclaimer that he was a principal?

    Obviously someone running for Governor needs to be held to a higher ethical standard than your average blog poster. 

    We’ll see how Marc handles this.  But I can guarantee you this wasn’t a grand master plan to blunt a rather innocuous BB press release (on a Friday) – by setting up the Rocky to announce a significant lapse in ethics and or judgement by a close aide.

    That’s kind of like Clinton trying to steal Republicans’ thunder in ’97 by leaking the Lewinsky affair.  I hope he does the right thing here.

  20. Joe Peters, who works for Both Ways Bob, is the one that leaked it to the GOP’s. This is a fact. Peters can’t be trusted because he and Laura were good friends. Therefore, if Peters is a liar and crook so is the entire BB camp. Oh no, guess Peters is tracking my IP!

    I think this is good for the Holtzman campaign because he continues to show the negative side of BB’s staff. Laura is a good person and heck, if I was Governor Owens, I would be pretty scared knowing that someone may have his IP address as he posted on here many times attacking GOPs.

    Remember Scott Russell? Ask GOP what really happened to him leaving!

    Bet there are a lot of people who are working for the taxpayers and using taxpayer dollars who are posting on here on taxpayer time. That should be the real story.

    I bet Hans sent that out because he knows the press is looking into finding out who is wasting taxpayer dollars by posting on this blog.

    Yet, C and D passed. This story should have come out during C and D campaign along with all the state employees abusing taxpayer time.

    GO HOLTZ! Steal the press from BB! I LOVE IT!

    Laughing all the way to South Park!

  21. I agree with you 100 pct, TG.  I don’t like Holtzman one bit but he is the victim in this case, of atrocious judgment on Teal’s part.  This story is a disaster for his campaign and he’d have to have the IQ of a clam to have masterminded anything so petty and self-destructive.

  22. God, “Joe Schmoe” a holtzman shill has no decency at all, does he?  If this is good for the Holtzman campaign, what conceivably could be bad for it.  This isn’t spin, it’s just stupidity on your part.  If Marc is so stupid as to listen to the likes of you, he deserves every lump of the beating he’s about to get.

  23. yawn. teal was red hawk. who didn’t know that? double yawn. isp numbers come through on a blog. big deal. teal posted as red hawk before she worked for holtzman. again — what’s the big story here? if this is a conspiracy, then there really must be black helicopters flying around out there.  you all should be more worried about making your gas and electric payment… now there’s a conspiracy.

  24. GOPER, Teal being Red Hawk is no problem.  Teal doing this crazy spy gig is something else, and betrays the trust Holtzman put in her.  This woman will be played by Glenn Close when they make a movie of the Holtzman campaign.  I suspect she’s busy boiling Marc’s pet rabbit this very minute.

  25. I don’t Voyageur… I re-read what is on the Rocky and unless ME got it all wrong HE says Teal didn’t compile the list of IPs… That was done by Andy George. Besides, all of this seems to have happened before Teal was brought on to the Holtzman campaign.

    Sorry buddy, but all I read here is that Holtzman brought on someone with influence on this blog. That is a credit to him, not a detractor from him.

  26. Read it again, Mike.
    “Teal had special access to Coloradopols because she had been invited by its anonymous authors to be a regular Republican contributor under the nickname “RedHawk.” She said she used her password access to glean computer IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, attempting to link particular posted messages and opinions to the computers where postings originated. That effort, she said, was only meant to unmask the people behind the blog.
    Andy George, one of Teal’s friends, said he took the information she provided and compiled it into a spreadsheet. Unbeknownst to them, the information spread through political circles

    Teal was the one using her special access here to “glean computer IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.”  George only put them into a spreadsheet.  To repeat, I don’t blame Holtzman for hiring Teal, like Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, that probably seemed like a good idea at the time.  But she’s embarassed his campaign and hurt his credibility with Republicans.  If she has any decency, she’ll resign.  If she doesn’t, he should fire her.  I’m no friend of Marc’s, but don’t let your loyalty to him blind you to the damage Teal has done to him.




  28. The story mentioned two Holtzman aides besides teal but only identified one, George.  The third may have blurted out the truth.  There were posts on this board for a week claiming that Teal was tracking IP addresses.  I put them down to paranoid ravings.

