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January 31, 2012 11:24 PM UTC

Poll: Who Will Win the HD-1 Primary?

  • by: Colorado Pols

The race between longtime Rep. Jeanne Labuda and longtime Democratic activist Corrie Houck may be the most compelling primary in Denver this cycle.

Labuda has the advantage of longtime incumbency, obviously, but Houck wouldn’t have mounted a primary campaign if the right sources didn’t convince her she could take down the incumbent in a primary. In short, Houck wouldn’t be running unless she was convinced she could win.

We want to know what you think. With just under six months until the June 26 primary, who do you think has the better chance of becoming the Democratic nominee: incumbent Jeanne Labuda or challenger Corrie Houck?

As always, we want to know what you think will happen, not necessarily who you want to win.  

Who Will Win the HD-1 Primary?

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14 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win the HD-1 Primary?

  1. It goes without saying that the key to winning this race is is who can mobilze the community. To this end, the financials are telling.

    Looking over financials, Labuda has raised nearly every dollar either from a special interest PAC (three of which–firefighters, police, and hospitals–are the very subjects of her current legislation), or a special interest lobbyist. It is telling to me that Labuda cannot raise money from constituents in her own district, nor does it appear that she cares to as long as the PAC money keeps flowing in.

    It appears Houck on the other hand, has raised all of her funds from community donors at $20 intervals; granted, $20 at a time will not generate a large campaign coffer, but this race may not be about how much each candidate raises, but where the support comes from.

    Labuda has raised nearly every dollar from PACs or special interest lobbyists. It appears the only other source of Labuda’s support comes from people with the last name “Labuda.”  There is no getting around the fact that Houck’s financials, on the other hand, are telling that the HD1 community is supporting a coup d’etat against Labuda.

    It is not that lobbyist money or PAC money in of itself is bad. However, from what I understand Houck was encouraged to run by her peers in the District because among other reasons, again and again Labuda accepts money from PACs and lobbyists to run their special interest legislation, while ignoring her own constituents’ concerns and needs.

    If this trend follows its logical conclusion, the community is clearly supporting Houck for HD1, and there will be a new, fresh face under the Dome next session.

  2. She’s been navigating her way through the political scene, first by getting herself voted in as the captain of HD1A, then trying a hostile takeover of the precincts in HD1B and nearly igniting a race war in the process.

    Then, when her coup was soundly defeated by the Denver Dems central committee, she decided to step down as captain.  That’s stick-to-it-iveness for you.

    She wiggled her way onto the Denver Dems education policy committee, where she showed no knowledge whatsoever about what actually happens in DPS beyond a few corporate reform talking points.  While there, she tried to commandeer the Denver county platform and wrest it away from the people-led process by trying to change the plank on education.  She did everything she could to force vouchers onto it.  

    She worked as an admin person for Gully Stanford over at College in Colorado.  Now she works at DPS, doing some “marketing coordinator” flunky job at North High.

    This is not a person with any significant policy expertise.  She’s not an “education activist.”  She’s an education opportunist.

    Parroting back exactly what corporate reformers say just to climb the ladder is really no better than being a paid, elected lobbyist for Stand for Children as Labuda is.  Unless someone else jumps in, HD1 is screwed.

    Maybe it’s time for Jeanne Faatz to come back in.  At least she’s ethical.

    1. Vandie’s response is highly inaccurate and a deeply personal attack. As a contistuent and active Democrat in HD 1, I would like to respond to the points of this inflammatory letter.

      1. Corrie was the Co-captain of 1A, never the Captain. She was encouraged to run for the spot by the leadership in the district at the time.

      2. As the former Captain in HD1A, the redivision of precincts last year was completely my idea and the reasons are known to those involved and had nothing to do with race.

      3. Corrie was asked to be involved with the education policy committee by the Captain At Large for Public Policy with in the Denver Democratic Party. While there have been disagreements with education policy, she has worked very hard to make sure that all voices are heard.

      The rest of your comments are just plain mean spirited and do not deserve to be answered.

      Corrie was encouraged to run against Jeanne Labuda because the activists in HD1 are deeply unhappy with Jeanne and believe that Corrie is smart, hardworking and willing to listen to our concerns.

      We believe that because Jeanne ran such a bad campaign in the last election that HMP’s diversion of resources to her cost the Dems the majority in the State House.

      We do not feel listened to. We have been outraged by insensitive comments she frequently makes. She does not support issues we believe in. I could go on and on about our unhappiness with current representation but the bottom line is, we deserve better. And we see in Corrie a candidate that will work hard to win our respect and this election.

      If you live in House District 1, I invite you to our next meeting and listen to us. We meet the second Saturday of every month from 9am – 11am, Sooper Credit Union, 5590 W. Evans.

      If you don’t live in House District 1, please let us take care of our own business.

      1. Then field a candidate that isn’t pro-voucher.  Do you deny that she is pro-voucher?

        No one is interfering, but her votes could interfere with a lot of different things.

        You are right about Labuda.  There are fewer legislators with as much cotton between the ears, but how many terms is she on?  Her third?  Why did you put up with it so long while her votes hurt so many working families?