  29. This is the one that I eep coming back to…

    How about posting how Laura Teal of the Holtzman campaign keeps lists of all the IP address from this site of people who log on need proof Colorado Pols (aka Laura Teal) just ask Joe Peters who showed us all the list.

    Posted by: IP ME at November 21, 2005 05:00 PM

    So now the story is out. Teal was named, but not Peters. You know Joe Peters, the guy who works for the Senate Majority Funds? Sounds to me like all this fell by the wayside when Teal went to work for Holtzman and only Joe Peters has kept the list to use against people. Seems to me the mystery of how McElhany became the Minority Leader and Joe kept his job with the Majority Fund when so many other folks on this site thought he shoud be ousted, has been solved.

  30. The “other two”  were not Holtzman aides, they were “friend of Teal’s”  READ the article.

    Also, everyone keep in mind missingsomethings commment – RedHawk ceased posting in early summer, thats when the alledged data was collected.

    Ole story, old news – who cares??

    (Fire Teal anyway though)

  31. Seems to me JOe should be let go. Don’t foget he works with BB.

    Laura is innocent here and she should be credited.

    If I was the Governor, I would be worried my IP didn’t get out. Bet he posted on here many times.

  32. Joe doesn’t work for or with BB.  Where did that come from? 

    I think all of Holtzman’s novice, good for nothing staffers should get off the blog and go back to your reach-around jobs!!!

  33. For all you suffering dementia, RedHawk just posted yesterday – claiming to be embarrassed by the GOP memo – because there could be no way any of that is true.

  34. Don’t get me wrong, I hope Holtzman keeps Teal on his staff.  That would ensure his political destruction.  But those of you who actually like this carpet-bagging opportunist should be praying that he fires Teal.  There are none so blind as those who will not see.
    4th GOPER, your reference to “Anglie” baffles me.  Did you mean Angie Paccione?  I don’t know how she got into this discussion, but I don’t share her economic views, if that’s what you were referring to.

  35. Keep reading there, smart guy…

    “Teal is a campaign staffer for gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman. She said her efforts occurred prior to taking that post and had nothing to do with Holtzman’s campaign.

    Teal said in an interview she was merely trying to help identify the people who started Coloradopols. “There was never any sort of nefarious plot to bring down any one person,” Teal said. “The hope was to figure out who was behind a great blog.” Ultimately, Teal said she and the others weren’t able to find out who was behind the blog and gave up.”

    So, like everyother person in this blog world, she tried to uncover the govs. Who wouldn’t do the same thing?

  36. Bottom line.

    Can we all agree that the WHOLE Holtzman organization sucks?  I mean, come on!  He has something like a staff of 10 with a combined political experience of 15 years.

  37. Well, Kelley, if that’s what Laura Teal said, then it must be true.  Who could doubt the word of a congenital liar who, as Memory check pointed out, “RedHawk just posted yesterday – claiming to be embarrassed by the GOP memo – because there could be no way any of that is true.”
    As Mary McCarthy said of Lillian Hellman, every word Laura Teal says is a lie, including “and” and “the.”  If the Holtzman shills want to rally around her now, it’s their funeral.  And Marc’s.

  38. She didn’t say anything about it being true or not, she just kind of pooh-poohed it.

    I’m just not sure, this is all kind of a trip. I assume the Guvs have removed her access at the very least. And of course that data’s gonna get shopped around, even if it’s mostly useless in the end. Bottom line, the only people who should be afraid of this, well, need to be afraid of this for perfectly good reasons.

    Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican, you arrogant motherfuckers. Karma is a bitch. What I expect to see from now on:

    1) Republicans working harder than ever to keep in front of the message, and that includes this blog.

    2) No more fucking backbiting bullshit. This episode is proving above all what happens when Republicans don’t stick together in some fundamental way. I don’t give a fuck about who runs this site, we’d just better be here, if for no other reason than because  marty springlemeyer and lynn bartels are every day.

  39. Getting a little ticked off there Voyageur? Just because everyone is not being swayed by your eloquence?

    The more I read the more I wonder why Joe Peters isn’t mentioned. Seems to me he’s the Rocky’s “source” for this story. He’s the one ratting out Republicans to the press.

  40. Voyageur, I usually agree with you on a lot of things. But this time in need to call you down off the ledge. M.E. has been trying to uncover the authors of this blog ever since he had to cover a story about Hefley getting out of congress (remember THAT doozey?). It seems to me that he did a lot of homework, groundwork and calling to get even this little nugget of history out’ed. As a tech savy person, myself, I know perfectly well there is no real information being “passed” around. IPS’s are useless. Political Hacks have first amendment rights (just like you and me). And you have no real privacy on anything. Now get over it – move on – and start to actually work for the candidate of your choice.

  41. So… if Laura Teal was trying to find out who the Guvs are, then why was she recording the IP addresses of people who comment? Look at the article – contradictions all over the place.

    This happens to a lot of young campaign staffers who get lost in the fray. Without a moral compass to guide her, Teal went after fellow Republicans in the heat of battle just for the fun of it. Because it gave her a thrill. She probably never thought about the ethical implications, and now the very real political implications for her boss.

    Without a moral foundation, MH and LT are just blowing in the wind, and based on some of these wacky posts, so are Holtzman’s supporters.

    That’s why this whole thing about Holtzman being able to compete against Beauprez is a total media ploy. If the race isn’t close, people aren’t interested so the media has to make it at least look interesting. If MH doesn’t drop out, it will get more and more ugly for him as the candidates’ contrasts become more defined.

  42. I never said there was any real value in the IP addresses, Sean.  But this site has consistently flacked for the Holtzman campaign, undoubtedly in part because of information fed it by Teal.  Now, Teal’s misdeeds have deeply embarassed Holtzman and the dead govs as well.  Have you noticed that this thread began by pointing out how the dead govs were played in their phony news flash naming Truebner the new manager — which, of course, they played to pummel Beauprez.  Then it mutated into how Teal had played them thoughout the IP raid gig _ a staggering embarassment for the dead guvs when the truth came out, especially after their mockery of Hans, who now doesn’t look so paranoid after all.  I don’t know who should be more embarassed, Holtzman or the dead guvs.  Do you really think they’ll go on flacking for Holtzman?  Maybe use this disaster to up his odds to 2-1? 
    If you can’t see the damage Teal has done to Holtzman, Sean, you’re as willfully blind as Iron Mike.  WEhether she intended to do so or not is beside the point.  As to “working for the candidate of my choice,” I guess I will.
    Anybody know the number of Bill Ritter’s campaign?

  43. Colorado Pols is an interesting read but you guys are consistently wrong with inside information.  For example, you may remember that they also reported a couple of months ago that Sheila McDonald would go from heading the C and D campaign to heading Peggy Lamm’s campaign.  That was wrong.  McDonald is not Peggy’s campaign manager but they never corrected that.  This is the problem with anonymous sources.  Sometimes you’re wrong and sadly, it seems like the Pols are wrong often enough.

    Moreover, your argument, that you’re right more than you’re wrong, doesn’t hold a lot of weight with me Peabody. You don’t hear the New York Times or Wall Street Journal making that argument.  If they’re wrong, they admit it and correct it.  They don’t make stupid excuses.

  44. I noticed the Pols haven’t mentioned the last couple time they were mentioned in the media.  Hmmmm.  I wonder why not?  They usually can’t wait to tell everyone.

  45. I can’t wait till the Dims start chewing eachother up like the Republicans seem to be doing. 

    btw, if any of you all are on the public dole while posting here, you’re a parasitic thief.  You are worthy of no less than having your eyes gouged out and your hands cut off.  Then you ought to be sent to California…ugh, just the thought of it repulses me.

    Boy it’s nice to be a lowly plumber.

  46. you all read too much into everything. they outed bane. they outed hawk. but this blog doesn’t change any… we’ll still keep coming here because it’s all we have.

  47. That’s sad if this is all you have.  It’s not the fact anyone is ‘outed,’ the problem is there is now hard copy proof that they’re tracking IP addresses back to individuals.

    It explains the lack of a privacy notice but still is unseemly at best and unethical at worst.  And the only reasonable scenario for doing this is to pick & choose which posters to ‘out’ and when to do it.

    Finally, it’s scary to think that this may be a Holtzman project rather than the more conventional wisdom that someone like Polis is behind it.

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