        And who are you?  Why the anonymous handle if the precinct hostile takeover was completely your idea, as you put it?

        And what’s the connection with that other prime lobbyist, Fran Coleman?  Why doesn’t Coleman just run on her own instead of trying to find a puppet?

      2. I’d like to know more about you. But I’d also like to know more about Labuda, since she is my representative – maybe a quick few points, please, because I’m not likely to make it to your meeting.

        1. I know Corrie very well and can tell you that she is most definitely against vouchers. She does support some education reforms and as the parent of a child who was failed by the traditional DPS school in our neighborhood, I support anything that makes our education system better. And believe me,while DPS is getting better, they fail a lot of kids every day. But this election is not about ed reform vs. traditional schools. Your whole rant makes me believe that you are one of Andrea Mereida fans. This is not a school board race, so don’t turn it into one.

          There is absolutely no connection between Fran and Corrie beyond the fact that they barely know one another. Fran is in no way involved in Corrie’s campaign.

          A group of activists tried two years ago to find someone to primary Jeanne, we have now found a candidate who will and can. We can’t take anymore of Jeanne, even if she is up for her last term.

          Some of the things about Jeanne that bother us:

          1. She has not offered a substantive legislative agenda her entire time at the Capitol. She recently passed out a list of her legislative accomplishments achieved during her tenure. Not one of the bills she listed was she a prime sponsor. All of them were bills she signed on to co-sponsor, which basically means she just voted for them. She had no hand in their development, or did any of the work required to get a bill passed other than just pushing a button.

          2. While she will generally vote in support of democratic values (such as environment, labor, civil rights, ect…) she has consistently voted against some things that I at least support. Most notably, she has consistently voted against payday lending reform. She has not been supportive of in-state tuition In the past although she is not on the record for it because it has not made it the House floor yet. Several years ago, the Denver Democrats printed a door hanger for their gotv effort supporting Democratic candidates. It was in English and Spanish. When Jeanne realized her name would be on a document with Spanish, she got very upset and insisted her name be removed.

          3. A few of the offensive things Jeanne has said, please understand these aren’t exact quotes but they contain the overall intent.

          A. The reason kids at Lincoln don’t do very well is because they don’t speak English.

          B. We should let those people go. (this was a reference to cancer patients and a bill that would allow some drug regimines to be reclassified as chemotherapy for insurance purposes)

          3. If she were so well respected by her colleagues at the Capitol, why have none come out in support of her in her hour of need? Makes you wonder.

          As far as hiding behind my mysterious handle, I’ll bet you anything Andrea can figure out who I am, so you should just ask her. I’ll tell you my name when you tell me yours on this blog.  In fact, I will not respond to any more ridiculous and wild accusations against Corrie. When you give your name and write a factual response, I will respond.

          1. Is she for vouchers or not?  It’s not a DPS question, it’s a legislative question.  Right now they’re unconstitutional.  A legislator is in the position of making them constitutional.

            Is she for vouchers or not?

            And yes, Labuda is terrible.  But to substitute one Dem shill for another is no better, especially if the substitute is a ladder climber.

            If you don’t respond, we can all assume that Houck is for vouchers, since you said she’s for “some” reforms.

            Nothing like watching a good ‘ole fashioned Dem firing squad.  I think I need to whip out the popcorn and watch this.

            1. Corrie does NOT support vouchers. Do you think  leadership of the Denver Dems would let a  pro voucher supporter continue to chair the Ed Policy Committee?

  3. There is no question that it is time for a change in HD1.  Jeanne has been a horrible Representative since the day she was elected.  She does nothing.  Her bills are meaningless.  She is horrible at community engagement.  I attended one of her Town Hall meetings few years ago where the speakers outnumbered the people in the audience.  (5-4)  She is lazy and refuses to campaign even when the seat is at risk.  During the years between elections, no one hears from her.  I agree with the evaluation that the Dems lost the House because they had to save her seat.  Her opponent out walked her, outnumbered her in yard signs, and had a personality.  Without the help of the House Majority Fund, this election would have been lost. Labuda was told 2 years ago that if things did not improve, she would have a primary. Obviously, things got no better.

    Corrie on the other hand is a very hard worker.  She has worked on many campaigns and helped with the GOTV in HD1.  She has more energy than 10 Labuda’s.  Corrie is anti voucher.  This is a rumor started by the DEFENSE group, but has no basis in reality.  Corrie does incredibly important work at North High School.  She is working hard to keep kids in school and recruit kids for North.  She is not in this fight for DPS.  She instead wants SW Denver to have someone who actually represents their interests.  SW Denver has been forgotten for too long.  We need a voice that will make a difference in our community.  Yes, I am working for Corrie because I see a need to have a representative I can be proud of.  

    Fran Coleman is not in this primary yet.  She is not supporting either candidate.  Rumor has it that she might get into the race.  I do not welcome that.  She has had her chance.  This district needs new energy and commitment.  

    I have lived in SW Denver almost my whole life.  I have walked almost every precinct here.  I care deeply about this district and think it is time for a change.  Not everyone is willing or able to run for office, but I am thankful for those who put themselves out there.  

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